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Siteground bait and switched to get signup then would not cancel

I needed vbulletin hosting and found their website- the language said "100% turnkey need nothing else" so I signed up and paid their one year of hosting fee. Come to find out it was not 100% turnkey - as they did not provide the vbulletin and I would need to buy the license. Once I found that out with the salesman I immediately cnacelled the account- within 1 hour of the purchase- Now it has been 1 year later and they not only did not cancel the account but htey were trying to charge my CC again- after repeated emails they finally agreed to give back 75% and keep the rest as a cancellation fee - Stay away total rip-off!

Website hacked and siteground provides inadequate support

Firstly, this review is for those kind of sites that enjoy a really high traffic and organic search rankings.

My site runs on Wordpress, hosted with Siteground and I discovered that the db was hacked into on the 9th of Feb, this morning. Upon contacting siteground I was told to:

1) Restore DD/Back up
2) Request a site audit

What's strange is the fact that you have to PAY for using either of these services. Thankfully I had a backup of my DB was able to get my site up and running.

The question that remains though is, as a web hosting provider it is the prerogative of Siteground to assist customers who have been victims of hacking. Instead of offering help, Siteground jumped at the opportunity to make more money through stupid services without actually focusing on resolving the issue.

I'm through and through with siteground, where firstly their support system just lists a bunch of questions and leaves no room for 'Other Queries' type of issues.

Thanks for nothing siteground.

Biggest Pro: Website Transfer
Biggest Con: Be sure to spend money on every little thing.

Siteground Is A Scam!!!

" Siteground Is A Scam!!! I signed up for the service and was promised help in getting the site going. Nothing on the site has ever been functionable. I wasted many hours and money trying to figure out things myself. Followed all the instructions and reported that nothing would work. All I heard was excuses. They have taken my money and offered no service or resolution to these issues. I feel that this is a scam site and warn any one from payiong for a service that mis represents. If you read positive reviews then it is by people who work for this company! All They Care About Is Getting Your Money! Beware This Is A Rip Off!!! "

Biggest Con: No help ever!!!!

Was blind but now I see…

Although the plans are appealing, and all seems simple enough once you’re a customer for 3-4 years you start noticing the horrible policies and overwhelming pricing that other companies refrain from charging. The support for the sales team is amazing - the technical support on the other hand is non-existent. All I suggest is that you read all of their policies, otherwise a few years down the road you will be trapped.

Since moving to my new host, I have more freedom, more space, and more money in my wallet.

Biggest Pro: Plan Deals
Biggest Con: Hidden Costs

Siteground failures in billing support and cancelations

First thing I have been cancelling accounts with them for over a year and still they popup and charge me even after getting the confirmation email and chatting with cancelation support people.

I will be honest I never had bad hosting with them just the autorenewal which is not in the terms and the one year option is a fraud even they all autorenewal.
They only support through helpdesk tickets online and chat if you can get ahold of someone, phones will just send you to voicemail or disconnect you.
Cacelation process is buried along with the so called terms they specify which actually do not show up until you try to cancel, not in the original documents.

Best option for anyone is to cancel the charges and file a complaint.
Anyone interested in civil action I already have enough to follow up with the civil attourneys according to the corporate attourneys I work with.
Just post here and we will work out the details.

Biggest Pro: hosting was always stable
Biggest Con: be prepared to be auto charged to death and never able to cancel and given excuses as to why they won't reimburse you.

What customer service?????????????????????

As a previuous review stated, watch out for the auto renewal..... Had sites that don't even exist renewed and I got charged alot of $$$$ by siteground. The fun really started when I tried to talk to someone about this..... The customer support/service department is HORRIBLE!!! Can not say it enough. HORRIBLE! Called and was told there was nothing I could do, and no one higher up to talk to. I asked for a manager or supervisor and was told "I could not talk to either. I had to send email or fill out a help ticket!" Why the customer service phone #, I have no idea. Probably to try and sign you up for more stuff.

Took almost a week to get someone to offer me a partial refund. Can't say it enough.....pick another company to host with. This company doesn't care about there customers AT ALL!!!!! I will be moving my 10+ accounts to another company who cares about their customers.

Biggest Pro: uptime
Biggest Con: everything else - customer service is no existant. Horrible!!!!! Beware!!

siteground-save yourself the grief and find another host

Initial setup misleading. After a year the fee skyrockets and they do not tell you the first year is a special offer.

Site is slow and errors are frequent. Support is decent, but not of the quality they make themselves out to be.

Most of the time it takes multiple support requests to get a decent answer. They are also great at closing support tickets that are not resolved. Another favorite of siteground is to bill you automatically for the second year and not tell you of the drastic price increase

All they are concerned with is money. Find another web host for your site and email

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: customers are only a revenue soruce for sitegound

New to siteground and so far so good

I don't know if it's too pre-mature to right a glowing review but I have to say last week I was with hostmonster and whenever I asked for support I kept on getting an around the bush answer. I cancelled my account with them after three days. There was no problems cancelling. So happy there.

