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been a customer for years- NEVER had a problem

I'm not a novice, but not a coder either. And I judge hosting companies by their support. I've NEVER waited for more than a couple minutes to talk to support, and NEVER had a bad experience. Some of the companies I've used before are: 1and1, bluehost, sitegator, godaddy, and jumpline, and NONE have ever come close. In every case, the problem was solved in about 5 minutes. Siteground is the standard by which all others should be judged.

Biggest Pro: Support
Biggest Con: None


I am new to building a website and it is more daunting than I expected, others make it look so easy. I purchased my plan just as the new Wordpress 5 was being introduced and the people at Siteground have been so supportive of all the questions I have had to ask. I rate their service as top notch. They understand that I am new to all this and have been ultra-patient with my newbie questions. I've been with other sites that have the "ticket" system and I was lucky to get my ticket answered with in a month. At Siteground, they are on top of every ticket I have turned in. They have solved all questions so far. I would like to give this review again in a few months.

Biggest Pro: Dedication, you can tell they love their jobs!!
Biggest Con: So far there are no cons to this site.

Domain Transfer

Transferring domain to lower cost host and the support has been excellent. Much better than the host I'm going to but then they are very much cheaper.
Siteground has been an excellent host and I have nothing negative to say about them. I would liked to have stayed but unfortunatly couldn;t afford it.
They have always provide the suppot I needed and responded quickly and efficiently

Ivelin was great!

Ivelin was fantastic! He was very polite, patient, knowledgeable and helpful. He receives all 10's for patience alone because he walked me through the entire transition from Yahoo to Site Ground. There aren't too many representatives from companies that I feel I can rave about, however, Ivelin is definitely one that I can. I also can't find too many companies where they will walk you through step by step.

Biggest Pro: Great Customer Service

Siteground : Fastest Web Host with Impressive Support

I've been using Siteground from more than 2 years for my medium traffic blogs and it never let me down. I've hosted more than 20 blogs and niche websites on different accounts of Siteground.

Many-a-times, I had faced some technical issue(s) with my WordPress blogs and I would say thanks to their impressive customer support, the issues were fixed right on the chat by their experienced support. If anything requires some additional input from a top technical expert, they'll create a ticket and it will be fixed within a maximum of 24hrs. For example, recently there was something wrong with my WordPress core files and I've reached out to Suppor team and they've re-installed the WordPress on the domain without losing any type of content.

Some of the best features which I like about Siteground are Extremely fast servers, SG best caching system in class (they also offer their own WordPress Caching plugin), one-click staging service, Free CDN and SSL for every domain & sub-domain, daily backup (Very helpful if something goes wrong), and user-friendly C-panel.

I've tried their both Shared and Dedicated Hosting plans and while taking the Shared Hosting my first question to them was, how's the quality of others websites and blogs hosted on the same shared IP address and they said they've got a system which checks the quality of websites hosted on shared IP and they don't allow porn or gambling kind of websites. And I think this is the most important thing you should check before opting for any shared hosting plan because it'll impact your website rankings.

Biggest Pro: Impressive Customer Support
Biggest Con: A bit Expensive

Worth the money

I have been using SiteGround for last 2 years and had a very few issues during this time. The issue I faced were minor and they fixed them immediately.

And, I must appreciate their customer support. Very professional and helpful. I was having issue with setting up my email and the CSR walk me through the whole process which last for more than 30 minutes. I got very quick response from them.

Also, they developed a plugin for WordPress which works like charm! Which call SG Optimizer. If you are using WordPress and SiteGround then it will significantly improve your site load speed. My load time improved from 7 second to 3 second when I starting using their plugin.

The problem I face sometimes is internal server error. I believe that happen most when the internet speed is slow. I think they should work on improving this issue. Many other hosting works fine in this situation. But this issue of SiteGround could lead to bad user experience.

But the sudden raise of fees after the first year could be confusing for the new people. Which could be 3X time more than the first year fees. Still, I like their service and will definitely recommend to anyone who is just starting a website or have decent amount of traffic.

