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Just super happy.

I've been using Siteground for about 1 to 2 years now for my business websites.
It is easy to set up, easy to use and the customer support is quick and extremely helpful. It's great for developers as well as for non-techies.
The prices are good and it enables you to integrate other tools/partners like Cloudflare, WordPress, etc. with almost no effort.
Compared to the Hosting company I used before, it's miles ahead.
Thank you guys and keep on going!

Biggest Pro: Easy to use

Great service

In a matter of seconds the guys from support answered my call and helped me with my problem. They wait for you and show you how to do the things you don't know. Since I have NO programming experience I felt insecure but with their kind and patience I felt safe and will definitely look for their help in the future. They even offered some advice on what to do in order to solve the problem in a safer way.

Biggest Pro: Timeliness
Biggest Con: None

site is down

the site was using unknown IP and I didn't know that, siteground customer rep quickly found that and helped me change the IP and set up my email authentication as well in no time.

the site came back in about 3-4 min.
even the chat service is quite fast, perhaps because it is early morning, but I had a really good experience and got my site back in no time.

super fast service.

Biggest Pro: fast service

Customer Service has been great!

I have needed direct customer service 3 times over the past week and every time regardless of the time of day I have found myself in a live chat with a real person within 10-20 seconds.

They have always been kind and helpful to the point that every time I have been left with my problem solved or confident that 'the DNS will propagate over time", I am sure they get impatient people like me all the time.

Biggest Pro: Fast, Kind and Helpful Technical Support
Biggest Con: Site has some UX problems for beginners

Best Customer Service

I have always used chat and most of the time I get Dimitar, and he was there today! He is awesome, he explains everything in a way I understand, he'll send screenshots to help me, because I definitely need them, he'll send me step by step instructions and he'll wait for me to do each one.
Even in chat, I can just tell his personality is awesome and friendly and because of that my visit is so much better. Keep it up Dimitar, you're doing an awesome and amazing job!!

Biggest Pro: Customer Service Reps
Biggest Con: It has become difficult and time consuming trying to get to the Chat for Customer Service Reps

Siteground Shared Hosting User Experience

Overall great. Highly recommend.

Tech support very prompt, responsive, and friendly. And in those cases where they are unsure of an answer (e.g., if related to tech elements on the customer's side), they have the good sense and respect to simply say so.

Very fast website response from site visitor perspective. This was one of the key reasons I switched to them. (Prior to switch my site not infrequently experienced delays so long that it almost seemed site was down.)

Great new interface in 2021 - "Site Tools" - where each website URL is isolated. (I find much better than previous CPanel where there was one parent site and many children.)

Only issues I have is that available disk space per account (covering all websites thereunder) is relatively limited compared to competitors. (I think - not certain - that is because they are more SSD-based vs. Spin Drive-based. So it's a website response-speed vs. storage size tradeoff. I think their decision in that regard makes sense.)

Biggest Pro: Speed and support and Site Tools interface
Biggest Con: More limited disk space than some hosts

Newbie setting up Wordpress site, online chat very patient!

The chat window closed before I could get a chance to thank the person.

He was extremely patient and recognized the problem I was having. Apparently, I set up my hosing as multi-site. And, I didn't realize that.

So, when I tried to install a PlugIn, I had no options to add one that I had purchased.

He used a snipit to show me how I was accessing an area that could be for multiple sites, instead of the specific one I needed.

Biggest Pro: recognized problem quickly and showed me how to resolve it

diagnosed issue quickly - great service!

I had a caching issue caused by two plugins doing the same thing basically and unknown to me. This was diagnosed by customer support at SiteGround and rectified quickly as a compatibility issue with the two running simultaneously. Was rectified I was provided additional optimisation support to improve overall website speed and other useful information, so I'm very happy with the outcome overall. Well done Siteground!

Superb Hosting Company

I have tried a couple of hosting companies, including Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostinger, Namecheap, and more, I'm being honest to say that SITEGROUND is superb when it comes to Speed, Reliability, and most especially their support system is the reason why I can't switch them.

Of course, they are a little bit expensive compare to the companies I mentioned, but I promise whoever tries their services will never regret it.

Customer support is always great

I was having some problems with getting my email set up properly as I am staging my site. I am somewhat new at doing this and just could not figure out what was missing. I contacted them and within a few minutes, they were able to help me. I forgot about one simple thing and they quickly helped me out. Whenever I have used their support, SiteGround is always great to work with.I highly recommend SiteGround. I have moved from two other providers, and no one compares to the type of support I get with this team.

Biggest Pro: Always helpful and professional

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