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Awful service

They charged me for a service that was never ready to use when i wanted to cancel the service because of the delay they said that i have to provide an ip which they never give to me in the first place, the support its awful and no one could give me an answer some said that my server was ready others said that were waiting for software in the end more than a week since i was charged in my credit card and no server "

Biggest Pro: publicity
Biggest Con: service

Response by Kevin Hazard, who is an employee of The Planet:

That sounds very strange Salvador. Do you have an order, ticket or account number I can use to look up your account and escalate your concerns?

Posted on April 5th, 2010 at 12:19 EST

Excellent - Highly Recommend

These guys are amazing. I have multiple servers with them that have a combined traffic load of over 200 million monthly hits. With that level of traffic, you can imagine that I need robust infastructure.

The Planet has been an absolute blessing. So glad I found them.

They respond quickly to technical issues. Usually within 2 minutes, never more than 15. In ten years I have never experienced down time that was not my own fault. ie, due to problems on a server that I caused. Even in these couple of instances, The Planet's technical support was quick to jump in and get the issues resolved.

I will never switch.

Response by Kevin Hazard, who is an employee of The Planet:

Thank you for the great review, Hiram! I know you posted this a few months ago, but we hope you're still experiencing the stellar support you posted about here. If there's anything we can do to help you further, don't hesitate to let us know.

Posted on April 5th, 2010 at 12:35 EST

These guys are bordering on fradulent - zero customer care

I had to stop using the account because they changed code on my .htaccess file without my permission.

This could have been due to maintenance on their part... OK - then the problems begin.

In order to close your account - you have to log in. EXCEPT - the system will not let me log in. I write software, so I do know how to request a password, login and change. EXCEPT - it will not let me chage it.

So, you call tech support - wow! they send you to a message center - no answer - imagine that.

You email - customer service - no answer you email tech support - no answer.

Call "customer service" and they tell you they can't stop billing - imagine that!

This is a scam - these guys are unreputable - I have spent hours and hundreds of $$ (dedicated server) with no support, no help and billing.

Finally had to file a fraud charge with VISA - but the charges keep growing at $200 a month - no one to complain to...

Meanwhile - I can recommend RackSpace - class organization - their c loud servers are the best! Love them

Biggest Pro: They are great at creating billings that can't be stopped
Biggest Con: Zero care - zero response

Response by Kevin Hazard, who is an employee of The Planet:

Hi Robert,

I'm sorry this response is coming so late, but we were unaware of this review until just recently. I know it's been several months since you posted this negative experience, but I'd still like to follow up with your report to escalate to support management. If service was not provided as it should have been, I'd like to also make sure we make it right for you. My direct email address is khazard AT, and I'd be happy to help if you're still interested in discussing this.

Posted on April 5th, 2010 at 12:33 EST

The Most Expert Datacenter EVER !

Just wanted to say that I have several dedicated servers with ThePlanet and Im really satisfied about them.

ThePlanet has the most expert support I ever seen. I have worked with most of popular companies but I never seen such professional and responsible people in any case (billing - sales - support and etc.)

I highly recommend ThePlanet for who ever need to have an stable server with great values and truly 24x7x365 support.

Just go ahead and get your server or transfer your server from anywhere else to ThePlanet to see how different they are !


Biggest Pro: Support - Stabillity - Affordable
Biggest Con: NOTHING AT ALL !!!

Response by Kevin Hazard, who is an employee of The Planet:

Thanks for the great review Aria!

Posted on April 5th, 2010 at 12:29 EST

Horrible Service.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has ever used The Planet for dedicated hosting?

My personal experience was horrible. I ordered a dedicated server from them. I ordered it on the 2 of September and it was finally online and NOT working by the 5th of September. Since then the httpd, apache, php and other features did not work. I repeatedly asked for help in getting the server working from the original setup. They told me that was a billable service and would not fix the errors from the original setup of the server. They also do not offer software support without charges for this service.