Biggest Pro: Affortable price and very good uptime

The Best Company for Hosting

Siteground performance is very efficient as I have witnessed in the last 14 months. My website has had an average uptime of 100% and my website visitors have been having an easy time accessing my content. The page load time was quite fast , earlier on I had used other hosting companies whose load time was quite low but as for Siteground it has never disappointed me on this one.

My Customer care experience with the staff was impeccable. I contacted their customer care team over the phone and also via chat support, they handled me with a a lot of professionalism which I really enjoyed. The team is both courteous and knowledgeable with the technical know how. I really didn't have any information on how to setup a website on their cpanel but they quickly guided and taught me on how to upload webpages. It was was a great encounter.

Also, Siteground offered a 30-Day money back guarantee to all shared hosting plan, or 15-Day refund for VPS, cloud, or dedicated hosting plans. This gave me an assurance that I could receive my hard-earned money back if I could not be satisfied with their services. I was also happy with their free SSL and CDN from cloudflare, this made my visitor gain trust in my website and It went a long way in improving my search engine ranks.

Biggest Pro: From my personal exprience Siteground is has been the best for website performance, webpage load time, and technical support.
Biggest Con: Its has high renewal rates and its quite pricey for setup fee which is billed monthly.

Another good Hosting provider.

When I plan to start my new Dropshiping and affiliate blog one thing that I had to decide very carefully was choosing the best Hosting provider for me. Because we know page speed is an important thing for good user experiences. So I make a list of good hosting provider and short them by a few parameters like uptime, Server connection speed, and price. Then I decide to go with SiteGround.

So it's about 9 months I am using SiteGround for hosting my website and happy to say that I'm pretty happy with this provider. Honestly, I already use a few other hosting providing companies and, for some way SiteGround is one of the best that I use before. They have free SSL for 1 year too.

As I'm getting good results with this provider so I move a few other websites to this account and I got improvements on page loading time. And last 9 month I did not get any downtime and there is no connection issue for me. So happy with this part.

But 2 month ago I got some human error and my developer makes some mistake and deletes all of my data from hosting and I did not get the chance to recover the data through Cpanel. As I had the backup copy into my computer so immediately I did recover the lost without contacting to SiteGround support.

One feedback from one of my friends helps me to stay safe and recover my problem first. My friends say that he also get this type of issue and unfortunately there was no backup so he contacts to support and they ask a big ($$$) amount of money for the backup.

Overall I am happy with SiteGround.

Biggest Pro: Better server and connection speed.
Biggest Con: Price a bit high then other.

Very happy with service and support

I have 30+ active websites on SiteGround.

The most impressive aspect is their Customer Service. Usually, I can get on chat in under 60 seconds. If I create a support ticket, a response comes in minutes.

Yes, sometimes things get complicated and things can take a bit longer, but for the most part, things are very fast and easy to handle.

The fabulous service/support makes any potential difference in pricing meaningless.

Recommended! There is a reason they have 300,000+ users and a top rating.

Biggest Pro: Support
Biggest Con: Issues when your site(s) gets overwhelmed.

Siteground Has Killed My Site

Siteground is a truly terrible company and it has ruined our site, lost our emails and lost many posts.

Siteground has also actually caused problems as when it fixes one thing it messes up others
Siteground has been completely incompetent and has tried really hard not to help us.
Siteground was dishonest when we asked questions before moving - what they said they could do they cannot
They have reset the site to a previous time and thrown away dozens of hours worth of work - WITHOUT PERMISSION
Siteground speed is dreadful - it took us hours to get them to admit it - we can speed test
Siteground have damaged our business, damaged our credibility and lost us money.

This is a dreadful company that does not even try to help - the operatives also seem to have a collective IQ of 9 and English is very much a second language - so if English is the language of your business and of you - DO NOT USE SITEGROUND - IT WILL BE A MASSIVE MISTAKE

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: Everything

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