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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 Very High
# of Reviews 345
# that Recommend 306
Very High
% that Recommend 89%
Very High
Overall RatingFootnote 2 89.3%
Very High
Review QualityFootnote 2 Footnote * 100%
Very High

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SiteGround Review

First off, I’m a freelance writer. To scale my business, I needed a website. You know - a place where I’ll advertise my services to potential clients. So, I went shopping for the best web hosting companies. I’d never owned a website before, and as you can imagine, I didn’t know where to start. I asked around, mostly on Facebook groups. I was looking for a newbie-friendly web host. The suggestions came in thick and fast.

SiteGround featured prominently on the list of recommendations. I must admit that I went for the host due to the consistently positive feedback I got from most users. I set up my website, created a landing page, and uploaded content. But there was a problem. I didn’t know how to set up a professional email. I knew I needed one to standout. Then it hit me! Someone had mentioned about SiteGround’s stellar customer care. I got in touch with the customer care desk, and their professionalism wowed me. The customer rep addressed my concerns in no time. Even more impressive, Viktor sent me links to online tutorials on how to go about the entire process.

Fast forward. I upgraded my hosting plan to accommodate my new niche website, and the experience is excellent so far in terms of my website's speed. I’ve never had to complain about downtimes too. So, here’s my take – SiteGround is the to-go-to web hosting service if you’re a noob or a beginner with zero knowledge in tech. My rating for Viktor from 1 to 10? 11! Thumbs up!

Biggest Pro: Five-star customer care services

Amazin Support

SiteGround are a remarkable group!
They where their heart on the sleeves of their support staff - putting people first in a technology environment like few others do. So many 'big' names could learn so much about customer satisfaction just by observing what this team do.
Well done - You are a true scarcity - 'Geek Royalty' indeed.
I would happily recommend you to everyone I know, especially those that have been negatively effected by one of you manic cousins.

Alen was outstanding

I had several issues which required patience as well as determination to sort out. Alen Sh was professional, thorough, patient, knowledgable, and entirely committed to seeing the interaction through until he had answered all of my questions, and had me going in the right direction again. I feel that the chat we just had could be used to train other agents as to how to best work with clients who are confused and frustrated--he was really helpful. I can't thank him enough--thank you, Alen!!!

Great Customer Service

Siteground's customer service chat and phone support is just great. The folks are knowledgeable, courteous, and enjoyable to chat with. They also get the job done. Every time I have chatted with them to set up something on the site, it has been accomplished. I highly recommend Siteground. Their plans are reasonable as well. I did a lot of research to find them, including asking web developers, and I'm so glad I went with them.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service

Excellent assistance given by Petar K. (TM)

As always with SiteGround, the attention has been with a high level of quality. Petar, the technitian who gave me attention, has beenso focused on giving the assistance service, that it took me more time to think and make the issue question, than the speedy answer from Petar. He knew the answer as soon as I pushed the sending button of the chat. I highly recommend this company to any person wishing to have a top quality internet site, with the best clients attention. Thanks again.

Biggest Pro: Service attention to any issue of web site
Biggest Con: None

Quick response, polite, got it

Able to answer my question at 5:45 a.m. Understood my question, answered it clearly, quickly & politely.
I was hoping the "Black Friday upgrade sale" included the option to extend my term of service at a reduced rate. (Extending from one year to two or three years is an upgrade, in my opinion.) That was not part of the upgrade offer.
Service is very expensive when not offered on discount.
The website did not make that distinction, which is what necessitated my contacting customer service. But the representatives explained the situation.
Thank you.

Biggest Pro: Quick, polite, on point
Biggest Con: Didn't have the option available I was hoping for.

Amazing support response time and 100% resolution

Fast and reliable shared hosting with what is the best team of hosting customer support I have ever experienced. I hope Siteground continue to invest in their Staff and Infrastructure! We just put our newest website and had a configuration issue, it was resolved within minutes in live chat. What I value the most in the support is the lack of empty responses, 99% of the exchange with their support is meaningful and valuable information. I had to use customer support three times for 6 months and everything was resolved within minutes. I can strongly recommend SiteGround today as the best hosting provider in Europe that I have used, and I have used quite a lot, from Germany to Estonia.

Biggest Pro: Amazing customer support and shared hosting PERFORMANCE
Biggest Con: FAQ does not have direct links to CPanel menus

Very Quick and Positive

I was struck at some point, but the quick service provided by Daniela T, (pardon me if I spell wrong), I am using SG services for more than 5 years and very satisfied and always recommend everyone to use SG services. Whenever I need assistance they provide me without hesitation 24/7, I am using their multiple services, hosting, dedicated hosting, servers, domain, domain transfer and I recommend all of you to must try siteground atleast once.

Always There

You need a hosting provider that keeps your mind at ease?
Siteground is one stop shop!

They provide what they promise. Nothing more, nothing less.
And my experience shows that this is the most valuable asset.

What the don't say and i will, is that the customer service is one of the best (if not the best)! Not only they are highly knowledgeable (at least regarding WP) and always fast, the most important thing is that they CARE. They will never follow a strict script with generic solutions. They go over and beyond to solve your problem or to provide you with a solution.

Strongly recommended.

Biggest Pro: Support

Excellent support

I have twice contacted Siteground support for help one to locate and delete images from my website a second time for some general questions. On both occasions the staff have been really helpful. Polite and patient. Supporting me to learn what i needed to learn while also checking in the background that what i wanted to do was possible. The support service at Siteground is a real life saver. thank you!

Biggest Pro: Knowledgeable and supportive
Biggest Con: none

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