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I have had 2 dedicated and a VPS server at SolaDrive since 2015

Having had a bad experience with my previous hosting, which I had for about three years, and a tremendous downward spiral in their customer service/technical support, I began a lengthy search for a new hosting provider. I had only been used to shared hosting, and I never needed more. I grew tired of the week (sometimes more) response times to tickets asking why my site was either offline, or why it was running so slowly. At this point I decided I was done with the shared hosting BS and wanted to get something that was more "my own" so to speak.

I read many reviews here, did a great deal of research, read reviews, checked various hosts out with the BBB, and compared what I would be getting for the cost, etc.

I found, what I had hoped would be my new home with another provider, but that was short lived, as the server was non-responsive and unreachable every 2-3 hours. I was told that the server needed to be rebooted, that something was wrong with the virtual network adapter, and various other things. I ended up parting ways with them after a few days of this behavior and luckily, they had a refund policy, which I was thankful for. I didn't feel that repeated downtime (over the 3-4 days I had it, it was offline at least 8-10 times), was a very good sign of things to come.

After a bit more research, hesitancy, and even more research, and having now felt that maybe I was entering unfamiliar territory, I had things narrowed down to a few different providers, that I looked over very closely; one of them was SolaDrive.

I signed up for service on May 7, 2018 however due to a delayed shipment for memory, the server build was delayed until the 9th (which was fine with me, they were honest about it, and let me know), however on the 8th I was told the memory had arrived, and they got me all setup on the 8th.

In the short period I have been with SolaDrive, I have experienced nothing less than excellent customer service, both from John, and all the technical staff I have interacted with. John has been tremendously courteous, and generous – when I signed up, I chose the basic 120GB SSD primary drive, and a secondary 500GB SATA3 drive. John informed me that they did not have any 120GB SSD's in stock, so instead he kindly upgraded the SSD to 250GB for no charge – to me, this was a very big deal, and was a contrast to my previous experiences.

I have also learned a few things, even though I do have some basic understanding of Linux and some commands, but it's been comforting to have someone to lean on if something goes wrong, which thankfully has not been the case. The very few things that I have needed done, have been done promptly, and properly. I have had, that I am aware of, no downtime, aside from that when the server has been rebooted by myself, and no other issues, so I am tremendously happy with my decision.

I highly recommend SolaDrive to anyone who is looking for an honest, straightforward, and professional hosting company. I realize that my time there has been short, but in the time in which I have been treated with the upmost of respect, and honesty.

Biggest Pro: Pricing for a managed service
Biggest Con: No phone support

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