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Excellent customer service!

Just switched to SiteGround from GoDaddy. So impressed! They moved over my entire Joomla site for me for free. When I had some confusion and stupid questions, they did their best to help me without being condescending. Calling GoDaddy support they talked down to you and were never able to help. I always had to figure it out myself. Also, after getting everything transferred, parts of my website were not appearing properly. They had it fixed in less than 15 minutes. Forget explaining it to me... they just fixed it. Wow! You'll never get that kind of help from GoDaddy. Thank you SiteGround!

Excellent service provider: SiteGround

I switched to SiteGround from CrazyDomains because CrazyDomains customer service did not meet my requirements (they had a lot of trouble resolving simple problems). At first I was hesitant to change because SiteGround are an overseas provider and I was concerned that I if I needed support I would not be able to just call to follow up. However my concerns were unjustified. SiteGround is EXCELLENT and I would happily refer them. They have responded to any ticket I've submitted in record time, often virtually immediately. Any concerns I have are addressed with speed and efficiency (and as a relative newbie to ISP I tend to ask a lot of questions). I actually enjoy being hosted by SiteGround.

Biggest Pro: Fantastic support
Biggest Con: Cheap entry but price hike in second year

Very happy with Siteground services

I must say that I am very happy with the treatment I have always received from the people at Siteground. I am not exactly a tecchie and have probably bothered them with silly questions more than once. However, all my queries have been answered in the most polite and nice ways always and any problems that might have arosen with my website have been addressed immediately. It is great and reassuring to know that I can contact them at any time, be it monday or sunday and be able to resolve my problem straight away, thus not losing valuable time with my site down. Thank you Siteground and I for sure will keep on reccomending your services to everyone I know with a website.

Biggest Pro: The 24/7 availability
Biggest Con: Cannot think of any

Expert and fast support for magento hosting.

We moved our magento site to them from another host. I was having lots of problems getting things to work. One support ticket request and less than a day later everything was working. We have only been with them for a few days so all I can relate regarding uptime and reliability is that they have not been down at all yet. Connection speed and server capacity seem good. Technical support and knowledge could not be better from my experiences. Customer service and billing are also very professional. Value for the money is phenomenally good. I highly recommend this company for magento hosting.

Falsely claimed I had a virus and shut my all my email accounts

Poorly run hosting service!!!! Shut down all of my hosted email accounts claiming I had a virus on my PC that was sending out spam? My PC is CLEAN. Refused to explain. Said I had to run virus software on my pc to get email service back. Did and still no service. SCAM!! Poor service.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Incompetent

Response by Lilyana Yakimova, who is an employee of SiteGround:

Dear Todd Wilson,

When SiteGround receives a complaint from its upstream provider about illegal activity performed through a customer account, we post a ticket for this customer with detailed information about the complaint and measures that he/she could take to resolve the case.

Please note that we must take immediate actions to stop activities violating our ToS, otherwise we risk having the whole server unplugged with hundreds of accounts on it.

Our support reps are instructed to provide additional information on request and assist professionally customers in such cases to the final resolution.

If you let me know what your domain name is, I will investigate this case in your name and check if there has been any miscommunication. Please send an email with more details to sales at siteground dot com.

Best Regards!

Posted on June 19th, 2012 at 10:15 EST

Not as promised

Mailbox quota is not un-limited as they said. The first 5 mailboxes are only allowed to occupy 2GB, The next 5 mailboxes are 500MB, The next 5 are 250MB.
They promised unlimited diskspace.

Response by Lilyana Yakimova, who is an employee of SiteGround:

Hello Taha Khamis,

We state in our ToS ( that the maximum mailbox size per mailbox is 500MB. We have never advertised to have unlimited mail quota.
The space we offer for website files is unlimited. The storage space for other multimedia files is limited as per our ToS. Please contact our Sales team if you need more info or assistance with your account.

Best Regards!

Posted on May 14th, 2012 at 06:09 EST

No Complaints So Far

I got in on a special advertised plan with Site Ground. I had another hosting provider at the time that I was unhappy with. So I decided to give Siteground a try. I had no problem with Siteground but had to cancel my hosting with them because I was under contract with another provider for another year. I explained this to Siteground but kept the domain name that they supplied. No Problem they were very nice and their tech support was tops. I went into my Cpanel and pointed the domain to my present hosting provider. When my hosting is up for renewal I will consider using Siteground at that time.

Biggest Pro: Cpanel and Tech Support
Biggest Con: Pricing when you go to renew and charge for extras


I too was lured in by low-cost hosting by Siteground. As somebody said, it is a bait and switch. There's plenty of support WHEN YOU'RE SIGNING UP, after that, you literally have to PAY for support on a monthly basis. You cannot contact Siteground any other way.

Second, they autorenew without sending you ANY notification to set expectations of an upcoming renewal. They do everything they can to charge your credit card.

Third, they suspended my account for site usage claiming it was taking up too much space on their shared server. My site had 100 members of which maybe 5 were on only occasionally. I have never had this problem with Godaddy. So they suspended my account. I went to cancel but the CANCEL BUTTON WAS GRAYED OUT... I couldn't cancel. Instead, I had to talk to some douche bag on a live chat to cancel.

They make you go through their live chat system.

After doing some research on the BBB, I noticed they have a C+ rating and worse... they are not even a legitimate company. The CEO is purportedly named Tenko Nikolov. Also make note: worst CEO on the planet.