I was looking for a host that supported cube cart and kept on being led to siteground but it sounded too good to be true at $2.00/month. Since I am on a tight budget and still quite a newbie this was great. I got on live chat, they talked me through, while I made the purchase and then talked me through the installation of cubecart, which I couldn't get with hostmonster and then today I asked them to install cubecart v4 for me because I didn't have a clue and they did it without a single hitch.
I asked them on live chat, directed my to submit a ticket where you can get a professional installation of script FOR FREE! Everyone else charges for installing of scripts, if they do it at all.
Simple, fast, courteous. I don't know about all these negative reviews, if they are even real but so far I have had nothing but fantastic service.
I guess time will tell once my shop is up how it goes but if they are trying to keep me as a new customer, it's working!

Biggest Pro: Super support for newbies like me.
Biggest Con: Haven't found any yet.

Watch out for Renewal Notices

I have, until recently, been quite satisfied with Siteground. Their hosting is reliable, their prices are not excessive, their Sitebuilder is simple enough to use. I have a website with them for my own business, which I intend to keep. I had another website for a business my wife was running, which we decided not to continue. On 1/13, I received a notification that the site was due to expire on 2/12. I followed the procedure online to cancel the subscription. On 1/28, I was charged for another year's hosting. When I questioned this the following day, I was informed that the charge was nonrefundable! I replied that this was unacceptable, but since it was by now Saturday, I decided to wait a few days for a response - which I never received. This morning (2/5) I checked in again. The site has not been canceled. No further attempt was made to respond to my complaint. I again attempted to cancel the site. This time, I was told I would receive an email, and that the link contained in the email would allow me to confirm the cancellation. I did in fact receive the email and click on the link. It brought me to a live chat. The person at the other end claimed they never received my initial cancellation request. I am still attempting to resolve this issue... but losing faith that it will be resolved (and wondering how I will insure that come 2011, this unwanted site is not renewed for yet another year!)

SiteGround is a scam. Beware!!!

I signed up for a 1month trial for siteground on Sept. 18. I'm new at this and I wanted to test the service before committing to anything. Immediately I found the site very difficult to navigate through. When ever you click on an icon on the site it doesn't take you to where you need to go. Instead it takes you to a detour tutorial which leads to another tutorial which leaves you with leaving several window open just to go back and review that all your steps are taken right. Its rediculously time consuming. Not only that but they offered a free website transfer for the first 7 days but heaven help you if you can figure out how to do that. Mine fortuanatley would not configure so it was never transfered (which I am grateful for now since I'm sure they would have held it hostage). The main reason I chose to try this service was because I did not have to sign up for a long period without first getting a taste of the service. Their was nothing in the fine print prior to signing up that stated they did an automatic renewal. In fact I recall the page at the time saying it expired after 1 month. Well that was just a flat out lie. After signing up they said they did an automatic renewal and get this they sign you up for a year for $107.49. That is some expensive hosting. I got an email saying that my account was automatically renewed on the October 18th. I tried to call the number that was in the email and lo and behold no one answers. What a shock. I then went to check my bank account and there was a pending charge. Now call me crazy but I'm pretty sure that if I open an account on the 18th and it expires on the 18th then I can cancel on the 18th. So thats what I tried to do. I went online to cancel the account and and it takes you to a page to cancel and says in a box that you agree to the terms that the renewal fee is non refundable when charged after the 1month trial date. I'm like well today is the end of my trial date not after so its in your fine print so whatever. I printed it of course to show to my bank if they want to push it. I then was sent an email to confirm my cancelation. That email had a link to chat live with someone who tried everything to keep me from cancelling. I told them that today was the final day of my trial period and I wanted to cancel and that they needed to remove the renewal charge immediatley from my account. They claimed it was non refundable. I repeatedly reminded this person that today was the last day of my trial and I was canceling by the end of that trial and they had no authorization to charge my account. Apparently they feel that they can just charge you early for your convenience as they put it and after words you can't get your money back. Then after I told them I was going to block to payment from my bank they tell me that I can only get a refund if I talk to billing. Which he had already said was open from 9-5 mon-fri and then said they were available 24/7. So which is it. So I filled a ticket with billing to cancel the account and I havn't heard back from them. I called my bank this morning to tell them the charge was unauthorized and if they attempted to charge it that I want to open a dispute. I copied all of the conversation I had with the man online as well as the first email they sent me to the last proving that the cancellation was requested on the 18th. So now I just have to wait and see if they are mischevious enough to try and actually follow through with their little scam. I am cancelling my card on the off chance they may try and charge more money to my card as well. Oh and by the way even if you read the fine print. Its not their. So everyone on hear that didn't and let these people lie to you because you didn't please call your bank and file a dispute. I'm read details and believe me their were no details there to be found.

Biggest Con: Very disshonest a Huge Con

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