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Great Assistance

This was the third time in about a week that we were not able to enter our website. The persons who answered previous times simply fixed the problem. I was grateful for this quick response. When it recurred a third time the person who answered my chat request for help, explained exactly what was causing the problem and what I could do, should it happen again.
Thank you so much.

Biggest Pro: Took the time to explain --in plain English--what happened and what to do.

Not able to send and receive emails

Man! Nik was very patient with me. He was able to answer all my questions and gave such clarification. He was knowledgeable about all the things I ask, are you God? Kidding aside, he was able to provide excellent support. Kudos to you, Nik! You made my day! God bless! That was really a pleasant chat with him. I think Siteground has a really good chat support team especially with Nik in it.

Biggest Pro: Patience

Prompt Service

My site was down for a considerable period. But when I consulted the Technical Support they worked on it and fixed the problem within short period. The Staff are Very Prompt and Polite. Easy to communicate. This hosting service offers a lot of advanced Features and Apps for the best experience. The Prices for hosting need to be brought down as they are very high.Please reduce the Billing Cost.

Darin Nikolov

In my 30 years, never had the better customer service help.
Give that man a rise, best help. Best hosting site. Love you all :)
I contacted support a few times always was the best experience. They always solve the problems. But Darin today saved the day, i screwed up very big and he helped me restore everything so i really tell you use siteground everybody, they are the best :D

Got Siteground?

There are only a couple of companies I would never go into business without; one factors my invoices (no bad invoices in my company!) and the other is Site Ground. CHEAP SMART RELIABLE and ONDEMAND.

Simply put they are the best in the business. Their customer service, chat tutorials -the best I have ever read or experienced (I have read software manuals since 1985 and written a me they are the best!) Issues solved on average in 5 minutes or less. Complex issues??? NEVER A PROBLEM. AND!!! They are ALWAYS available because their HQ is in Eastern Europe!

I pity anyone still agonizing and suffering with American based GoDaddy. Yuck! Show the world you are a smart cookie and get a webhosting account with these guys. Only then will you have arrived.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service
Biggest Con: There are none.

Excellent Support

Every time I have needed online support they have replied very quickly and have usually been really helpful and thorough.
Tonight Mariya was able to very quickly provide me with clear steps on how to do something with my hosting and domain name.

I have been impressed with how quickly I can get support on live chat.

I would recommend SiteGround for people who need a little extra one on one support :)

Biggest Pro: Excellent customer service
Biggest Con: Price

Muscle Men Movers Site

This site was delivered to us exported like crap. Thanks to the support at Siteground we were able to resolve PHP errors and theme errors. This site was previously hosted on Siteground which cause some initial problems as well.

The support team is very knowledgeable and helps when other hosting companies would kick you to the curb.

I also had an issue extracting files in the file manager and was able to quickly get this resolved from a previous chat session earlier today.

This domain is new to my hosting account but I have been with Siteground for a couple of years now.

Biggest Pro: Service beyond expectations

Amazing Support!

Over the years I've tried various hosting companies although never experienced something like this. Its extremely good! I can't recommend higher. We have moved from a different managed hosting provider and were a little worried since we had to setup and transfer the domain name etc over ourselves. We were taken through the whole process, very friendly and informative, even when we asked obvious questions.

Biggest Pro: Support


Super helpful for non-techies like me. Likely better for techies too.
They keep responding until I understand that is great.

What else can I say? They work for me and they don't make me feel stupid for asking for help.

Why the 300 minimum characters? I appreciate their patience and their time they spend with me. I am now rambling... How else can I say "They are great"

Just the best support

Siteground is already known as one of the best hosting companies around. Their prices are incredible for what you get. I love the fact that EVERYTHING is included. No hidden charges. But what I'm the most impressed with is their support. Every time I've reached out to them they have been courteous, quick to respond, super knowledgable of their products and services, and totally understanding. I've asked some pretty dumb questions over the past couple of years I've been with them, but they never scoff - they're always super helpful. I highly recommend Siteground because of this. I'm not going anywhere that's for sure!

Biggest Pro: All inclusive packages
Biggest Con: none

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