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Help with email

I was having some great confusion with canceling Gsuite to change my email to SiteGround. My DNS was showing up as both were on! Turns out all I needed to do was delete the google MX records which is a nice quick easy fix that they educated me on quickly. As always they were on point and happy to help! No more worries! Got it straightened right out =) Love SiteGround! So happy to have found them.

The best partner for marketing agencies.

After a few years of using Siteground for all our hosting needs I really need to write down my experience.

We develop websites very regularly and use Siteground for our staging process, meaning we need to do lots of migrations and that brings technical issues with it.

Most hosting providers are not the most efficient when it comes to customer issues, and it could take a day before getting any feedback. Siteground chat feature is the best customer service I have ever encountered from a hosting provider, as I have a business account they take care of every single issue with the most care.

I know for agencies this is priority number 1, as you don't want to get stuck in the mid of a project with a technical issue. Not to forget the amazing value it offers as well.

A very happy customer all around, keep up the great work Siteground, and keep developing more features that enhance the user experience of your clients. You guys rock!

Biggest Pro: Customer Service

Fast Speed with Decent Support

After deep analysis of best web hosting I found the siteground hosting which is falls in my requirement. I read and ask to many people about siteground but I have some confusion. So I contacted to Siteground Pre-Sale manager and he cleared my all doubt.

I select the Growbig plan and hosted my site. after seeing tremendous improve in my site performance, I was feel that I have done a best selection. Siteground provides better speed with quality support. I highly recommend all of you that you must go for Siteground web hosting.

Biggest Pro: Fast Speed with Quality Support
Biggest Con: Less storage compare to other and renewal charge little bit high


I appreciate fast, knowledgeable support more than anything, very thankful. I came because my Wordpress was down, which is something beyond my knowledge base. Her service was fast, friendly, and she did things I wouldn't have known how to do. My site itself never broke, and she took care of the back end quickly. This makes the transfer to Siteground so easy—and I'm happy that the speeds are much faster on my website than my last hosting company.

Instant Chat Response

We have been with Siteground as a reseller for all of our Websites for over 5 years.
The turn-around-time for support is very professional for on-line chats, phone calls, and support tickets, covering, admn support, security, email support, hosting support, spam support, and malicious files support.

We have used other hosting suppliers in the past and once we found Siteground, there is NO LOOKING BACK!

Thanks to your tech team and admin support! YOU ROCK!

Best Customer Service

I have hosted with many other companies and there is absolutely no comparison to the customer service I receive from SitGround. When you need help, it makes all the difference in the world. My previous company wait times were on average 30 minutes and then they would just send me links to help articles. They refused to help beyond that. Not SiteGround. They help until the problem is solved!

Biggest Pro: Service and Support

Great Chat Service

Had an issue with trying to create a new website. Tried to resolve the issue on my own with troubleshooting for about 2 hours. Finally did a chat. Waited 4 minutes to be connected with a chat representative. After chat started the representative had my problem solved within 15 minutes. It would have been resolved sooner than that but I had a few technical issues on my end. Very pleased with the customer support.

Site Ground is fantastic

I have had a great experience with SiteGround. It was my first time building a website for my business. They have great tutorials, and if you run into trouble there is a chat option 24/7. And they are always so smart about what might be going on. I played around with a lot of other hosts before I ended up on this one. The customer service is the absolute best. The price is good. There are tons of templates available, and upgrades if you should need them. I was able to do some personalization in html, as wel.

Biggest Pro: customer service, quality of options, ease of use

Siteground Review

This chat technician was amazing! I had a glitch in CDN which led to a temporary redirect issue. A viewer had emailed me showing the redirects she had gotten, although i did not see it i went to SG chat. The tech fixed my cloudflare issue i didn't know about, was fast and informative. Thanks Antonio K. Fast, personable, helpful. This is the main reason i use their services for hosting.

Great Support Over The Years

We couldn't be happier with Site Ground.
We've been with SiteGround for at least five years and as they've changed the support has been consistently excellent. They've helped in a variety of ways from support with SSL installation, increasing memory, explaining various options, all while being readily available.
I would highly recommend them.


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