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Ecommerce hosting

They host my site no complaints doesn’t go down i don’t use any of their special features so no worth to me but as a host they are fine they're quick on chat and email they're not cheap but i started seeing my ecommerce site as an investment so i just went for it and paid in the end for what you get it's worth it and dont need to worry about my site crashing or anything like before so all around pretty good they also didn't mess up the website move like my last host

Biggest Pro: no complaints
Biggest Con: would like more deals

Cloud hosting Skystra

I've always been suspicious of companies who claim to be cloud. Most of the time, it's just some VPS on a dedicated server running at some third rate datacentre. So I appreciate that my site and email actually are on Google's Cloud via Skystra's operating systems. It's more than I used to pay, but I get to sleep at night now. I like how security and backups are all included too, hated paying for that stuff extra at othher places even though it seemed cheaper at first everything got way more expensive so I get everything I need and I know what I'm going to pay better that way i guess.

Biggest Pro: Great tech real cloud

Review of Skystra

I had a weird problem with my wordpress site, the data I changed kept reappearing when I went on my site. Opened a chat with Skystra and they helped me out right away and they were pretty fast too. Turned out I had a thing called cache on my computer that I needed to clear. Also didn't make me feel stupid for asking and just kinda took care of it right away for me.. Lovely support team, thank you for the help!

Biggest Pro: Love the support
Biggest Con: Need more discounts

Skystra review

I used to be with with a few different hosts and was happy there until my site kept going down every day. It got really frustrating and customer service was non existent basically. When I moved my stuff over, i never got pingdom alerts again about the site or email being down. I just wish they would offer a promo or coupon so it can be a bit cheaper. That's my only complaint

Biggest Pro: they really know their stuff


I host two WordPress sites with Skystra and they know a lot about it. I'm a newbie and they're pretty helpful every single time and super patient with all of my questions! Honestly I'm really glad I found them after having so many bumpy experiences at other hosting companies. Wordpress is not really user-friendly so I'm happy I have some people I can ask questions to.

Biggest Pro: Really nice!!
Biggest Con: Would love more promos

My review of Skystra

We moved Novanax over to Skystra a few years ago. Prior to our web hosting switch, we had a lot of issues with downtime and slowness, especially on our internal portal. When we need the data, we can actually get it now, and when there are small issues, the team gets back to my IT person really quickly. I appreciate everything they do for us and I am very happy I have switched to Skystra.

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