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Questionable Integrity

I hosted my site with SG for a year, then moved because I wanted to host more than one site for a better yearly rate. My domain name was registered with Siteground for 2 years, though so I didn't transfer it.

It was set to expire in Feb 2010. On March 31, 2009, it got pulled - without warning either via email or a notice on their site-and they said I'd have to pay $199 to get it back. They offered no real explanation and refused to let me speak to a supervisor.

I'm still trying to figure out how they pulled an unexpired domain and can hold it hostage.

Morale of the story-stay away from Siteground. They are unethical and their customer service is pitiful.

I like Hostgator.

Be Cautious!

They are decent for the first year... then all of a sudden when your site is no where close to using the 7500GB of bandwidth they will place a bandwidth limitation on your site noting the cause as too much bandwidth I/O and guess what, everything that makes your site go from 0-60 in 2 seconds is now reversed and they quote their TOS every other reply if you argue. Everyone has bad experiences, some could have great ones w/ them but I did not and (the site they placed the limit on) is not any longer, the site runs slow now and a map download less than 25mb which used to take 1-5 mins to download now takes 2+1/2 hours to download. After arguing my heart out to a bunch of morons only two employess saw my logic... Siteground now suck IMO but Anatoli & Natalie rock for being human just like you and me, helping a person not their company as everyone should to make the company look better else why work for them? Thanks to you 2 only and the rest of ya I'll quote some of the EURO guys off our Teamspeak... Bullocks and kiss me arse.

Mike Miller
now w/ FTW!

Biggest Pro: 1 good year of decent hosting
Biggest Con: OVERSELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good service

Very thorough service. There is a handy interface, but some of it isn't very intuitive.

One big drawback, however, is that their website interface makes it difficult to submit a ticket for customer support. If I send an email, they'll just direct me back to their web site with no obvious way to ask for help.

I would recommend SiteGround Hosting to anyone with a basic knowledge of web development. In isn't for newbies, however.

Biggest Pro: CPanel
Biggest Con: Can't easily find help request form.

Siteground have been helpful when needed but did freeze my site.

Helpfule when started as a noob on Joomla etc and only recently froze my site for extreme CPU usage.

Were patient over a week or so and helpful on solutions to reduce it back into reasonable limits, but figured it out mainly myself.

The cause was my own doing allowing spammers in the back door to my Gallery comments section and massive IFRAME page views from my main Turbo Car Automotive site

Biggest Pro: Uptime and General Help
Biggest Con: Cant handle high traffic like 30,000 requests a day

Great for first year then little by little they hosed us

The first year was great flawless....then after we renewed it went downhill. We use SG for hosing a forums and downloads. The Downloads were lightening for 1+ yrs 700kbps to 1mbps...then one week we got 5k and 54k download speeds. I opened a ticket and was advised that we were using too many resources from server and they had throttled us...NO email or notification from them. I check my terms if use and we are limited to 7500gb monthly bandwidth and was even more surprised and angry when I checked our usage and it was not even close 7500gb only about 16% of that. I am still fighting with them but I suggest you watch out for them..Its poor customer service to place a bandwidth throttle on a customer and not even advise them-

Avoid SiteGround at all Costs!!!

Siteground looks good at the beginning. They go around & pad review sites with glowing reviews so noobs like me will think they are the best & sign up with them. Unfortunately once the noob gets a little more worldly & starts talking to other SiteGround customers & former customers the horrid truth comes out.

My site was fast. I give them credit for that but... as time went on they changed everything around bit by bit until normal routine site maintenance became impossible. As Siteground oversells & oversells space on each server more & more they have to make changes so massive numbers of sites can still run on their oversold servers. Siteground's solution to this is to recommend a dedicated server. Soteground expects a small website with a minute amount of traffic & bandwidth usage to pay for a dedicated server so routine site maintenance can be performed. How laughable.

They make these changes in the background so no one out front will notice. After about 10 months of figuring out workarounds for the things Siteground would not allow me to do that any reputable hosting company would allow, they finally set the server timeout settings so low that simple site updates & maintenance could not be performed in a normal manner. Because of this unrealistic "timeout" setting the only option was to do all maintenance, board MODS, & upgrades manually. So instead of a board upgrade taking around 10 seconds to do automatically I was supposed to download the files, manually modify, then upload all my files back to the server which could take hours & lead to unnecessary mistakes. Hmmm 10 seconds of work or endless hours of work?? I chose 10 seconds & left Siteground.

Siteground also does not allow a full database backup to be done. Have you ever heard of a paid server not allowing the site owner to back up their own site? That is the kind of stuff only free hosting sites do. When you get sick of Siteground & want to leave them they will stick it to you & make you pay them for a site backup. That's absolutely absurd in my book.

Siteground did get to screw me over one last time though on my way out the door. They conveniently ignored the domain name transfer request from my new hosting company. So to my surprise my domain name expired while the transfer was "pending" & poof my site went down. Siteground held my domain name hostage & forced me to pay them the yearly renewal fee before they would transfer my domain.

I cannot state it emphatically enough. Stay away from Siteground!! Stay very far away!!

Biggest Pro: server speed
Biggest Con: everything else

Good site but lost Frontpage Support

I am not a website designer. I've been using frontpage because its easu and a GUI interface with drag and drop, a feature I need because I do not know HTML. They dropped support for microsoft which doesn't make me happy. I'm using the new Microsoft Web Designer and cool things that I would like to do they don't support.

However, I have been with them for quite a few years and they have excellent customer service. They are usually pretty quick to answer your questions and problems. I would recommend them if you want reliability. I think I need to look for someone that supports ASP.

Biggest Pro: Reliable and fast
Biggest Con: Don't support Windoes web design programs

Great Hosting!

This hosting is really good.

They have great uptime, great features, great prices, great support, great speed, and everything else.

I've been using SiteGround since December, and had no problems except that they put a restriction on my account due to a server overload which I had no idea how it happened. I fixed the problem and the restriction was taken off, so I still say these guys are great.

They responded to my tickets within 5 minutes of me sending them, every time!

I haven't seen my site down once yet, if it was It was when I was away... I haven't really needed any help yet as far as support goes (my tickets regarded the restrictions)

I am simply using a forum (MyBB software) and nothing else, so I don't expect there to be many problems.

So, overall great host. I like the cPanel, site building software, and everything.

Biggest Pro: Pretty much everything
Biggest Con: Account restrictions...

These guys should be shut down!

This site has the worst customer service I have experienced from anyone ever. They also advertise support for CMS that is quick and easy, and then charge you $50 to do it. The whole site is designed to trap you into their terrible service with no support. . I have gone to and could not be happier. I tried to cancel and they will not refund my $25.00 setup fee.


Biggest Pro: ummmm............... It does'nt take long to realize you should leave
Biggest Con: Everything else.

smartass tech help

If your business depends upon your email, then stay away from Siteground. When there's a problem, and there will be, you can count on the standard tech support operating procedure of blaming the user until they either just go away, or find their own work around. On many occasions I've recieved tech responses that almost seem to be cut and pasted from some work avoidance manual.

As cheap as they are, they would be fine for a casual user, but definitely not for business.

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