I canceled my account on October 2nd with them and requested a full refund for the month of October. They said that they will not give a refund because the server (hardware) was operational even though the software was messed up. Now, from the original install and setup of the server it did not work. They would not fix it nor would they reinstall the OS without a charge. I am not sure but it seems like bad business to me that they treat customers like this. What is the most important thing here is that I canceled the account on October 2nd and am being billed for the month of October of which I am not using because the server is still broken.

I ordered the server on the 2nd and got the server on the 5th. I canceled the broken server account on the 2nd and was billed for the next month.

My recommendation would be to not use The Planet for any hosting needs. They ripped me off and several other people I have talked to and read about.

Has anyone here had any of these problems with this server provider either?


Biggest Pro: NONE
Biggest Con: Poor support. Misleading with sales. Rip people off!

Response by Kevin Hazard, who is an employee of The Planet:

Hi Ed, I'm sorry this response is about a year and a half late, but we were unaware of this review until just recently. We try to provide customers the ability to report negative experiences in places like our community forums to ensure that we see them and can address them as quickly as possible, but it seems like we're a little late to the game here. A lot of changes have been made in the last 18 months, and I know that fact doesn't retroactively change your experience. If you have the time, I'd like to follow up with your account to make sure each of your concerns has been addressed on a system-wide level to ensure no customers ever feel the same way in the future. My direct email address is khazard AT I'm sorry that support left you feeling helpless, and I want to do whatever I can to follow up.

Posted on April 5th, 2010 at 12:42 EST

Rock Solid Multipurpose Hosting Platform

I have had accounts with (now since 2004. I have had this particular dedicated server with theplanet for the last 5 months or so and have had absolutely no problems. The systems are fast, affordable and their support is great. I've had my card declined a few times when I forgot to make a bank deposit and they were very good about not shutting me off and giving me a chance to fix the issue.

The control panel they have for their customers is also very good. The only gripe I have with their account management panel is that in order to get features such as bandwidth monitoring you have to submit a request to them. I think that bandwith monitoring and other simple things like that should be included in the control panel the begin with. If you need rock solid FreeBSD servers this is the place to get them!

Biggest Pro: Super reliable.
Biggest Con: Control panel could be improved.

Response by Kevin Hazard, who is an employee of The Planet:

Thanks for the great review, Casey! I know it's been a few years since you posted it, but I just ran a quick check on your domain and it looks like you're still a happy customer two and a half years later. If we can do anything more to make your experience better, don't hesitate to let us know. My direct email address is khazard AT

Posted on April 5th, 2010 at 12:45 EST

theplanet review

I have currently moved to the planet over a month ago, 33 days to be exact well anyways I have nothing but great news to say about them, well when I first ordered my server which was on a Friday, it got setup by Tuesday I had no problems, everything was setup the way I ordered it.

I got the $69 server with Cpanel, I am paying a little under $100 a month. Along with free setup, free off site backups.

I have had a few small ddos attacks on my websites and The planet was nothing but helpful as soon as it happened I was notified about them, they enabled network flood protection and still kept my site online with no problem, I don't have a firewall currently, and plan on getting one in the future.

I am also looking to upgrade my server to the un-metered 10mbit for $50 extra a month which runs until august 31st I believe, which was just extended which is a really good deal.

I am only currently pushing 1mbps on average and peaked over 12mbp/s and had attacks as high as 70mbp/s..

I have had a few questions/problems nothing on there end but they were very quick to respond and very helpful at fixing anything I was having, I got support usually answered within a hour or two, I have had really good network connectivity, great speeds at all times.

I can't believe all the features, specs and support you get for such a low price, anyone that is bashing The planet must have been a rare experience or very very picky, and I have been at a lot of data centers, they usually say you get what you pay for, but it's good this time!

I plan on ordering another server by the end of the year as I have a lot of features idea's and plan's.

I am currently running a large forum, proxy site, image site, file upload site, porn forum, and a few other small sites running on it.

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