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Horrible, Do not buy!

The only good about them: Pricing.

Every day my site stops to load. They have not been able to resolve the issue. Above that their support is not understanding at all. They provide ticket based support and most of the times they do not respond/act withing specified SLA/TAT.

I have so far worked with godaddy, bigrock and skynet. Skynet being the worst I experienced.

Most horrible experience ever! Stay away from skynethosting!!!

This hosting company is maybe the most horrible hosting company in the world!
Their servers are down on a regular basis. Support is catastrophic, knowhow is very low.
Site speed far below average. But the most horrible point: they just shut down pages and domains
for any reason. They even do not send informations or emails. They have a rude and unfair behavior.
It you host with them you will expirience a very bad server speed, your sites will be down horrible often
and if you ever will need to support you have to deal with people without any knowhow.
We never ever made such a horrible experience!


Biggest Pro: nothin
Biggest Con: catastrophic support, bad behavior, unfair, rude

Lots of downtime!!

Been with skynethosting since 09/01//2014, was impressed with what they offer and the services till this last week (09/13/14) . I was down all day Sunday 09/14/2014 was finally up Monday afternoon, went down again for almost half of the day again. Luckily i never moved all my domains to skynet hosting servers. and hurried and moved the important domains back to a old host. skynet hosting has been up and down every day since. up less then 5 hours a day. with several tickets into support and asking to be switched to another server i received the following response.
Needless to say i am motioning the domains i have on skynet hosting and if it remains the same will be cancelling my account and moving on.

The server has been a subject to a volumetric Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDOS Attack). This sort of attack uses multiple computers around the world to flood our servers with requests and this makes it difficult, if not impossible, for legitimate access by our customers.

We are currently in the process of mitigating the DDOS attack and we will be providing updates here as they become available. We appreciate your patience while we work on this.

Biggest Pro: Products offer are great!
Biggest Con: Way too much down time! Not worth it so far!


I have purchased skynet reseller hosting plan few weeks ago. After few weeks of testing and setting up everything all I can say is great things about skynet! Chris from support has gone way above and beyond anything I could have ever asked for! They are always friendly, always answer support tickets fast. The best thing is that they also have a web design department that also help me with designing my web site with the template that they have given me, thank you Kim! you have been very helpful all this time.

Biggest Pro: very good features and friendly support
Biggest Con: Billing and customer care is slow to respond

Terrible Hosting

As I write this, 5 out of the 10 sites hosted with Skynet are offline. I have tried so hard to be patient with these people and the only good thing I can say about them is that they respond to support enquiries. For the past couple of months, not a single day has gone bye without at least one or two sites being offline. These are not my main sites hence the reason I have hung on for so long and hoped they would step up to the mark and actually be decent enough to provide what I pay for. What I've lost in revenue through this unreliable hosting is much more then it costs and I have decided to move to anyone else because it just can't get worse than this surely.

They have a habit of talking a lot but never doing anything to resolve long standing issues and they just keep going on until you flip the switch or else they damage your online business.

Anyone serious about online income would do well to avoid Skynet like the plague.

Biggest Pro: They respond

skynethosting review

I haven't done a review of my host recently and today I have some free time doing nothing so I thought I write few words :DD

Setup was a bit slow but they said they have to check everything manually so like with other hosting companies nothing was instant then again it didn't kill me to wait few hours. Once I got the welcome email the DNS change was fast and from what I remember it didn't take no more than few minutes. Since then I have been hosting with them for few months and I'm fairly happy with the servers. I didnt notice any downtime so I guess I have to assume its good but then again I didn't monitor it 24/7 but things were always up when ever I needed them.

Support wise nothing special. they did the job. they have helped with my web site once where I got started to see errors and I was told it has to do something with the recent PHP upgrade. Then I gave them my admin logins and it was taken care in no time.

just my 2 cents :)-

Agree with previous review - lots of downtime!

I had envisaged offering a glowing review for this company when we first registered. My boss was very happy with them (he did the initial talking). We got a good deal and the support was much more friendly that other hosts we'd visited.

However, time and time again we experience downtime. It happens often for silly reasons ("we were recompiling php") and during peak times for us. We have noticed a sharp increase in complaints from our clients (we are a training and consulting company and have a reputation as being a leader in our field in Asia) who say the site is often down when they try to visit.

