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Excellent customer support

Not an easy job, but these guys have never let me down. With 4-5 websites and sub-domains, they have been able to really provide amazing support! 5 stars for sure.

I'm not going to type out 300 characters to for this review and almost just closed out the window. However, Siteground really stepped up and helped me with a ton of issues, I allowed to get out of control.

Biggest Pro: customer support
Biggest Con: more companies are not like this

Knowledge freely shared

I contacted with an appeal for advice about moveing a WordPress domain and updating to a newly developed site. I was unsure of my options and was helped with straightforward step by step instructions and understanding of my situation.

Kristian was knowledgeable and took time to understand my issues with freely given advice I trust. I can now proceed with confidence.

Biggest Pro: Always available

Superb customer service

This company is brilliant. It doesn't matter how many times I contact them or how silly my questions may be, if I am stuck with something they will help me with anything and they are always happy to do so. The customer service is superb which in my book is a major plus point.
I have not had any issues with downtime on my website or site speed either everything has always been great.

Biggest Pro: Customer service and help
Biggest Con: none

Great customer service

We had recently renewed our domain with Siteground and for some reason, our e-mails stopped working so we started a chat session. Eliza at Siteground assisted us with this problem. Despite me not being tech savvy, Eliza was extremely patient with me and was very helpful and thorough with her explanations, which helped us resolve our problem. We are very happy with the customer/tech support service provided.

Biggest Pro: Patient, knowledgeable and thorough

Images not working

Great customer service and amazing! Problem sorted out very quick. Great service and would recommend to anyone who wants faster hosting speeds but doesn't want the high costs. My previous host, which may or may not be a Florida gator. lol Was very slow and page speed was not even there. The only problem I have had so far is my images are hardcore and I have to fix that but its a small site.

Biggest Pro: Very fast speed and affordable
Biggest Con: None

Siteground Support Always The Best

What few times I have needed to contact Siteground tech support it's always been a positive experience. I have been a customer for years and have probably reached out for assistance less than four or five times. In each instance, my issue has been resolved instantly. With each instance normally being something I didn't understand. Their patience and assistance is great!

Site Ground issues resolved

A recent addition to the wordpress platform my site uses corrupted a particular plugin. Petar took the issue on board and worked through the problems thoroughly and methodically.
He made me aware that one change may result in a lack of access but clarified that a rollback at his end would allow fixes.
At each step he kept me informed as to what he was doing and a likely outcome.
His assistance was perfect and his presentation professional. Thank you, Petar.

Biggest Pro: His methodical process
Biggest Con: None

Excellent Service and response

Every time I contact these guys and girls, they are responsive and get the job done. Fast!!
Brilliant and cheerful, I cam from another host full of dreary bored unhelpful individuals, I am so glad I changed.
If your worried about moving, then don't. Even the price they charge for domains names is terrific.
Can't think of one negative about SiteGround.
Good work guys keep it up.


I had been dealing with a family medical emergency out of state. Upon my return, when I went to resume work for an upcoming book launch, I logged into my website to find it had crashed. I had no idea how long it had been down. I contacted WordPress' helpdesk only to receive a message that their response times were slow due to the COVID outbreak. After a week, I contacted them again and nothing! Recalling that SiteGround helped me with a past issue quickly and painlessly, I contacted them, and they got my site up and running in under 20 minutes. These guys are amazing. Atanas P. helped me, and I later discovered he is known as 'the Magician'. I certainly know why. Thank you so much, Atanas and SiteGround. I do not speak computer lingo, and am probably among the most technologically challenged people on the planet, but you make it possible for me to have my own website. That is invaluable as an author. Thank you!!!

Biggest Pro: I am technologically challenged, but every person I've dealt with a SiteGround is patient with out being condescending.

very attentive support

I am really struggling with understanding the set up of my new website and the support chat was great. I was connected within moments of inquiring and walked through all the details very supportively. We even chatted about 30 minutes and the chat transcript is sent to me to remind me of what pathways I need to use for the creation of my website. Thanks SiteGround! I did choose you because the reviews of your support we so strong!

Biggest Pro: quick response
Biggest Con: n/a

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