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help with lost site

The service was super fast and they were very helpful. Great service. I deleted my site and didn't have a back up.. thanks!
I tried to change my domain name which i thought was easy but it brought along so many more problems. I wanted something easier to remember and didn't know what I wanted in the beginning. But its too much of a headache so ill just stay where im at.

Biggest Pro: 24 7 help
Biggest Con: I wish there were videos to help newbies

Excellent chat help

Our website was down, and we thought it was a domain issue. Atanas, at SiteGround, responded quickly on the chat line and found the problem to be a line missing in the .htaccess file. He fixed it, and voila, the site is now working. He also pointed out where the file could be found, so we copied the file for future use in case the problem recurs. Thank you Atanas, and thank you SiteGround for putting such capable people on staff.

Biggest Pro: Knowledge, timeliness


Elian was Super helpful and took 5 mins to get me straight! I had emailed last week with no response and was very frustrated at how hard it was to try and find someone to talk too. I wasnt able to log in to my account to manage my settings, but Elian got on and helped me very quickly with a happy, helpful spirit. Very Very Happy! It is nice to have good customer service in todays age.

Biggest Con: I emailed previously with no response

Best Customer Support and Performance

I run a digital marketing agency and I have used several hosting services such as Hostinger, GoDaddy and hostgator but I end up returning to Siteground because of the reliability. They have excellent Customer support and the performance is 99% the same as day one. Most other hosting services were fast initially and within a week or so it degrades to an un usable state. I can openly vouch anyone to go for Siteground for your website.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service and Performance
Biggest Con: Slightly overpriced for starter businesses

Great customer service

On numerous occasion had someone on the chat within minutes with the solution to all of the problems I had. There were numerous issues that I had at the beginning and then slightly more complex ones as I moved on.

All of the contact I had either through the chat or through email, all of the staff a Site ground had great technical knowledge, were patient and friendly.

Incredibly happy with the service. Highly recommended

Biggest Pro: Customer servce
Biggest Con: website a little diffcult to navigate

If there were more stars then I would press them

I am amazed at the methods and process that SiteGround have made. Brilliant.
The communication is more than Perfect and the feel of communication with live communication is so handy. There professional standards is above and beyond.
The site plugins are just out of this world and the user interface feels like it works with me.

There is no negatives about them I would recommend them to anyone.

Biggest Pro: Communication, price, support, value is all pluses
Biggest Con: None


I just have to say that Filip was one of the very best tech helpers I've ever dealt with. Even though is was a chat, he quickly realized how worried I was (frightened and on edge of tears) and his first response was to give me some philosophic advice to help me feel better. Now THAT is real tech help!!

He then went above and beyond his job to not only solve the problem, but to explain what went wrong and how to fix it.

In a very short time our website was back up and looking right and I will never forget Filip. If he is representative of all the SiteGround employees, I will never use any other company.

Thank you, Filip!!!

Biggest Pro: Filip

Very Good Customer Service

Dimitar G. helped us very well. He's highly educated, well mannered and ready to help. he helped us get our website up and running as well as resolve other issues. He also did gave us tips and other resources to look at to improve our site speed. He's very honest on how he work and very honest on what sector he can help us. I like Dimitar's approach to customer. I hope all customer support in siteground is like dimitar's manners.

Patience, Personable, Pleasant, and Pros.....

Those are the words that I would use to describe 99% of all the Site Ground Support Agents. I am not a developer, whereas, I own, chair, and/or am a partner in approximately 15 companies that we have hosted with Site Ground for the past 2-3 years.

If your nontech, know just enough to be dangerous, or a clueless business owner...I assure you that my anal-retentive OCD self, researched everyone who is anyone in the hosting world and this is BY FAR the best option at the price that the developers get......

They don't waste money over the top advertising which ultimately gets passed on to us the clients. and/or use trickery, or bombard you with partner offers, or sell your profile to the world to get you enrolled in a bunch of memberships you don't need like the pukes at Go Daddy, ZoHo, whathaveyou.....and when you figure out that this is the secret that all of the developers know you are at the right place...the other SECRET I will share is which is how I found out about Site Ground..

Eliza D is who was the most recent agent to go out of her way to help and the patience to tolerate a non-developer with just enough experience to be dangerous.

Biggest Pro: Pricing, Agents, SImplicity and the fact this is Where the Developers do their Hosting and Dev. Work.
Biggest Con: Honestly, its to get the opportunity to bitch at the Teir 1 Tools taht waste an hour b4 sending you to someone knowledgeable

Customer service above and beyond Helpful

I just signed up today with the help of Guest services rep Diana K. who was very helpful and patient. Diana also provided me with links to step-by-step instructions on the host site i was transferring from to siteground (which was greatly appreciated). I have been stuck on a hosting site for years and never received this kind of help and guidance until i switched to Siteground today. Highly recommend it, especially if you are new to setting up a website!

Biggest Pro: Step by step help on how to transfer my domain

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