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Great Hosting!

This hosting is really good.

They have great uptime, great features, great prices, great support, great speed, and everything else.

I've been using SiteGround since December, and had no problems except that they put a restriction on my account due to a server overload which I had no idea how it happened. I fixed the problem and the restriction was taken off, so I still say these guys are great.

They responded to my tickets within 5 minutes of me sending them, every time!

I haven't seen my site down once yet, if it was It was when I was away... I haven't really needed any help yet as far as support goes (my tickets regarded the restrictions)

I am simply using a forum (MyBB software) and nothing else, so I don't expect there to be many problems.

So, overall great host. I like the cPanel, site building software, and everything.

Biggest Pro: Pretty much everything
Biggest Con: Account restrictions...

These guys should be shut down!

This site has the worst customer service I have experienced from anyone ever. They also advertise support for CMS that is quick and easy, and then charge you $50 to do it. The whole site is designed to trap you into their terrible service with no support. . I have gone to and could not be happier. I tried to cancel and they will not refund my $25.00 setup fee.


Biggest Pro: ummmm............... It does'nt take long to realize you should leave
Biggest Con: Everything else.

smartass tech help

If your business depends upon your email, then stay away from Siteground. When there's a problem, and there will be, you can count on the standard tech support operating procedure of blaming the user until they either just go away, or find their own work around. On many occasions I've recieved tech responses that almost seem to be cut and pasted from some work avoidance manual.

As cheap as they are, they would be fine for a casual user, but definitely not for business.

SiteGround review

I am using SiteGround hosting for a custom made PHP/MYSQL application. I never had any problems with them. They are FAST in responding for your wishes or troubles (usually they helped me in a matter of minutes) and their web service is stable and fast for a decent price.

They also send you an email when your domain name is going to expire. This is very important, because many other website hosts don't do this and you can eventually lose your domain name.

Recently they also upgraded CPanel for website administration, so now you can really have a good view how your website is performing. Cpanel is a very powerful tool and it is excellent that they providing it.

I highly recommend them.

Biggest Pro: Fast in response, stable servers, decent price

SiteGround - Great customer support

I have used SiteGround for almost 2 years now. I chose them at first because of their good prices. They had a very good price for a 1 year plan at the time of my purchase.

I was very happy with their customer support. I was new at website building and they helped me a lot with installing different scripts etc. They always replied to my tickets within 15 minutes and kept working until they solved the problem.

I was so happy with them that I decided to buy two addon domains. I was not so happy with their prices for the addon domains. The addon costs just a little less than a separate hosting plan. But I decided to buy the addons because I was happy with their service.

After a year I decided to buy separate hosting accounts for the addons and they were very nice at setting up the accounts and transferring all of the files. They have a limit of free transfer of 1GB but they were nice and did my 2GB for free.

The downside is that they have raised the prices up a bit since I started using their service. They added the option of 2 year and 3 year hosting. The cheapest is now to buy the 3 year hosting plan (and costs as much per month that it did in a 1 year plan 2 years ago). But on the other side they have increased the bandwidth limit and disk space substantially so if you look at it that way the service is actually cheaper.

Since I like to pay as little as possible I have now decided to renew my hosting and domain for the 3 next years. I think that says something about my money spending habits and a lot about my trust in them and I expect that they will not let me down.

I am also very happy with the available features that one can simply install from the CPanel. Those include Word Press blog, gallery, joomla, mambo, phpBB forum osCommerce and many others.

They also have an option to earn free hosting by referring other people to them. I myself have not yet tried that option but if someone asked me for help with choosing the web hosting I would have no problems recommending SiteGround even if I got no free hosting (and if I get 3 months free hosting for that even better).

So all in all I am very happy with SiteGround. They have earned my trust over the 2 years with their fast and professional service and I am going to stick with them for at least 3 more years.

Biggest Pro: Fast and professional customer support
Biggest Con: Expensive addon domains

Terrible customer service

Not only they have a terrible customer survice, but after charging me for 1 year, after two months they asked me to upgrade to vps. When I told them to give me a couple of weeks to decide, they suspended my account. I tried to convince them to restore my account or refund my money, they refused. They ripped me off.

First timer is satisfied

I wanted to start a phpBB message forum, having never done it before. I had already purchased the domain name(s) that I wanted to use. I asked for online chat help and they were very good at getting me started and setup. The price is very reasonable, signing up for 1 year. Reliability is very good to this point. Once setup, they wanted me to transfer my domain name to them, but I hesitated and read that I did NOT need to do that. I simply routed it from my domain site to the Siteground server. That would have cost me unnecessary money.

As long as the service continues down the path that it has, I have no reason to believe that I'll pull my hosting from this site. I'm very pleased so far!

Biggest Pro: Price, server space, beginner help
Biggest Con: They'd love to sell you lots more stuff

Siteground Review

I have been using Siteground for about a year now. I actually host two domains with the service. The extra domain only cost 30 more dollars a year.

The uptime has been exceptional besides when they were having problems. When they experience difficulties on their server. They are horrible about communicating with their customers. Basically you know when the server is completely fixed when your site starts working again.

Fortunately the server problems only happen about twice a year. They will have to convert all of the websites to a new server, etc. and it's quite an annoyance. Though any service should be expected to have problems and for the cheap hosting, I have been in worst situations.

The technical support is almost childish as they give you the most generic responses and aren't friendly at all. Even though, I have ran Linux for years and my own servers, they treat me as if I have never ran a computer before.

That's my main problems with the hosting company.

I'm using a decent amount of bandwidth and definitely a lot harddrive space, and have yet to run into any problems in that aspect.

The ftp works exceptionally. The speeds are a lot better than the average host, and that's important to me.

I run a semi-large forum on the site and rarely get complaints about speed or downtime.

Overall they are a pretty good service. I would much rather have a server that wasn't shared, but in my circumstances this isn't quite to the extent of last resort. I find myself pleased more often then not.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Technical Support

Siteground Review

I have been with siteground for several months now, at first i was rather reluctant with not too hot reviews..and the initial fees.

However i have to say for the price everything they provide is superb..i've rarely encountered downtime and when there has been that unfortunate occasion, it only usually lasts 30 mins - 1 hour.

As for support you can submit as many tickets as you feel..unlike some hosts where i know they charge even for assistance, and the response time is great..they're fast and efficient.

Server speed works just as well and i can tell with sometimes more than 100 members on my forum at once without any issue.

The cpanel is swift and secure, everything is neatly at hand..good aw stats..easy fantastico section to add scripts amongst the other essentials.

The last major praise is what you get..tonnes of space and bandwidth that's more than enough to run one website on. Even if you're on a tight budget i would recommend shelling out on're given everything and is a worthwile investment.

Biggest Pro: The space and bandwidth!

Siteground Review

I have signed up for a 2 year contract with them. Till today I repent it. Whenever you get a post digged or stumbled, they make that URL 'disappear'. The rest of the site may still be accessible. The customer support was not so technically knowledgible as they kept on asking me to reduce the internal linking of my site.

But today I received a mail from them stating they are going to improve the service infrstructure.

They are now promising:-

** the new server will be more powerful and your site will load faster;
** the server configuration will allow future upgrades of space and traffic;
** the new hard drives are larger (more space) and faster (better performance for your site).

The new Server they are planning is an Intel Woodcrest 5130 Dual Core with 4GB RAM. The new server is supposed to increase significantly the quality.

I only hope for the best. I cannot easily move to a different host as I have 2 year contract.

Biggest Pro: Administration Tools
Biggest Con: Reliability on Shared Hosting

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