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Well Done

Hi All

It has almost been one year of hosting with site ground and I have to say that there are quite a few things that set you apart from other hosting companies.

I have to say that the customer support is always great, thanks for your assistance earlier Delia!

Looking forward to another good year ahead with SG and the team.



Biggest Pro: Customer Service
Biggest Con: Would be great to have a more competitive price for other countries.

Awesome Support

Absolutely terrific support. Patient, competent, friendly. Amazing results. We moved here almost three years ago and we knew about the fact that there are cheaper hosters but the service is truly worth it. We do now have 10 sites hosted here and the customer experience is fantastic. Looking forward to moving more (maybe all) of our business here. Great stuff, thank you - people.

Biggest Pro: Competence

Good support with site down.

Good support in a pinch. Helped get the site back up in a jiffy. This is the kinda support we all hope for.
Well it seems they want a longer review here. 300 words. What can I say? Big part was the support help was fast and efficient. I was resolved much quicker than I expected. Hooray for that.
I wish it was easier to run a Magento site that uses Community edition. That is too complex, with too many problems for me. And always there are people to fix the problems if one is willing to keep paying and paying. So I am leaving all that. Hope my new Shift4Shop site works as well as expected, but I am still in the Migrating process, so that review is premature. Check into it though.

Biggest Pro: Fast
Biggest Con: Where is my million dollar bonus? :)

Dimitar was lovely and very helpful.

Very knowledgeable. took time to properly review my issues and address each point. Very patient.
I really think Siteground needs to increase inode allowance, it will eventually be the reason I need to migrate my sites away from them.
But for now their happy to stay with them because their support is first rate. Probably the best of any softwware or product i use.

Biggest Pro: Dimitar

Great Web Host

I am consistently impressed with the customer service that I receive at Siteground. I love using the Chat feature and have never had to wait longer than a minute or two for service. Everyone I have worked with at Siteground is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They are always able to answer my questions or solve my problem quickly and efficiently. Keep up the great work!

Thank you Siteground Support !

I use different hosting services as an agency. But siteground support team is always outstanding. I always have a feeling that I am talking to one of my team members and they will provide us a solution some or another way. Konstantin, thank you for your quick response today regarding one of my accounts. I was a bit worried about it but you made my day!

Thank you, Team!

SiteGround Always Comes Through

We've hosted our site with SiteGround for a little over a year now. I've used SiteGround for other company sites so I was already familiar with their service and reliability. I had a minor issue recently and I had to contact SiteGround support and they were very responsive and able to solve my problem. They had a chat representative escalate my case to a support engineer and he worked through the issue with me and we got things exactly as I needed them. I'm extremely happy with SiteGround and the service they provide. I would recommend them for anyone looking to host a website.

Biggest Pro: Easy to setup and configure a site from the ground up
Biggest Con: You have to know how to configure the optimizations to tune the sites

Great Customer Support

I had a technical question about migrating two web sites on my account. I knew the basics but wanted a more detailed answer. Support cam into the chat very quickly with no wait time. The support agent asked relevant questions to clarify my request. and provided a very detailed response to my question. After reading the response I had two additional questions that were answered. In the chat the agent provided two solutions. The chat was short and the agent was very knowledgeable.

Biggest Pro: Very helpful support

Support continues to stay on top!

After being with many hosting companies over the years the support from Siteground continues to be stellar. Support is excellent. Hosting is awesome and reliable. You always know that you're talking to someone technically competent unlike Facebook support who is almost always non-technical and has to escalate to someone else. 98% of the time my problems have been resolved there and then by the team member, I'm working with.

Biggest Pro: Support is excellent. Hosting is awesome and reliable.
Biggest Con: The support chat is difficult to find sometimes since updates to siteground site.

Used to be great, now they kind of s**k

After their recent upgrade, you can no longer get end user/site visitor ip address information, and their "on-line file editor" is worse than useless. Additionally, they did away with support tickets so they only have chat support and phone support, and support is now of a more limited character. If a change they make at their end causes one of your scripts to break they tell you it is your responsibility to fix the script to make it work with their system in light of the change they made.

Never do they canvas your opinion on changes they intend to implement nor do they canvas opinions on the changes you would like them to implement. IOW, top down leadership that is vain and forgets about the needs and wants of their customer base and their customer base's end users.

Biggest Con: Expensive, vain top down leadership that doesn't canvas customer opinion, no more support ticket support

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