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Woocommerce Hosting

I built an e-commerce site for a client and I had been having issues with server and connection speed. The site most of the time was slow even on the backend and yet it only had few demo data. I was also having problems with my backups. I made a decision to switch to Siteground and I have never regretted that decision. The site is now fast and I have never experienced a downtime. I have successfully implemented a backup restore. In addition, the numerous resource materials and tips they provide have been very useful. I am now moving all my sites to Siteground.

Biggest Pro: Uptime & Reliability

Reliable, Attentive, Good Support

I moved to SiteGround because I was my old host of ten years sold to another company. When my host sold I started having alot of issues with server settings, and tech support was terrible... as in horrible, weeks to resolve issues.

Anyway, I find siteground to be reliable. And most important their tech support is extremely helpful. They always help me immediately. I'm so happy that I moved to them.

Biggest Pro: Tech Support


Everything just works. It's well thought out, well documented, and really easy to use. Customer service is fantastic and the other star of the show. I was with GoDaddy for over 10 years. Comparing SiteGround to Godaddy is like comparing a 2020 Tesla to a 1972 Ford Pinto with one working cylinder and a flat bicycle tire as a steering wheel. I never leave reviews for anything, but I had to for this. Great experience.

Biggest Pro: Everything

as good as it can get i guess

Shared hosting is not high on my list of preferred vendors, but SiteGround is the most acceptable solution so far, and I've been a customer of GoDaddy and BlueHost. The SG interface is flexible and somewhat intuitive. It scores high on user-friendliness. I really would like a customer support system that is not ticket based (at least a chat option) on highly technical issues. This seems counter-intuitive to not have instant feedback while working thru techie problems that are specific and in-depth. But the customer service has been great as a whole and the value is above average for what I have received.

Biggest Pro: Customer service and support
Biggest Con: No chat option for technical support on complex issues

Wonderful Support

I want to give a shout out to Stoyan Ge who worked diligently, sorting through files to find the kink that caused my domain not to load. Besides that, he offered a creative solution that worked. I've had nothing but good support from SiteGround but Stoyan is one of those IT specialists that went way beyond. Thanks a bunch! I repeat because I'm required to reach a word count, thanks a bunch.

Really satisfied about my SiteGround hosting

I read really good scores about the SiteGround hosting. And, it's the truth. Good and high performance. Really fast support by chat and follow up by a support ticket. Even when you're a small client which a small hosting package. The whole hosting package and online tooling is working native for customers with less experience in hosting services. So, a warm recommend to my hosting provider SiteGround. I'm really satisfied about Siteground!

Biggest Pro: Support, Prices, Uptime, Services, Hosting packages

User Experience & Site Organization

The site is very well crafted, user friendliness is awesome. They have the perfect timing of CTAs and User Experience overall.
Support Team are well versed, can grasp quickly the customers requirement and provide quick & realistic solution.
It is indeed true that they have the best managed wordpress support system in the world going by reviews and experiencing at the same time.

Biggest Pro: User Experience & Support

Excellent customer support

Not an easy job, but these guys have never let me down. With 4-5 websites and sub-domains, they have been able to really provide amazing support! 5 stars for sure.

I'm not going to type out 300 characters to for this review and almost just closed out the window. However, Siteground really stepped up and helped me with a ton of issues, I allowed to get out of control.

Biggest Pro: customer support
Biggest Con: more companies are not like this

Knowledge freely shared

I contacted with an appeal for advice about moveing a WordPress domain and updating to a newly developed site. I was unsure of my options and was helped with straightforward step by step instructions and understanding of my situation.

Kristian was knowledgeable and took time to understand my issues with freely given advice I trust. I can now proceed with confidence.

Biggest Pro: Always available

Superb customer service

This company is brilliant. It doesn't matter how many times I contact them or how silly my questions may be, if I am stuck with something they will help me with anything and they are always happy to do so. The customer service is superb which in my book is a major plus point.
I have not had any issues with downtime on my website or site speed either everything has always been great.

Biggest Pro: Customer service and help
Biggest Con: none

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