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Praises for the Prime Host

I am very please with my decision to move my sites to The Prime Host. The hosting is great, but what is really important to me and my customers is their exceptional customer service. Anytime I have a problem, they are "Johnny on the Spot." I might add that any problem I have had, has been a lack of hosting knowledge on my part. They have been patient and a great resource. I highly recommend them as a hosting provider.

Biggest Pro: Customer service, knowledgeable resource, hosting
Biggest Con: I wonder if they make any money for as much time as I spend using up their technical support staff?

Outstanding Service, Support and Value!

I've hosted with The Primehost in years past, and after a long hiatus (during which I tried several other hosts), I came back to realize they have always been the best all around.

The attention-to-detail, and dedication to their customers is beyond reproach, and far better than you will find with any other host. The VALUE is excellent, whether it be for single site or Reseller basis.

Sometimes you sacrafice reliability or quality when the prices are so low, but this has never been the case with The Primehost. That is why the value is so high. I recommend The Primehost VERY highly.

Biggest Pro: Value, Competitive Pricing, Package Offerings, Reliability and Service
Biggest Con: None that I have found

The Prime Host

I started using The Prime Host nearly a year ago, and I've been using their Inferno 1 reseller plan. 40 gb space, 350 gb bw, $20/mo. A great deal, as long as the service holds up, and it certainly does. In almost a year I've only seen the site down once, for less than an hour for repairs. Occasionally I experience slow speeds, but not for long or often.

When I needed PHP updated in order to use some scripts necessary for the operation of my web site, they installed it the next day and everything worked fine. When I contact support, 9 times out of 10 they reply within the hour.

Their billing department is helpful as well. I had a mix up with billing where I payed a bill late, and so they were sending me an invoice right after each payment. When I talked to billing they were very helpful, and said that they would set up my subscription again, and that the deviation wasn't important, as long as I kept up with the monthly payments.

Overall their service is great at a great price

Fabulous host

The Prime Host has been fabulous with me. They are very gentle and dedicated to their customers. Tickets are generally responded between 20 minuts to 2-3 hours, in any hour of the day! I feel confident this is the best place to be hosted for shared and reseller plan.

The price are very good and they give a lot of extras wich is very interesting when you are reselling. I have to agree that now i have found a hosting company that fit my need and i will stick to them!

Biggest Pro: Dedicated support to their customers

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