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Siteground Review

I have been with siteground for several months now, at first i was rather reluctant with not too hot reviews..and the initial fees.

However i have to say for the price everything they provide is superb..i've rarely encountered downtime and when there has been that unfortunate occasion, it only usually lasts 30 mins - 1 hour.

As for support you can submit as many tickets as you feel..unlike some hosts where i know they charge even for assistance, and the response time is great..they're fast and efficient.

Server speed works just as well and i can tell with sometimes more than 100 members on my forum at once without any issue.

The cpanel is swift and secure, everything is neatly at hand..good aw stats..easy fantastico section to add scripts amongst the other essentials.

The last major praise is what you get..tonnes of space and bandwidth that's more than enough to run one website on. Even if you're on a tight budget i would recommend shelling out on're given everything and is a worthwile investment.

Biggest Pro: The space and bandwidth!

Siteground Review

I have signed up for a 2 year contract with them. Till today I repent it. Whenever you get a post digged or stumbled, they make that URL 'disappear'. The rest of the site may still be accessible. The customer support was not so technically knowledgible as they kept on asking me to reduce the internal linking of my site.

But today I received a mail from them stating they are going to improve the service infrstructure.

They are now promising:-

** the new server will be more powerful and your site will load faster;
** the server configuration will allow future upgrades of space and traffic;
** the new hard drives are larger (more space) and faster (better performance for your site).

The new Server they are planning is an Intel Woodcrest 5130 Dual Core with 4GB RAM. The new server is supposed to increase significantly the quality.

I only hope for the best. I cannot easily move to a different host as I have 2 year contract.

Biggest Pro: Administration Tools
Biggest Con: Reliability on Shared Hosting

SiteGround is INCREDIBLE!

These guys were able to get me up and running in minutes at 3:30a. Theyve always answered me ASAP and were able to set up my webmail account through Horde in a snap, which noone else has been able to do! They also have speedy cutomers service and live web chat and are truly available 247/365!

Theyve gained a cutomer for life!

Biggest Pro: Speedy Cutomers service/live support

Not Much Satisfied

I opted for Siteground last year as the plan sounded attractive. Also by reading on their website, they offered to host 6 websites which were enough for me. But here surpises started. They gave 0 addon domains and for each extra addon domain one needs to shell out 30$/year. Pretty expensive and not very clearly specified on the site. Backups in Cpanel was disabled and costs around 30$ for taking backup of site and some more for restoring. Too Bad. At starting they charged even for support tickets, only 7 were free. Thankgod, they have removed that limit now.

Initially, their uptime was not very good, ranging 97-98 each month. But later it improved to 99.5 every month. Support is very fast but not always very helpful or convinvcing. Once they stopped mail accounts since I had a forum with 600+ members at that time. I had to shift to Gmail POP/SMTP afterwards.

As a conclusion, I would suggest only go with siteground if you have small sites to host. For bigger sites, Siteground is not for you. Don't go by space and bandwidth offered.

Biggest Pro: Server Uptime
Biggest Con: Lot of things to pay for like Backups, Addon Domains

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