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Web Hosting for Small Business

I have been using the services of this company for over 5 years, both for private and client needs. They are fair in terms of features they offer and the support they have is satisfactory.

In 5 years I contacted them several times mostly due to unavailability of the servers. Each time support was relatively fast and managed to solve the problem without passing it to a higher level. The last problem I had with them was also related to the unavailability of the server, but it took several days and had multiple scenarios that needed to be done to eliminate possible errors. The problem was that it was a news portal, where every minute of unavailability was a huge problem because of the loss of readers. I had to ask for support via chat, since there was no way to open the ticket. In total, I contacted them 4 times in 12 days. What is tantalizing and time consuming is that every time I started a chat I had to explain all over again about the problem. I asked twice for my mail to be included in the ticket update so I could keep track of the changes, but it didn't happen (although they offered the option themselves). Still, the experience was not so terrible since I managed to explain to chat support existing problem in few sentences (using my ticket ID)and they were informing me of the progress.

Based on my own experience, I would say that they do not bounce back from the average, both at a cost and at customer support. I believe accessibility to the ticketing system would greatly facilitate communication and improve user experience. I would recommend them for hosting small websites.


I was a customer for several years. A few months ago, I forgot to make a payment. By the time they I was able to call them, they had deleted every single message over those years.

Technical support and especially customer service people should be rated minus 10 or more.

Biggest Con: Support personel and long wait times to reach someone - HORRIBLE

Avoid this company

I have been a customer of StartLogic for more than 5 years. Besides the occasional outages, it has been an average experience. When my account expired and I contacted them one day later, they informed me that I could not access my files anymore and if I wanted so them ever again not only would I have to renew my account, but also pay $75 fee. After being extorted out of $75, I am still waiting for my website to be back up again. What a scam, avoid it like the plague. I am taking my business elsewhere as soon as I get a hold of my content again.

Biggest Con: They will take your every penny if they could.

StartLogic's Got Serious Security Problems & Rips off customers

In the past six months my email account has been compromised at least 4 times. Something gets in and spams my clients.
The customer service department and tech support said StartLogic could not determine who got in, what the IP address was and I had to change my password. That was the only solution presented.
After changing my password my account was safe for about a week.
Not acceptable. My clients were extremely upset. I have had to switch to a more secure hosting company.
Then StartLogic bills you for additional services without your permission, some type of web security. I realized after 3 years that I was billed for this, never knew what it was for, never used it. I found out about this security product after I received threatening emails that my website was in jeopardy. This additonal service never did anything for me since I never used it before and my website was not in jeopardy; it was a slick sales ploy. When I told them at renewal time that I did not authorize the charge for that because, as their tech's explained, it wouldn't secure my email, I was told I had to have it. Only after I explained that I didn't use it and they reviewed my account did they let up and quit pressuring me.
I started with StartLogic 7 years ago. The company has really gone downhill the last 2 years. put your business at risk by using StartLogic.

Terrible company

Bad customer service. I have had so many problems with this company, their templates, etc... And now my website is down once again. I just haven't taken the time to switch my site to another company but this is my last year.. do yourself a favor and don't sign up with them to begin with!


Because there was another website on the same account that was a lampoon site on pets. No warning. Just down. Tech support is horrible. It's like talking to a wall. Problems are always someone else's fault. When they brought the account back up, our mail kept timing out. Our fault, of course, not theirs. A few weeks ago, we got an email to lower our billing, so we switched to a new plan. Not only did our site wind up being down for a week, but they "accidentally" overbilled us double and it took two weeks to get the money back.

Biggest Pro: price and unlimited space
Biggest Con: bad tech support, frequent down time, website content censorship

So Far So Good with Startlogic


Because I have dealt with several providers for hosting, I feel I can make a fair assesment of Startlogic. I have been with them now for about 3 or 4 years, and I have 24 domains with them.

What I dislike about Startlogic: Tech support is probably one of their weakest areas. If you don't know how to look things up for yourself and if you don't know how systems run, find another provider. They can help with simple issues, but keep in mind that this tech support is truly running through the book when trying to help you. Pages load slightly slower than on other servers I have experienced, but not enough that I have had any user comments regarding this.

What I like about Startlogic: Price and ease of use are the two things I'm thankful for with Startlogic. Usually within 10 minutes I can register and set up a new website and have it available to the public. Of course if there is content to be done, this takes longer. I like their generous affiliate program, although it is not my primary reason for using them. I was with Startlogic during the transition and experienced no issues, but most of the sites are static, so I don't know if the issues have been with databases or not (from other reviews I see here I can't tell). Email has always been relieable for me and my customers, this is a big deal for me, since one of my customers is a police department, and their last provider kept bouncing legitimate emails. I've never experienced anything like that with Startlogic.

I just recently transferred one of my .gov accounts over to Startlogic, that is how confident I am in their server up time and their email servers.

Hope the review helps.

Biggest Pro: Price and Ease of use
Biggest Con: You pretty much need to be your own tech support

Time to Move Hosting

Started using them 4-5 years ago. Had basic website (and still do) and email needs. As our business has grown we needed to be able to send/receive larger email attachments. The only alternative with the twits was to go a VPS. NOTHNG BUT TROUBLE EVER SINCE THEN. Tech Support has gotten TERRIBLE over the last 2 years. They are litte to no help. There system changeover has things ALL MESSED UP. They tell me to log into their Support Ticket area for updates on my issues, BUT THERE IS NO WAY FOR ME TO LOGIN TO THE SUPPORT TICKET AREA. They have told me that they migrated me to the new system, but I can't get to support tickets on the new system, on tickets I can get to is on the old system.

I havea ticket in there right now that I can't get to, they told me they sent me an email with new password.....only I never got an email from them, and they didn't provide enough info on the ticket in the old system.

Our website has, in the past been blacklisted, I think because of others that they are or have hosted. I've been left floundering by these guys more than once in the past and I'm just tired of having to fight to get them to help.

Time for us to make a change.

Biggest Pro: NONE
Biggest Con: They have a "NEW" system.

Email "Sent" box and email attachment problems

The email "Sent" box does not contain all the email I sent. So, I can not depend on it to tell me to whom and what I sent out before. Another problem is most of the emails attachments are not attached in my first email. So, I had to send the attachment multiple times in order to have the recipients receive the attachment. It looks like an idiot if you have to send them multiple times because the first couple of email said there are attachments and the recipients did not see them in the email. If any one has experienced the same problem or know what the root causes are, please let me know. The problems have been reported to StartLogic for a couple of months. Their tech support people are helpless and keep saying there are no problems, their system is stable and changing the status of the tickets into "resolved".

Biggest Pro: Problems

Bad Tech Support, Hacked System

Tech support is supposed to think that you are stupid. But instead, Tech support is stupid. Tech support is nothing more than a non-computer using call center in India. And when you ask to speak to someone higher up, they tell you that it is not possible.

They have suspended my account numerous times because of hackers into their main system and then they blame me. Bad bad service!

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