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On average, SkyNet Hosting is not recommended by users on our web site.

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If this host does not meet your expectations, please browse our search section to find one that does. 4 year review

I have been a clients of since 2005 and I'm happy with them. I have 3 hosting accounts with them and noticed only 1 downtime over the last 4 years.
Start - They offered me a trial and that was one of the mean reasons that I have decided to host with them in the first place.

Support (Help Desk) - Usually within 5-15 minutes to 1-2 hours.
Support (Live Chat) - They know how to fix things fast but not as friendly as their Sales chat.

Service - Most of the time the server loads shows under 1% with green light. Usually good service all the time, except few lags that I have seen.

I see no reason to change hosts so I simply upgraded to their VIP Plan. It is a bit more expensive but well worth the money. The skynet support ticket was answered within 5-15 minutes to 1-2 hours. Absolutely no problems, no missed mails, and very little downtime.
I'll review the the VIP Plan after some time to be on it but to this point I am 100% satisfied that is the right choice for me!


This company has quick support but they can't actually solve any problems. A simple file move took nearly a week!

My sites are constantly down for short (1-3 hour) periods throughout the week.

Take my advice, stay clear of this host!

Biggest Pro: Cheap Price? Fast Support Although low quality.
Biggest Con: No Uptime - No Quality Support available.

Response by Steve, who is an employee of SkyNet Hosting:


We are sorry to see you are having problems with your server. Your server, "Destiny" was maintaining an excellent 99.9% + uptime over the past 2 years.

In November 2008, your server have had some minor and major problems, resulting in the apache to crash and experience some downtimes on multiple occasions.

This is due to the fact that there are a few abusive users that were monopolizing the resources available on the servers, causing the SQL and Apache to crash. We identified these users and immediately transferred them to a separate stand-alone server.

We have always kept you updated and this has been well explained to you over the ticket, QUN-275376. We care for our customers and we would never want to keep them in dark during downtimes. I have checked all of your tickets during the downtime and I can see that we have kept you well updated and explained everything in detail.

Once these these maintenance were completed, there was an immediate increase in performance of the server. This problem was completely resolved on November 23 and there haven't been any downtimes after November 23.

Regards, --- Stephen M. Senior Sales Executive SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. Email: steve[at] Skype: SkyNSteve AIM: SkyNSteve MSN: steve[at]

Posted on February 18th, 2009 at 09:24 EST

Skynet has been good for me

I have had a multi-domain plan with Skynethosting for over a year. I have found the service to be excellent. The support turn-a-round time for the few issues that have occurred has been excellent. They have a different way of doing addon domains that might appeal to many users. You have the allocated amount for your account and can spread it among the domains that you host with them as you choose to allocate it. You will have a separate cPanel login for each of the domains that you host with them. I currently have 8 domains hosted with them.

Biggest Pro: Excellent value
Biggest Con: none

Response by Steve, who is an employee of SkyNet Hosting:


Thank you very much for the review. It's always refreshing to hear from satisfied customers . Keeping a customer satisfied for many years is not easy, and we strive hard to do so.

It's been our pleasure to have you as our customer. We are looking forward for the coming years.


Stephen M.
Senior Sales Executive
SkyNetHosting.Net Inc.

Email: steve[at]
Skype: SkyNSteve
AIM: SkyNSteve
MSN: steve[at]

Posted on February 18th, 2009 at 09:16 EST

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