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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 Very High
# of Reviews 345
# that Recommend 306
Very High
% that Recommend 89%
Very High
Overall RatingFootnote 2 89.3%
Very High
Review QualityFootnote 2 Footnote * 100%
Very High

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Domain Registration

Absolute first class service. Will be transferring my other domains over to site ground as a result. Professional and reliable service throughout. Highly recommend to others.I had issues with my domain when purchased. I was kept informed regularly at every step keeping me updated right through to completion. If you are looking to purchase a domain or looking for hosting then it's a no brainer.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service and Reliability

New to the game

I recently had the idea to start and create my own website. I have almost no experience with computers and programming, so when I started the process, I almost immediately ran against a wall. While contacting the help center, feeling stupid for my easy questions, I was helped in a very fast, patient, polite and comfortable manner.

Thank you for the great support!

Lilia D. Was zGreat

So very happy that I connected to Lilia this evening. She was not only extremely professional but was so very helpful in setting this up for me. Even while she was helping me I was lost several times and told her that and she just proceeded to put this whole thing together for me and I have to tell you that it was so much more appreciated buy me than I can explain.
Whatever you are paying her is not enough.

Hosting & Support Doesn't Get Any Better

I've been hosting websites with various accounts since 1996. I've seen some good companies come and go. SiteGround by far has the best support and options available. I have full confidence in hosting more than 150 of my client sites without any fear of security or technical issue.

The support team has responded every time with speed, accuracy and resolution. Great hosting, great support, great company.

Jeff Baker
ShoesOptional, LLC

Excellent and Fast Support Service

I use Siteground support chat many times, as always all the support experts are fast and to the point. They are always patience and answer all my questions. Operation wise, all my domains are in order and email setting no problems.

I have quite a number of domains under one account, so it a great deal given the 100% operational readiness. But most importantly when I need to change or update, support always there to help you. Amazing service.

Biggest Pro: Very Fast and Efficient support service

Excellent Service

Quick customer response. They continually find ways to improve their services and infrastructure.

I have signed up for their highest shared hosting plan for 3 years. I'm more than 6 months into my plan and am very satisfied with their service.

Very reliable service. My hosting service was just recently migrated to Google Cloud Services.

I cannot imagine trusting any other hosting provider for my websites.

Great customer service

This is about the fifth time I contacted customer service, and they responded promptly with clear feedback. I am so glad I switched to SiteGround because they really help persons with beginner knowledge levels in website hosting, and their communication regarding billing is timely. However, if a change to the DNS servers has been made, they need to improve how they communicate with customers regarding the change. Even so, I still highly recommend this provider.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service

Best interface and everything with just one click


Just try this service for just one month after that you are able to see how they manage everything with just one click. the user interface, fast services and super fast customer assisting team. They manage everything like google they are fast as google services.

Let me tell you something else i think they bring everything that you need for manage a website like a pro. no need to use the second or third strategy

Best Regards
Sarwar Hatif

Biggest Pro: Best Hosting

Amazing and quick support

Iam very happy and fully satisfied by siteground customer support as they resolved all my issues in a short time and gave me advice on best steps to move forward. They checked all my plugins and diagnosed the issue in my theme and advised me to consider contacting its developer .Then i discussed this issue with the developer and the problem solved.This is all by siteground support team . Thanks

Excellent support with Wordpress migration

I recently switched the hosting for my website from to SiteGround. I submitted the initial request for the professional migration option on a Friday afternoon, and received notice that the migration was complete by Saturday. I am very pleased with the level of support. There are robust documented instructions, good support via phone, and prompt ticket resolution. I'm very pleased so far and am glad to have made the switch.

Biggest Pro: Excellent support

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