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Don't ever work with Telus Hosting

For 2.5 weeks I've been trying to login to my hosting account. Every time I call them it's like a revolving door. Billing wants me to talk to tech support. Tech support wants me to talk to billing.

They are unable to provide me with login credentials. They were unable to take a credit card payment for a URL that I own. They provided a temporary password and then said they would renew the URL. They sent me an email confirming they renewed but I was still unable to login. On my third call, tech support told me that I was unable to login because my account was suspended. And, even though I had an email confirming that the service was renewed, they still were unable to help me as I needed to speak to billing once again. And billing is now closed...again.

This definitely does not feel like a core service for Telus. Run...pick a hosting platform that specialized in just Telus clearly does not. The left and right hand have no idea what is going on.

I've been with them for 9 years. I'm moving my service elsewhere!

The most confused and inept customer service ever!!!

Telus claims 24/7 support, but that is useless if the support is useless. These people can't understand anything. And explain things even worse. They are so inept, it boggles my mind. The seem to follow a script, and when things don't work out, they go back to point 1 on their script. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. They are INSANE (and inept, and useless).

Several times lately I've had time sensitive reports to send. They block our emails, claiming "spam characteristics" even though we've been sending the same report, in essentially the same format, for 15 years. They have reviewed our email send list, the report and attachment. All looks okay, but their server still rejects. They don't know why their server rejects, and can't seem to find anyone in their organization that knows why. They should be able to just let the emails got through (they've vetted them personally and apparently whitelisted us), but they can't/won't. My business lives or dies on the reports we send. They are killing us!! And provide no help at all during a critical time.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Most inept group of tech support people ever.

Stay away from hosting with Telus

I have never worked with Telus shared hosting before and I never will again! Setting up WordPress is a nightmare if you want to have your site in the root directory. What every other WordPress host on the planet does, Telus does not... It is a totally manual process, you are probably better off building your own servers and hosting yourself than with Telus. Their file manager is an absolute joke and you have to upgrade your overpriced hosting plan to get access to "File Manager Pro" to have something that actually works. Every other host on the planet has all the functionality built in that you have to pay extra with Telus.

Use Hostgator, they will actually help you when you call... Telus... forget it!!!

Biggest Pro: Telus is the benchmark for all that is bad in any type of hosting or service whatsoever...
Biggest Con: Everything


I have always had issues with telus on a personal level but now that i've seen their service on a commercial level, i'm even more disappointed. the amount of problems we have with our email and website is truly enough to make my boss (business owner) cry. Our business is based on online tools and when those don't work, we can't run our business (happens every few months). It will take days for telus to resolve the issue or even find the problem. This is where customer support is lacking. They don't seem to care.

As for email, well, there is nothing like putting an email together, sending it and then have it disappear into lala land. There's no record of the email being made or even that it was sent. This happens weekly. As you can see, i'm not impressed.

Biggest Con: NOT reliable!

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