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Great Hosting for wordpress

I purchased a GOGEEK service at the beginning of 2019 to host my website.
From the beginning I was able to appreciate the quality of the host service. I also had to open cases to technical assistance who provided me with assistance in a timely and efficient manner.

I recommend this service to my clients not only for the affiliate program because it is undoubtedly a great service for websites for different sectors.

Raffaele Mangano

Biggest Pro: Customer Service

Thank you

Thank you for having an awesome technical support and exceptionally amazing customer service.

I need to cancel my account as I cant afford it anymore. 419 USD is way higher than what I had last year. It was amazing while it lasted.

If there are any promotions with less than 150 annual then I am good with that. your customer service and technical support are well trained to have a good knowledge and exceptional good attitude towards customer

Biggest Pro: it used to be affordable

Response by Lilyana Yakimova, who is an employee of SiteGround:

Hello Aris, thank you for the kind words! A big part of our revenue is invested in new technology and training for our team, so that we can keep up the level of support our customers value so much. If the price is too high, you could consider downgrading to a lower plan (in case it can fit your sites/projects), or alternatively purchase a new account with a longer billing cycle and thus secure the introductory price for up to 3 years. Regards!

Posted on November 14th, 2019 at 05:47 EST

Great service, as always

Siteground performance and service is the best I have used in 20+ years of site development. Customer service is fast and actually takes care of me when I have a problem. Problems are rare, but the techs at SiteGround are good. They talk to each other to find solutions for me and I'm a small fish. So yeah, great company. Now I am typing to complete the damned 300 word minimum requirement by this review site.

Recently purchased a new hosting plan issues with primary domain

I have recently purchased a hosting plan from the siteground, and I was facing problem with the primary domain. Tried changing nameservers and even tried changing the primary domain but that perticular domain was showing up live. I contacted technical support and the person I chatted with was very humble and guided me properly. I am very happy with the kind of service I got.

A Great Web Hosting Experience

I chose Siteground after doing some research on website hosting and found that they tended to be well regarded in all aspects of the service they provide. They are not the cheapest, but I started with their introductory offer. Because they lived up to the 'hype', I have renewed my web hosting with them again.
Siteground's online support team have always been very helpful in resolving any issues that I have had. If the first line support staff are unable to resolve issues, the issue is quickly escalated to the technical staff. Issues tend to be resolved very swiftly, once you contact Siteground.
My main reasons for contacting Siteground has been when my website has been hacked, or malware has found it's way in. It is very easy to keep your website backed-up with Siteground. I would advised making sure that you have taken all possible precautions to ensure that your website security is strong, as this is your responsibility as the website owner, and after trial and error, I think that I have finally made my website secure.
As well as the usual, ensuring .htaccess files have code in them to limit access to your website and updating Wordpress manually are things that I have found useful in increasing my websites's security.

Biggest Pro: Great support service
Biggest Con: Not the cheapest

Best service of any company I’ve ever dealt with

Their chat support is amazing. They have solved every problem I’ve had. I’m no expert, and they are patient and kind. I find domain management difficult and they have been absolutely helpful.

I actually like seeing the name and photo of the tech I’m dealing with. These are real people, not bots.

Their prices are also very competitive.

In short, I strongly recommend Siteground

Siteground support is excellent

I chose Siteground for my website hosting because Siteground offered 24/7 tech support. I have not been disappointed.

My tech support today was Miaden U. He not only solved my problem quickly of being unable to publish my new website (I forgot to go to the "addon" section of Cpanel, but he also took care of Siteground's small billing error on my account. Cheers for Miaden U.

Help with SSL

Had problems adding ssl to a couple of sites where they had expired from other sites. The c panel site area appeared to hung up ( wouldn't load) I contacted support and they immediately looked into it and found out it was my fault as the expired ssl had not been removed. Instead of just ending support after finding this out they immediately put on the ssl for me and explained what to do next time. Absolutely awesome

Quick and Friendly

I love how quick and friendly the support staff is on SiteGround. It is what creates brand loyalty and they are the best at it. So many technology companies try to fully automate customer service. Yet, so many problems can be solved quickly with just a short chat with another human. SiteGround has real people that will talk to you. I have domains sitting at other hosting companies, but I will be transferring them to SiteGround.Kudos.

Great Tech and Customer Support

I can't say how good is SiteGrounds tech and customer support. Every time I ask for help from them, they are ready. This time I was assisted by Rosen, such kind support. He went above and beyond to solve the problem. However the problem didn't solved, he went ahead and created a Tech Assistance ticket for me to get it resolved. Thanks a lot, guys. I recommend SiteGround for every business who needs a digital presence and a hosting account.

Biggest Pro: Hosting, support, server speed and everything
Biggest Con: nothing

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