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Transfer website form previous provider

After researching many review sites, I am pleased I have chosen Siteground. The hosting package I have opted for (Growbig Plan) is suitable for my needs and I believe it's a very good deal compared to other providers. Excellent service, the technical team manually transferred my website as I am not tech-savvy. And, one of the many advantages is that you can contact customer service by phone.

Biggest Pro: Telephone service

Excellent help

Excellent support on an issue that was driving me crazy (images not loading in Safari). It was a complicated problem:
DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE

The support staff is overwhelmed due to COVID-19 and everyone working from home, but still they helped me out and stuck with me. Email support only at the time, due to the pandemic.

Biggest Pro: Stuck with the issue, did not give up
Biggest Con: email support only available (due to COVID-19)

As always: great service!

I am now over 10 years customer of siteground, with several geek accounts and a cloud server. Every problem I had during all these years could be solved with the siteground service team, easy, fast and friendly. Corona crisis? Not at all, just yesterday we relocated 6 accounts to Frankfurt, great work of the team again. Guys, you are not the cheapest but you are the best hosting company I know, and I tested several of them. Thank you so much!

Biggest Pro: Great service and competence

Best hosting ever!

Siteground has really been the best hosting we have used. We switched and never looked back. Excellent customer service and response time is great too! I had an issue with my clients site and they were on top of it. They fixed it on their end. We have used Siteground with most of our clients and they are very happy with them as well. Totally recommend Siteground!

Great customer service

Probably because I don't make changes to my website often, I had a problem logging into my Joomla account to do that. The customer service person at SiteGround understood my problem and solved it in less than 5 minutes! I had been trying to figure this out for quite some time by myself for more than a few hours and had been very frustrated. Not only was the customer service person helpful, but very concise and professional.

best service best of customer support, 24/7 worldwide time.

I am really impressed with the service there are giving and especially their customer service is one the best one may get across the world, with the help of siteground i have been serving my clients like Wordpress pro, but franking speaking I am just in my 6 years in the website building business, thanks once again, I don't want to mention names of the bad companies that I have work with some years ago since I come across siteground it has relieved my pain for been waiting hours and hour waiting for help or bad service which takes your site off every 15 to 22 hours some times may people don't even notice that,

Unbeatable service!

Before I changed providers almost every year, until I tried siteground I have been with them for more than 4 years. They are a little more expensive than others, but it is well worth the service they offer.
The real technical service is 24/7 and the responses are immediate both by chat and by email, in addition to being extremely cordial they are very good technically and resolve any incident. I recommend them 100%.

Biggest Pro: Service & Support
Biggest Con: Price little high

Technology is one thing. Support is another.

You can look at numbers and metrics to make comparisons about hosting providers, but the value that SiteGround provides with the best support I've experienced for clients sites is simply excellent.

Live chat is timely, with short queue times and often, there is no need for escalation. But when there is, a second tier tech will send an email usually in an hour.

In all my years with them I have never had to call - which is AMAZING.

Nice things like the free SSL and CDN make choosing SiteGround

Highly recommend.

Top notch 5 star support

Consistently good customer service. Friendly, super helpful and really patient support staff. I can't recommend Siteground highly enough. Been with them over three years and they are always really informative and sort out any issues really quickly. I don't know what more to write as I have to write 300 words apparently, but I'm just very happy with them and I have now become an affiliate because I trust them a lot. I haven't had a bad experience with them yet.

Biggest Pro: Customer Support

Very helpful and friendly customer service!

My website was experiencing server issues, so I contacted customer support to find out why. Vladimir I. was very helpful in helping me determine the issue. He ran several tests through GTMetrix and sent me screenshots to show where the error was occurring. He also helped determine the specific issue (it was my autoresponder), and told me about several options to fix the issue. I am very grateful!

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