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Long time SH customer, now very unhappy w/ SurpassHosting

As a long-time SurpassHosting client, I regret having to write this negative review. SH started out as a terrific hosting alternative to all the oversold shared "big name" hosts in the world. I've been with SH for nearly a decade and very happy most of that time. But in the past two years, the costs have continually crept up while the functionality and customer service continually goes down. The newest "gotcha game" they play is refusing to take ANY action toward a support request until they can identify the exact problem. Which means you have to stay on chat support and not just explain the issue multiple times, but coach the damn support rep on how to replicate the issue - because they think every issue is 100% replicatable, which we all know is NOT true. Nonetheless, you'll spend 10-20-40-60+ minutes dealing with SH support for even the most mundane service requests. And it seems no matter WHAT they identify as "the issue"... it's either YOUR fault, or (somehow miraculously) that particular issue is NOT covered in your hosting package - oh, but it CAN be if you upgrade. So sick of this crap!!! SH is just another prime example of how customer support has evaporated from the "world of technology" we're all forced to live in these days. I spent a lot of time writing positive reviews for SH way back in the day - because they really did deserve it. Now I'm writing NEGATIVE reviews for the same company and the same reason: Because they deserve it !!!

Biggest Pro: uptime and reliability
Biggest Con: "hosting limits" that block support requests

Surpass - much improved lately

I have been with Surpass for over 7 years. In 2009 they went through a very bad period which lasted a couple of months when my website was down for hours every week. Since then the down times got less and is pretty good nowadays.

Now their prices have risen quite a bit for shared hosting, but they have honored my legacy plan and have kept down the yearly charges. So I pay what I would at Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. who charge around the $4 p/m. But if you open a new contract, it would be about double that. So I'm sticking with them.

The present support from them is blazing fast (by email/web) now, and that's what the extra cost gets you. I guess. So it's good for those who need quick and helpful response. Their forums are also good for getting some support from and new users should register.

I myself need less support these days so have signed up with another host to serve my other projects at a ridiculously low (special offer) price. Have not had to use their support yet. So summing up, Surpass shared hosting is good for beginners and those with lesser level of experience.

Biggest Pro: Support, web serving speed, features
Biggest Con: Shared is pricey

Great when I started 2009 but getting slow now

When I started in 2009 they were great - BUT - they have seriously increased the number of sites per server since. Line speed is slow and their servers are loaded down. Support is good but the policies are very limiting. Recommendation - go elsewhere. Their price is very expensive for what you get.

They do not tell you when they are down - which is quite often. I know, I run a site monitor script.

Biggest Pro: Service is good
Biggest Con: Slow servers, slow line speed

Surpass is Crap!

It began well. Good responsive support. Decent uptime 2005-2007.
It ended in disaster(2008-2011). Had about 40 clients from the beginning and 0 at the end. The constant downtime made my customer to disappear.
In the end, Surpass wanted to get paid for easy technical help in WHM.
They also over charged me for an five-year old account. They knew this was the end of business with them.
I had also other acquaintances who got account there when I recommended surpasshosting. Very embarrassing. They were furious after 1 year and wondered how I could recommend this hosting company.
Anyway, the down times was a disaster. And to blame a lot of issues to technical stuff is not the customers problem.
They wiped out many customer complaints from their communality forum (this suck big and is not fear). The last 1 and half year I didn't use their service cause it was not useful. See Monitoring period 2011 January to July

Year Month Outages Uptime Downtime
2011 July 2 99.839% 0.161%
2011 June 3 99.833% 0.167%
2011 May 0 100.000% 0.000%
2011 April 2 99.885% 0.115%
2011 March 2 99.490% 0.510%
2011 February 2 99.628% 0.372%
2011 January 2 99.555% 0.445%

No payment was reduced for this crap.


I've been hosted on SurpassHosting since last summer (June or July), and I've been 100% satisfied with the service for various reasons. ^.^

1) No downtimes: the servers went through at least one maintenance per month, but my site has not had a single minute of downtime;
2) Their billing system was perfect and, once I was billed, they never asked any money extra for any kind of unwanted extras;
3) I've had no reasons to actually need the customer service at all; there have been no glitches, not even a single tiny issue.

I know another person hosted on a Reseller Plan, and she can say the same things (she hosted my site until I decided to purchase a paid plan).
Definitely a recommended host. =D

Biggest Pro: Not 1 minute of downtime in 6 months.
Biggest Con: None I could see.

Good value, good service

I originally went with Surpass Hosting for one simple reason - Surpass's TOS allows adult sites. While I certainly don't have an adult or erotic website site, some of my artwork has artistic nudity in it, and I didn't want my website being pulled down or censored for it.

I've stayed with Surpass because they have great customer service. They answer emails quickly, and any problems that have come up have been quickly and satisfactorily resolved. In the first year that I was with them there were multiple instances of downtime, they have steadily and markedly improved in this regard, and in recent years the only downtime I've noticed has been very brief and due to some scheduled server maintenances.

They seem to be a smaller company, but I'm very happy with their service and plan to stick with them. I like that they offer a month to month payment plan, and their services are very easy to use.

Company has growing pains

This company is going through BIG growing pains including server overloading, downtime, lack of support personnel, lack of a voice line for support emergencies. Email only support, long time between downtime and resolutions, password reset support is non-existent or non-working at the support community website.

This is not a place to be a reseller and host customer websites if they are mission-critical to your customers everyday business.

I am in the process of moving my customers to a different hosting service.

Biggest Pro: They will bill you every month ontime & they are cheap
Biggest Con: Support ONLY by email is S L O W......

Fantastic Host

Surpass hosting is the only web hosting I have ever been with, and there is a good reason for it. The packages they offer are fantastic value for money, I'm paying $6 a month and I have 200gb of space and 2000gb of transfer, that's more space then I even have on my Hard drive!

The customer support is amazing, whenever I submit a query I have a response in under 5 hours, every time. No matter how trivial my question, or how tech savvy it is, I always get a fast and accurate response, with several layers of support you are always ensured a reply by someone that actually knows what they are doing.

Highly recommended!

Biggest Pro: Fantastic Support
Biggest Con: If there is an issue with your site, chances are they pull it offline before contacting you

Surpassing my expectations

This is my second experience with Surpass Hosting. The first experience was so good that I went back when I needed hosting again.

The customer service is great and normally very helpful. The only thing that really gets me is a different person dealing with the issue every time, and I swear half the time they don't read prior conversation in the ticket. So you have to remind them to look into the support ticket history or you have to start all over.

Other than the frustration of different person supporting you every time, if there is a problem they deal with it. There aren't many problems to complain of though, so that's wonderful.

I have every intention of sticking with them through thick and thin as long as I need reliable, fast hosting by a company I know through experience supports it's service professionally and courteously. Since they also offer prorated refunds if your site is down for long that's a great thing to lean on in case you ever do have a real problem.

So I recommend them very highly to anyone in need of great hosting!

Biggest Pro: Great reliability
Biggest Con: Never the same person helping you with tickets

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