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Only for small no database driven websites

I'm going to keep this really brief. I am writing this review because I have just bought new hosting from another company, Rochen. I hated Streamline, they are better than some but not at all great. My site was offline quite a lot, very slow page loads, terrible email (many times no connection could be made to email) and overloaded database servers.

Only use this site if you are a web novice looking to set up a small non database driven static website. I would not recommend them, even their own website was poorly coded, lots off layout errors across different browsers.

As I said, a really brief review, I'm not going to justify my opinion just let it be known I would not recommend them

Biggest Con: Reliability

Utter Rubbish.

The hosting, while cheap enough, leaves a lot to be desired. I regularly run out of webspace, without adding anything to the site. Although, according to the status page provided by streamline, I have plenty of space remaining. The email is a joke. Regularly unavailable, or can't reach the network to use it, or on a successful login just get thrown back to the login page, so that you can login again. When reporting this I was met with automatic emails, with spelling mistakes and tech support that don't actually know anything about supporting tech. I have had multiple problems with email, domains, subdomains, and storage space. All of which have been met with "it works from our end" which is the most unhelpful thing in the world. I have had htaccess problems that ,instead of having anything to do with the error message returned, was down to the PHP code that I had not even uploaded.

Time and time again they have shown that they don't give a damn about me as a customer as long as they keep getting my money. For example I opened a support ticket for my email problem in June this year and have had occasional responses of "not our problem". Right up to the point where my renewal was due, then I am getting updates about twice a day. Still not helping though.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Service and support.


I switched to Streamline from 1&1 as I thought that 1&1 were too expensive. I have now been hosted by them for over a year and have yet to have a problem. My site has never been down except for a few occasions where I noticed that the FTP was down for a few minutes. The customer service is excellent and the two occasions I have used the online support ticket system I had a reply within 1 or 2 hours. The connection speed however sometimes is a bit slow (though saying that my pages are usually inefficient), and the MYSQL databases sometimes lag a bit, though they haven't gone down at all to my knowledge.

Biggest Pro: Good value for money
Biggest Con: Sometimes can be slow

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