What makes it worse is that this company don't offer and do not plan to offer telephone support. Frankly this is crazy and leaves one wondering why (are they scared of people finding out where they really are when they hear their accents?). So anyhow when the sites go down all we can do is log into the support centre once again and send another ticket...then WAIT!

We've had enough of this. Sure, they are friendly in their emails, but the downtime is the worst we have experienced in 15 years of our business.

We contacted a competitor of theirs in SIngapore today and they have confirmed that they offer 24 hour telephone support and nowhere near the downtime we are experiencing. We have asked SkyNet when our billing period ends....we hate the process of moving hosts but I think we have no choice, this cannot continue.

Biggest Pro: Friendly service
Biggest Con: Significant downtime

Response by Steve, who is an employee of SkyNet Hosting:


Dispute the inicial small downtime, we would like to thank you for deciding to continue hosting with SkyNetHosting.Net. You can check your current server uptime at the following url;

2009 Jul 100.000%
2009 Jun 99.906%
2009 May 100.000%

Thanks once again for your continued business.

Posted on July 14th, 2009 at 10:43 EST 4 year review

I have been a clients of since 2005 and I'm happy with them. I have 3 hosting accounts with them and noticed only 1 downtime over the last 4 years.
Start - They offered me a trial and that was one of the mean reasons that I have decided to host with them in the first place.

Support (Help Desk) - Usually within 5-15 minutes to 1-2 hours.
Support (Live Chat) - They know how to fix things fast but not as friendly as their Sales chat.

Service - Most of the time the server loads shows under 1% with green light. Usually good service all the time, except few lags that I have seen.

I see no reason to change hosts so I simply upgraded to their VIP Plan. It is a bit more expensive but well worth the money. The skynet support ticket was answered within 5-15 minutes to 1-2 hours. Absolutely no problems, no missed mails, and very little downtime.
I'll review the the VIP Plan after some time to be on it but to this point I am 100% satisfied that is the right choice for me!


This company has quick support but they can't actually solve any problems. A simple file move took nearly a week!

My sites are constantly down for short (1-3 hour) periods throughout the week.

Take my advice, stay clear of this host!

Biggest Pro: Cheap Price? Fast Support Although low quality.
Biggest Con: No Uptime - No Quality Support available.

Response by Steve, who is an employee of SkyNet Hosting:


We are sorry to see you are having problems with your server. Your server, "Destiny" was maintaining an excellent 99.9% + uptime over the past 2 years.

In November 2008, your server have had some minor and major problems, resulting in the apache to crash and experience some downtimes on multiple occasions.

This is due to the fact that there are a few abusive users that were monopolizing the resources available on the servers, causing the SQL and Apache to crash. We identified these users and immediately transferred them to a separate stand-alone server.

We have always kept you updated and this has been well explained to you over the ticket, QUN-275376. We care for our customers and we would never want to keep them in dark during downtimes. I have checked all of your tickets during the downtime and I can see that we have kept you well updated and explained everything in detail.

Once these these maintenance were completed, there was an immediate increase in performance of the server. This problem was completely resolved on November 23 and there haven't been any downtimes after November 23.

Regards, --- Stephen M. Senior Sales Executive SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. Email: steve[at] Skype: SkyNSteve AIM: SkyNSteve MSN: steve[at]

Posted on February 18th, 2009 at 09:24 EST

Skynet has been good for me

I have had a multi-domain plan with Skynethosting for over a year. I have found the service to be excellent. The support turn-a-round time for the few issues that have occurred has been excellent. They have a different way of doing addon domains that might appeal to many users. You have the allocated amount for your account and can spread it among the domains that you host with them as you choose to allocate it. You will have a separate cPanel login for each of the domains that you host with them. I currently have 8 domains hosted with them.

Biggest Pro: Excellent value
Biggest Con: none

Response by Steve, who is an employee of SkyNet Hosting:


Thank you very much for the review. It's always refreshing to hear from satisfied customers . Keeping a customer satisfied for many years is not easy, and we strive hard to do so.

It's been our pleasure to have you as our customer. We are looking forward for the coming years.


Stephen M.
Senior Sales Executive
SkyNetHosting.Net Inc.

Email: steve[at]
Skype: SkyNSteve
AIM: SkyNSteve
MSN: steve[at]

Posted on February 18th, 2009 at 09:16 EST

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