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Disappointing customer service

We had a disappointing experience working with Terraprime. After taking care of our website under one of the 2-year plans (yes, you are tied in for 2 years and need to follow strict and complicated procedures to avoid automatic renewal!) we decided to move to a different company with a fuller service portfolio. This is when Terraprime made our life hell. They took our site down once without warning as apparently we had overrun our bandwidth usage - something that had never come up before. They then took our site down a second time displaying a damaging message instead because of a dispute over an unrelated domain renewal and refused to bring the site back up until we paid over and above what was owed. This is a warning for anyone entering into business with Terraprime. They will suddenly apply terms and conditions and contract restrictions that were never discussed or disclosed before and they will refuse to have a constructive conversation to resolve any issues.

Biggest Con: lack of customer service


I bought my web hosting and two domains from terra prime.

terra prime decided they no longer wanted me as a customer and refused to hand back my domains I got one of my domains back after they made it impossible for me to pay the renewal fee.

The other domain I am still trying to get back.

I can provide all the emails between terra prime and myself to prove and show the way they treat customers.

My payments went from £12.99 to £99.99 and when asked why the price increase they told me they no longer wanted me as a customer and they could do what they want... fair enough but to make it impossible for me to transfer my domains meaning having to wait until one of them expired to buy it back and the other still owned by terra prime who refuse to return it to me.

This is a true and honest review and I would like other to know how terra prime treat customer.

Response by Terra Prime, who is the owner of Terra Prime Hosting:

Terra Prime Ltd did not and has never hosted the domain, the domain was hosted by the reviewers brother and not Terra Prime a limited company since 2011.

The reviewer states that he bought 2 domains from Terra Prime however the details on do not back the reviewers statement up and clearly show that the reviewer is not the legal owner of the domain

The reviewer has posted this review because he is in a dispute with his brother who is a co director of Terra Prime Limited.

To be very clear the domain is not and never has been legally owned by the reviewer above and Terra Prime Limited have never hosted the domain or had any financial dealings with

The reviewer has already had 4 fake Facebook profiles removed by Facebook following complaints of spamming, bulling and personal attacks on people.

The review should in fact be removed for slandering Terra Prime Ltd.

Posted on April 21st, 2012 at 09:34 EST

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