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Fed up with the shabby and abusive service.

Simple problems that anyone offering a hosting service should be aware of and correct are left and ignored. Support tickets are ignored, often when you do get a reply it is evasive or abusive because they are not capable of understanding matters like Frontpage Extensions being installed. Reliability over the years is no where near as good as they claim, with major outages. Getting back online after anything like this is one big headache with only about 50% backup and the most dreadful support system can take months to turn around.
Problems have also been encountered with billing, my payments are made by PayPal but for some reason they decided I had not paid when I had, they cut me off and were very, very nasty about it, be warned they shoot first and ask later.
It's cheap and you get what you pay for.

Response by Darrell Buckhaults, who is the owner of The Prime Host:

I ask that you objectively ask yourself the following question. If our service was so poor, why did this user admit to staying with us for 5 years? Truth be told he's been with us for Since 2007 which is actually 8 years. This users paypal transaction was not posted via our billing system and was not tracked. Had he not ignored the multiple "failure to bill" notices his account would not have been suspended. We have a 12 day billing window before suspension takes place - we invoice 7 days in advance and do not suspend until 5 days overdue.

Posted on May 17th, 2015 at 15:54 EST

Reliable service that over time became less so

We were with Primehost for 7 1/2 years primarily to host email. In the last year the email servers became slow to
respond causing client timeouts. This then caused IP blocks because of multiple authentication attempts by the clients.
Technical support always answered out tickets promptly but in the end we needed reliable IMAP email service and left for another service

Biggest Pro: Low cost & prompt technical service
Biggest Con: Shared email servers very slow to respond at times

Worst Reseller Hosting

It work fine only for first 5 to 6 month. After 6 month, a lot of issue happen every week such as email server down. server down and the worst part is mysql data is gone. Today is 22 July 2014, about one month they promise me the situation is going better but today the server is down again. I don't understand what is the 99.9% uptime. Server speed also not very satisfied plus. Only the good part is technical team is quite good.

Biggest Pro: Down every month
Biggest Con: down every week

Bundles look great but can't deliver

I have been with ThePrimeHost for around 10 months now and unfortunately have had constant problems.

They do have good customer service and their support tickets are usually answered in around 10-15 minutes - though normally just a "We'll check and get back to you" then another half-hour for a real response.

The do fix the problem each time I submit a ticket (which is almost daily), each time responding that 'they seemed to be experiencing higher than average load on the node associated with my server', the frustrating part is having the submit the same problem and get the same solution 2 - 3 times a week.

The do offer great packages at great prices, but I've learnt the frustrating way, you get what you pay for. I'm not a technical person but if they could fix these 'node' issues then there is the potential for a great hosting company.

To be fair though, they do go out of their way when helping on software or scripting issues. A couple of times I had attempted to install a 3rd party script and - through lack of experience - run into problems or needed additional software to work it properly. I had submitted a ticket and not only had they replied with where I had gone wrong (so I'd know for next time) but they also went ahead and fixed the problem and installed any additional software without having to ask them.

Biggest Pro: customer service
Biggest Con: Can be slow or unresponsive at times

Response by Darrell Buckhaults, who is the owner of The Prime Host:

Hello Gavin,
One again you leave us a negative review when you're frustrated. (this is not the first from this user) While this was posted, our Data Center experienced a massive power outage followed by a backup generator failure. We've scrambled and resolved the issue. If you look at our overall reviews you'll find most users prefer our services however some users are quick to complain. The user is also correct, we do go above and beyond what many hosts would do, often assisting with third party scripting errors that many hosts would turn away from.

Posted on June 30th, 2013 at 10:59 EST

Not happy at the moment!

My VPS have been down for about 10 hours now, since 2 harddrives in their raid stopped working. They're working on it, but can't give me any estimate. When they refuse to give you an estimate, you know that it will be down for a long time. Their live chat support is outsourced to India or whatever so the answers you get from them is a joke. They refer you to some forum post for more info, but they never update the post.

For all I know my sites can be down for 24 hours or more, making me lose money and Google ranking.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Downtime

Response by Darrell Buckhaults, who is the owner of The Prime Host:

With any hosting company you're going to have hard drive failures. This is why we use a hardware based RAID 10 array on our VPS nodes. Unfortunately we had a double drive failure resulting in a crash. Your VPS was brought back online in less than one day's time (our average uptime per server is in the 99 percentile). I also sent you a follow-up email regarding this review. We endeavor to take are of our customers. It is my sincere goal to keep this user's business and keep him happy.

