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On average, StartLogic is not recommended by users on our web site.

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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 High
# of Reviews 20
# that Recommend 4
Very Low
% that Recommend 20%
Very Low
Overall RatingFootnote 2 32.7%
Very Low
Review QualityFootnote 2 Footnote * 100%
Very High

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They really suck!!

They suspended my account without any prior warning because I had hacking related information on my site. The customer service was the worst!! I would be on hold for up to an hour about issues and most of the time the response was that they cant respond to "that" issue I have to call microsoft. They are terrible terrible terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggest Con: worst customer service response time

started good, then dropped to bottom

Startlogic was very competitive in pricing and quality, before they decided to upgrade to a new system. Unfortunately, the upgrade was a mess and the service went along. I have few accounts with them and looking for an alternate web host. The short description I can give for Startlogic is Brittney Spears.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Service


I paid for a year and my plan expires in august. I am running from this company as fast as I can. There customer service doesn't really answer no questions all they do is give you the run around and where to go research it yourself. The billing department automatically pays their fees even after you tell them that you don't want it. For instance I changed my domain name I told them NOT to renew the old one they did it anyway. There design choices are bad. Nothing outstanding. Don't do business with their company it is a MISTAKE.

Biggest Pro: uptime
Biggest Con: Tech support, customer service, billing and everything else.

Loose mail (when you can get to them)

Their systems are supposedly "in transition to a new platform" for well over six months. As a result, email is down 1 or 2 days out of 7, sites are inaccessible, and be ready to spend 45 mins on the phone to wait for customer service.

This to add to the notoriously bogus web-based email system which looses messages, mixes up boxes, and the like.

Then of course there are more insidious problems, such as entering passwords over non-secure http pages, and a tech support that closes tickets without addressing the questions.

Biggest Con: Unreliable

Save money, time and frustration, pick any other company, ANY.

Their web pages are cheap, boring and do not fit a variety of industries. Their cusotemr service and we support is lacking - slow, they keep you on hold forever, it takes 48 hours to get an email back from the, and their "live" support on line - was worse than the holding on the phone for well over 30 minutes - they actually dropped the connection. I have nothing good to say about this company. Even to cancle, I can't get anyone to return an email or a phone call. Their tech support - "Well actually I am more custoemr service then tech support." No kidding.

Biggest Con: Customer service, tech support and billing.

The worst!

Cheap... but if your website needs to be up look elsewhere. Prepare yourself for outages, misdirections, erased/overwritten html, and any other nightmare possible. Need tech support... HA! You're S.O.L. if you think these people have a clue to help you or TEMSELVES!

Biggest Pro: There are other webhosts
Biggest Con: They exist and people get suckered in

Severe Customer Service Problems

I've never experienced web hosting problems like I've experienced with StartLogic. A little over a month ago, my site started experiencing outages and would periodically crash altogether. Customer service has been a nightmare. I spent two hours waiting on hold to reach a startlogic representative... yeah, it's nice that I can call in problems but a two hour wait?!... The representative couldn't fix my problem, kept telling me to hold for 'just another two minutes' and eventually just hung up on me. My site is still down and has been for almost a week despite my repeated calls and emails. I've lost my advertiser and probably, a good portion of my viewers. My recommendation for anyone who plans to sign up with StartLogic... read their contract THOROUGHLY. It's very difficult to get out of if you should opt to go with this company and experience the problems I have been. I'll be cutting my losses and finding someone new.

Biggest Pro: Plenty of Storage for the Cost
Biggest Con: Poor Customer Service, Lengthy Outages

Startlogic VPS

The first thing that attracts you to Startlogic is their affordable pricing packages. Virtual Private Servers lease for $30 per month, which is affordable for most people. They have an excellent sales team that will assist you in choosing a plan that best suites your needs.

The customer support team, however, could use some improvement. The wait time during the day is relatively long, and the reps on the graveyard shift are not very knowledgeable about their systems. They recently upgraded to Vdeck 3 for their admin panel but the transition was not very smooth. There were a few glitches such as emails not coming through. They run the most current version of Plesk on their VPS, which is very user friendly.

The initial setup of the account was done efficiently and within a short amount of time. They send you an email with detailed information on how to access your account. There also offer online documentation on how to manage your account. I have only experienced one downtime since the start of the lease.

If you are looking for budget hosting for a small to medium web-based projects, I will certainly recommend Startlogic.

Biggest Pro: affordability of their pricing packages.
Biggest Con: Their support service could use some improvement.

Startlogic customer service

When I found Startlogic it was the answer to my website woes. I immediately got responses from the sales department and the Web Builder was an easy fix for someone who doesn't know how to build a website from scratch.

Recently, they have changed the format, the Web Builder is no longer available and there is an hour-and-a-half wait for tech support. I am actually waiting for a live chat as we speak. I have sent several emails with no response. I finally called the sales department and they told me that I was tying up their line and to call tech support and hung up on me.

So here I am, I can't edit my website and I can't get any help from my hosting company. What now?

A hosting that can be trusted upon

I have been using this hosting for more than a year and am pretty happy with it. I have never experienced any downtime or any problem with the speed. When ever my disk space is full i can request for additional diskspace and they ad it in no time. I have had a good experience with this hosting site. They have good customer support and immediate replies to my queries. Have been satisfied with this. No plans of changing my hosting as of now. Only problem is that it can not be used as a streaming server. Other than this negative there is nothing wrong in the server.

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