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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 Very High
# of Reviews 392
# that Recommend 353
Very High
% that Recommend 90%
Very High
Overall RatingFootnote 2 90.4%
Very High
Review QualityFootnote 2 Footnote * 100%
Very High

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You can just win with this provider

For me the first time to host a domain and build a homepage and siteground was just the perfect provider. I had no problems with anything, it's worth every cent!
I appreciate the service as well! Super friendly, fast and custumer friendly.
There are negatice aspects I could figure out. I can reccommend siteground to everybody, doesn't matter if beginners or pros.

Biggest Pro: One of the best provider with even better service

Excellent Support

I am very happy with the quality of the support that I've been receiving during my first month with SiteGround and wished I had switched to SiteGround a lot sooner.

SiteGround has gathered all the required tools in their platform. I specially like the SG Optimizer plugin which makes my sites go faster than before and resolves the mixed insecure content issues in no time.

SiteGround has also made it very easy to transfer existing websites to their platform. I fully recommend SiteGround hosting to everyone who is looking for a top notch hosting service.

Excellent Services!!

Excellent service, the support team helped me all the way through the process with the issues I was having with my website. A few simple tests and they found the issue and guided me on how to resolve it. As soon as I made the changes, my site was back up and running smoothly.

Quick response which meant my website was back up and running as normal in a short space of time.

Very helpful and very supportive!!

Biggest Pro: quick response and very helpful

The Customer Support Makes It All Worth It

I am consistently blown away by the support team at SiteGround. They are easy to reach and work their tail off to solve my problems. I don't have to reach out often, but when I do – every time – they impress me. The management over there should know that their support department is the #1 reason I will keep hosting on SiteGround. Really, a lot of thanks to that team. They never make me feel dumb and they solve my problems quickly.

Very quick and knowledgeable.

Had a bit of an issue hooking up MailChimp. It provided instructions, which I was happy to follow, but they didn't exactly match what I was looking at when I followed them. I didn't want to break anything, so I got onto SiteGround help. I didn't wait long, and they got straight in and confirmed everything. It's not often that you get service this efficient and effective. Thanks!

Biggest Pro: It just works!

good support

We always find quick response from siteground team on all issues / queris and their replies were majorly positive which solved the matter.
The prices are higher side which should be reduced as the company can afford to reduce the prices for new comers so it can also reduce for old customers .
Siteground should provide free hositng for different opensource software which would help the customers to choose siteground and it will increase their revenue as well.
Seeing siteground's prompt support we recommend this to other users who want to host their applications or website at siteground.
Siteground should also provide windows servers' s hosting so that we could find linux and windows solutions under one roof

Biggest Pro: quick support
Biggest Con: not all plugins or open source software available

Excellent Tech Support about Domain Transfer

Dimitar provided an excellent support experience.
He was knowledgeable or could find answers quickly.
His communication was clear and courteous.

He was able to explain the domain transfer process requirements clearly, when my situation didn't meet the requirements, he was able to suggest when I would be able to do the transfer.

He resolved my questions smoothly and clearly.

Keep up the good work Dimitar.

Technical Support

Thank you for your collaboration I'm very satisfied. I recommend siteground because it is a very professional platform and its hosting is very fast as well as the technical service very helpful.
and also the quality for the price and I guarantee you that you can not find a platform like siteground with the same price and the same quality. don't hesitate to use siteground for your website.

Superb Technical Support

Speedy and knowledgeable in fixing technical issues via the chat, which makes the experience very easy and convenient. The staff is always kind and patient which keeps me coming back. My issue was fixed in under 10 minutes and I could go back to my day. I highly recommend their services due to the professionalism, technical knowledge and ease of use for busy people.

Best Hosting Provide by any standard

Have been dealing with Siteground since last 4-5 years and i can highly recommend them as they never let you down always there to help you and their policies are really customer friendly. No words for their service even 100+ stars would not be enough. Have dealt with many other big provider but they can't match in any area so go for it it is one of the best and finest provided i have ever seen.

Biggest Pro: Service
Biggest Con: Nothing

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