Posted on July 13th, 2011 at 21:12 EST

Very bad hosting service !

If you are considering hosting your site on ThePrimeHost, I suggest that you take your business elsewhere.

In the past year, I experienced the lowest server availability possible, with database failures up to a few times a day. Although they fixed it every time I submitted a ticket, the failures did not end. Every time I asked to speak to a senior representative, they refused and the problems persisted.

Find yourself another host!

Biggest Con: Low server availability

Response by Darrell Buckhaults, who is the owner of The Prime Host:

This review is completely without merit. Oded is STILL hosted with us and going on a "bad review" spree across multiple review sites in an effort to hurt our business. The fact is we've had 99.991% uptime in 2011 since we've upgraded from rented server to wholly owned , high end SuperMicro servers.

The server he is on was upgraded in December:

If you look there has been 99.9 and greater uptime since our upgrades.

Posted on April 26th, 2011 at 10:41 EST

Reliable Hosting and Outstanding Customer Support

I have been a Prime Host reseller for just under three years and I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. I have consistently received a level of service I have not found in all my years of webhosting and as a reseller. There have been only a few times that I have felt frustrated and/or unhappy about a problem, but the Prime Host has always been courteous and helpful in spite of any "snarkiness" on my part. (Courteous enough to make me feel guilty and apologize!)

My own response to the person who gave such a negative review is that you don't seem to have given them much of a chance! My review is being written during a major server migration that hasn't been without problems. However, those problems have been acknowledged promptly and corrected in a remarkably short period of time.

My clients tend to require much handholding (which is why they choose me) and it's gratifying to know that I can depend on the Prime Host to help me provide such a high level of service. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Prime Host for any level of hosting from a single site up to enterprise level reselling.

Biggest Pro: Prompt, courteous customer service that is the best I've encountered.

Longtime Customer

I have been hosting with The Prime Host for years. I have never had a problem of any kind. I have asked many-many questions over the years and have always had only the best and fastest support humanly possible! I do use custom name servers and have even had to change names of the servers (at my request) and still had no issues.

I assure anyone who is interested in outstanding hosting and amazing support at a price few can compete with, you will not regret choosing The Prime Host. As I stated, I have been a customer for years and have no intention on leaving! As you can tell from the one negative review, the owner of The Prime Host took the time to respond and therefore really cares about the company he is running.

As for the person stating they had a lot of issues, either you have your hosting companies mixed up or you are unfamiliar with how web hosting works. I'd like to advise you to Google the term DNS Propagation. Perhaps it will explain why your site wasn’t up and ready at the click of a mouse.

Thank You,
Jeremy Storm

Biggest Pro: Uptime & Customer Support
Biggest Con: I have yet to find one

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4 Years & Going Strong

I just started my 4th year with The Prime Host. As far as having problems, I can't recall a single one. Support is top of the line. Many have come and gone, then come back...But for me, I'll just stay where things are good! Give them a try, you won't regret it! Tell them Jeremy sent you! just kidding!

By CTS Admin on October 9th, 2008 at 13:44 EST
URL: Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Reseller | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Nothing but Great Service!

I have been with this company for over 5 years now and I am totally happy with the service. Compared to my past experience with 2 other hosting companies, The Prime Host should be rated a 20. I find it hard to believe that someone wrote a bad review when set up was simple and straight forward.

Keep up the good work !!


Biggest Pro: Customer service is wonderful.
Biggest Con: I didn't find this company sooner.

The prime host good?

well..... i signed u today, got my order accepted today !!!!
Thats all the good bits

Servers wont work, there system blocked my ip twice, my cpanel and whm login details are not right
nothing is working
even custom name servers dont work!

Response by Darrell Buckhaults, who is the owner of The Prime Host:

I cannot find your order as you withheld your domain and email, but I can say that custom name servers are amongst the most basic of features for our Reseller Plans and we have hundreds of resellers running custom name servers without issue. It sounds like you also triggered the firewall by logging in incorrectly and I'm sure if you did cancel we would refund you per our 30 day money back guarantee.

If you'll do 'WHOIS' lookup on our domain you'll see that we've been in business since 2001. It is not easy to defend against an anonymous negative review such as this, but I'd hope the viewers of this site would see MULTIPLE POSITIVE reviews below and make up their own mind.

Posted on December 8th, 2009 at 09:45 EST

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