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Good support

Support provided fast solution of problem concerning page update. I believe I have caused the problem because I changed a URL of configuration. For some time, everything looked OK, but, for the two last days, error messages appeared when was trying to delete, update or save site pages. Then I asked for support. The team promptly returned a request of a page address, in order to reproduce the errors. Some minutes after receiving the address, they said an URL that does not exist had been stored in configuration. They changed that URL. Afterwards, the problem vanished.


I am not very technical so I was a bit nervous about installing WordPress so I opened a ticket which Ivan responded to. He was very helpful and patient with me and answered all of my questions. He went the extra mile to ask for clarification when he didn't really understand what I was saying. I really appreciate Ivan's expertise and his patience. I am happy that I chose SiteGround to host my website.

Best experience ever

I'll keep it simple, this is the best hosting provider I've ever worked with. They really got the best service (no slow websites here), best customer support, best knowledgebase, and easy to use platform... I can't be more thankful with Siteground, I've grown professionally thanks to their amazing service and I'm forever grateful, I don't only use their service in my 9-5 job, but on my personal projects as well :)

Biggest Pro: Literally everything
Biggest Con: I don't se any issues, I've worked with them for years

Kola Nut Travel

Kolyo was very helpful and thorough. I really like that he was patient. Sometimes I have contacted SiteGround and reps have been abrupt, he was the opposite. Over the years the website format has changed quite a bit, but it still has a lot of useful tools to assist the novice. The chat time to reach someone is always very short. Approximately two years ago, I moved my Word Press domain and website over to Site Ground. This decision was based on technical help I was able to receive, unlike the company the site had been hosted before. The Growbig Plan enabled me to host more than one website, and it is a good way to add additional websites to my portfolio.

very knowledgable

Helped me fix my issues quickly and I no longer had any problems which I had previously. Now my website is hosted problem free without any issues and I can continue on serving my customers and helping them get the products and services they need. This is what happens when you host with a good website hosting company like siteground. I am thankful to have this experience.

Great Customer Service - POOR JOOMLA SUPPORT!

One of the things that I really appreciate about Siteground is your responsive customer support. They are patient, supportive, and very polite. They have calmed my concerns over many years of site issues.

Over the almost 10 years of using this service is has given me so much peace of mind. What has been distressing as of late is how Siteground seems to be abandoning your Joomla users. We no longer have access to the staging feature (one of the reasons that I selected Siteground) and your tech support pages only address up to Joomla 2.5 (the current one is Joomla 4.02).

Is there a way for this company to keep their Joomla customers aware of how you are working to make sure that our services are comparable to WordPress users (or find a way to reduce our costs to match our limited features)?

Biggest Pro: Friendly, Patient, Knowledgeable, and Helpful Customer Service Reps

ATANAS P. is an Awesome Technical Support Guy!

Thank you SiteGround, especially Atanas P.

He is extremely awesome, patience, polite and answers all the questions and problems that I have.

He would really deep dive and find the issues that I am not sure about.
He can understand very well and answer accordingly and professionally.

Even it is out of the hosting scope, he is still willing to help.
Fast reply and highly expert indeed.

Thank you Atanas P., I hope you will stay with SiteGround and continue supporting us.

Great customer service and tech support

The folks are Siteground tech support are kind and helpful. Quick to answer, too.

I've been with them for a number of years and have had few problems. But whenever I am spammed or have malware, tech support has always helped me, though I don't pay a great deal for my sites.

I have one domain and several sub domains.

I'm impressed by the kindness of the tech people--I'm pretty lame when it comes to tech issues and they never make me feel stupid or get frustrated with me. They website is easy to navigate--it's easy to get help and easy to find your way around.

Great experience

Site ground has the best support team. Quick and helpful. I've been using Siteground for over 1 year now and everything is super fast and smooth. The customer service is just awesome. Whenever I connect with them they know everything and provide the best possible resolution. Highly recommended.

Just a bonus point, never go with Godaddy, they have the worst services.

Biggest Pro: very good customer service and hosting
Biggest Con: nothing much

Always Great!

I've honestly worked with a lot of chat bots in many different fields for ranges of issues. I've never been disappointed with the help or response from the SiteGround team. They are always friendly and always helpful, even if i'm the one in the wrong or haven't checked something. They've kept me calm and helped me understand even when it's complicated. It's easy to get the help needed and even if i can't fix it they are always willing to assist or point me in the right direction to get help! Thanks!

Biggest Pro: Always ready to help

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