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iPage, Super Green, JustHost = just don't bother

I tried to get an account with them at, given that they are cheap and also placed a LOT of websites out there, with (probably fake) good reviews.

In short, misleading advertising: The page says North American Support, when they are in fact in Mangalore, India. Billing, Tech support, everything is in India, but they have false advertising on the site saying it's in the US.

I was passed back and forward between emails and Live chat, and finally I gave up in frustration. If you're still not convinced and would like to risk for yourself, have a look at this

It is the Live Chat session, the last I had with them. Avoid them like the plague if you value your time and content. Right now my site is down as I look for another host.

Biggest Pro: None I could see
Biggest Con: Misleading, incompetent, waste customer's time.

Terrible service, and are really Just Host using another name.

This host is really Just Host using another name, so make sure you read the reviews on Just Host before you sign up with them. They play all kinds of games. I asked a simple support question and had to go through 4 emails from them asking questions that I had already given them info on in my original ticket. They then sat on it for a week, until I asked for a response. They then said the problem was with the software and they had to get an answer from the vendor. Two weeks later when I asked for a response again they said it had been sent up to management and I would hear from them. A month went by and nothing. I only stayed for 2 months because of the 60 wait to transfer a new domain. Additionally my site went down no less than 4 times in 60 days. We'll see if I actually get my refund without having to complain to my credit card company.

Super Green Hosting-aka Just Host - Bad choice

Switched to Super green-big mistake. Many issues, that never were resolved. Customer service is just bad: unprofessional & unknowledgeable. One of their tag lines is "Best customer service in the industry" I would love to see what statistics they have to back that up with. In the midst of trying to resolve last issue, we were told they moved our files over to Just Host.Com, and that is where we they would be from there on. We signed up for Super green, for it's "environmentally friendly hosting" and were moved to Just Host without a choice.

Lastly, I was told that I could not cancel over the had to be via email. Well I have send 3 so far with not 1 reply.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Everything

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