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# of Reviews 392
# that Recommend 353
Very High
% that Recommend 90%
Very High
Overall RatingFootnote 2 90.4%
Very High
Review QualityFootnote 2 Footnote * 100%
Very High

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Thank you so much for your help.

I have encountered problems on the website many times, and every time I contact SiteGroud. When I don't know how to solve it, they will give a professional solution in time. Under their patient guidance, I quickly solved the problem. I trust them very much and will recommend them to my friends. I hope SiteGroud will do better and better. I will use them to build my website for a long time.

Best Customer Service

I have been using Siteground now for around 3-4 years and I recommend them to everyone I know who needs hosting. They are not the cheapest, but their platform is super easy to use, its easy to manage the more techy side of hosting and their customer service is second to none - it keeps me coming back after years of nightmarish service from other providers. Haven't had an issue they haven't been able to fix for me, or better yet - teach me how to fix.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service
Biggest Con: a little expensive

Siteground is very suitable for Wordpress

Siteground is very suitable for Wordpress, its functions are very powerful, and the product design is considered very thoughtful. The first thing that let me understand is its automatic backup function. My website lost data when it was designed, and I retrieved them through Siteground. How many websites I have built and installed multiple SSLs, they are all completely free. I used Godday’s server before, and it was very slow to open the website at night, and its domain name mailbox and SSL are all charged. I will never use it again. In short, I will use Siteground for a long time in the future. What could be more worthwhile than this hundred dollars?

I have been pretty happy with Siteground.

It's not really user friendly and sometimes googling or YouTubing you don't find the answers you need. And you don't find them in your Help section either. I found your chat and Anita P answered my questions and I hope it all works out. But she helped me as much as possible. Thanks so much for your service. It's been a good experience. A learning curve. We wouldn't be experts if we didn't learn from them. Thanks so much!

SiteGround Ensure My Speed and Security

After one year of taking service from Namecheap, they failed to secure my hosting, and my website was hacked 3 times. So I was trying to find a provider who can take care of my hosting also my security.

After research for 2 weeks, I found that SiteGround is suggested by many major companies like Elementor, Envato, etc.

Although I am from Bangladesh and I wasn't able to purchase their subscription so, I took help from my friend. And SiteGround billing department helps me along with verification.

After purchase, they helped me to secure my files and speed up my all website. And they helped me to change the server location for free.

Thanks to their support team, also I'll suggest to everyone for taking a 30 days test SiteGround (This is not promotional).

Hope you'll fall in love with them

Biggest Pro: Customer Support
Biggest Con: Long DNS changing time

Siteground reliable and helpful

Great company to deal with. Super helpful. Site is always up and running. Any technical questions are answered quickly. Never an issue with billing or customer support. Interface is easy to use and very clean. I currently am hosting over 15 sites and I never had any downtime on any of the sites. They make transferring registries and websites easy. I recommend Siteground to all my clients.

Always the best support!

I very much appreciate the support SiteGround offers...I am a neophyte and they don't talk down to you, just point you in the right direction! I wish they'd just say what do you need done and do it...but then I suppose I'd have to put them on the payroll and that's not an option, so this is the best alternative.

No matter who I get in support, they are always nice and informative. This is big to me because believe me, I've had other hosting providers that this was not the case.

Biggest Pro: Friendly support
Biggest Con: No do it for you options!

Support via chat

I was experiencing an issue with a new page loading. I am a newbie to the environment. Thought a small issue like this would be filtered to a how to page. I searched and navigated the help page, it was really fast. The chat option was the best result - I was surprised and impressed.

Did not have to wait long, and the issue was resolved in minutes.

We polite, patient and waited until I walked through the steps to fix the issue.

they have the best CS team

they have the best customer service a customer could ask for. they are all well prepared, know the tech stuff and their replies are really fast.
The only thing I didn't like is that they removed Softacoulus from their site tools, so I am unable to quickly install apps into subdomains the way I used to it. Instead, I would have to download the packages, set up a database, users, upload the file, and install the app manually.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service
Biggest Con: they removed Softacolous, so im unable to install apps instantly from there

Quality Customer Service Every Time!

Viktor was simply amazing, but I've gotten accustomed to top notch service with Siteground. He was friendly, knowledgeable and tried multiple avenues to solve my problem.
I love the back end, it's easy to navigate my files and multiple websites and domains. Great communication whenever there's any changes. Just the best host I've ever had, by far (and that's out of 5 or 6 others down through the years).

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