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The worst hosting I ever used

Sitevalley is definately the WORST hosting I have ever used. They do not provide professional services.

The speed of the websites is very slow and running scripts on the database is nearly impossible due to the slowness.
They block your account based on nothing.
When asking for service, they are not willing (or able?) to help.
Any call to technical support takes a long time to get an answer, even if it is something that is preventing their service from being supplied.
It looks like they have no respect for their customers.

The claim is that the account is "Unmetered", but as soon as you start using it they start refering to the general conditions that prove it is definately not unmetered and they -again- block your account.

This is the part from their general conditions that prove it is not UNMETERED:
10.2. Disk Usage Provision for Shared Hosting Accounts
[...] The following disc space limitations for different file types are also applicable: NO more than 5,000 MB of a shared hosting account can be allocated to music, video or other multimedia files including but not limited to .avi, .mp3, .mpeg, .jpg, .gif files; NO more than 5,000 MB of a shared hosting account can be allocated to any archive files and disk images files containing the complete contents and structure of a data storage medium; NO more than 5,000 MB of a Linux shared hosting account can be allocated to databases including but not limited to .sql files, databases dumps; NO more than 5,000 MB of a Linux shared hosting account can be allocated to Executable files and all other files which are the result of compiling a program.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: They are not professional

Highly recommeneded!

I joined Site Valley back in November 2010, and I was quite skeptical, on if they were a good host or not. I had read many good reviews, but that can be said with HostGator who let me down, so I was quite paranoid when I signed up. Oh how wrong was I to judge. Site Valley have been the best host I've ever been with. Their technical support deparment is well educated with how the systems work and fix most problems within an hour (If they're major problems). Their super good value for money, and their customer service... Wow. Their customer service, they treat you like royalty. They're really nice to you, and actually make an effort. I very rarely, in fact I've NEVER had a problem with this host, and any problems I have had, (Which were my fault, not theirs) They've fixed for me.

I cannot recommend this host enough. I definately will be with them, for a very long time.

Biggest Pro: Cheap, Excellent customer service, fast, excellent value for money and well educated.
Biggest Con: That there isn't a bad thing to say about them!

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