Fourth, Siteground has a phone number that will send you on an endless loop through their automated system that only tells you to go online and login to your account.

Siteground is such a pathetic hosting company. I bet some Siteground loser is going to respond saying "we're really sorry you had a bad experience... blah blah blah". It's such a scam. They really do not care... they will just try to do damage control. It's too late though. Look how many poor reviews there are for Siteground.

Do your research, don't use Siteground! Go somewhere, ANYWHERE, but not Siteground.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: customer service

Response by Lilyana Yakimova, who is an employee of SiteGround:

Hello Jarad,

I have read your post and understand your frustration about the fact that your hosting account and website have been suspended. But I would like to address your accusation publicly here as SiteGround has acted legally and in accordance with the best business practices in your case.

I would first address the general statements you have made about SiteGround:

You wrote: "Customer service is not FREE on Siteground. You have to pay
them a premium to have the ability to email them with issues."

I must oppose this statement first as this is something that is completely not true. Customer support is free at SiteGround. Every SiteGround customer, no matter if using our standard or premium support, can contact us by phone (during office hours), via chat or our HelpDesk (24/7). In your ticket communication with our customer service regarding your website performance issue that lead to a suspension you have not waited more than 30 minutes for a reply from our 24/7 representatives and have received a reply in 8 hours once the issue was escalated to management.

You mention and the fact that is not BBB accredited.

This is true and is due to the fact that we are not a US based company and we have never stated otherwise. However, we provide web hosting service on servers located in US data centers and are used by hundreds of thousands of US customers. Moreover, although we are not obliged to maintain a BBB profile at all, we consider it as another valuable place for feedback. We have responded to all complains filed against us and we were able to resolve them all.

And as for the bad reviews you have mentioned I would like to bring to your attention
the fact, that every company that has a presence on the web, can be subject to bad reviews. There is not a single hosting company without "(Company) is scam" reviews and sites associated with its name. But what we do differently in such cases, as in your own case too, is that we try to attend to as many of the bad reviews as possible and if we can identify the customer, who wrote the review, we try to contact him, investigate and resolve the issue. Also there are many more happy customers, that have shared their reviews on authority websites such as,,, etc.

And now for your particular website issues:

On 5th of January your account started to consume a very high percentage of the shared server CPU resources. We have conducted a detailed investigation of the reasons for the high resource consumption and it turned out that your application executes slow queries towards its database, which eventually hogs the server. The first thing that our technical team did was to informed you about the issues with your account - with a ticket in your HelpDesk and an email sent to you, and to provide you with possible options for you to resolve this issue by optimizing your website, or if this is not possible, by upgrading to a higher hosting solution. In order to protect the other shared server users we also had to temporarily limit the shared server resources your account can use. This is a standard procedure used by shared hosting providers. Since you did not respond during the next 7 days and your website continued to load the server we had to suspend it, as you really needed to take an action to address the issue your website created so that other users are not affected.

You stated here: " website is taking up too many resources on their shared server. First, understand that my site only has 130 members. Furthermore, these are members that are hardly ever come to my site!"

Please let me remind you that the load an application creates not always depends on the number of users. If its code is inefficient it can overload a server even with a single user. Moreover you admit yourself in the ticket: "The application I'm running is huge - it's SocialEngine. Their coders suck, I agree but I had already invested a large amount of money into the application without knowing how it interacts with a server."

We can thoroughly understand that you are frustrated about your website being down after you have invested efforts, but you should also understand that we cannot allow a single website to affect the performance of all others on the server. SiteGround did everything possible to offer a solution that will be suitable for both sides. Once you contacted us we have re-activated your account for your IP, so that you can optimize the site to work in accordance with the shared hosting requirements if possible. We have also offered more suitable hosting solutions, but you have not been interested in them. That is why we have offered to provide a backup for your account, so that you can host it on a solution and with a provider of your choice.

Kind Regards,
Reneta Tsankova

Posted on January 21st, 2012 at 12:37 EST

I do not recommend siteground.

I do not recommend siteground.
They have terrible pricing for old users.
New users pay for three years host, 144 dollars, and for the same old one pay $ 250. This is a robbery.
Negotiations with them in order to understand the logic of this - is useless and formal. I will not use their services and do not advise others to do it.

Response by Lilyana Yakimova, who is an employee of SiteGround:

Hello Stavros,

The promotions we have for new customers are really different from the promotions we apply to existing customers and there is a good reason for this. The perceived risk is a substantial part of a consumer behavior. When someone needs to choose a new provider without having personal experience with its quality, the perceived risk is bigger than when someone decides to renew a service, whose quality he has seen personally. So to alleviate this bigger risk we offer bigger discounts for new customers sign ups. What we state with this is: we believe that our service value is higher, but we understand that you may want to see for yourself if this is true and we are willing to invest some free service in convincing you what the true value is.

I believe that you were satisfied with the service you has received so far, as you have renewed your account twice so far for 3 years each time.

Reneta Tzankova

Posted on January 11th, 2012 at 03:35 EST

Premium Service - wow do they mean 'Premium'!!

I am amazed at the service I have received!

I manage worldwide Customer Support, Technical Support, and Warranty service for a group of 5 jointly-held industry leading companies.

I have hosted several personal sites with SiteGround for 10 years, and as a result of my good experience, I selected SiteGround to host several company-owned sites as well (for 5 years) with siteground for.

The up-time has been great. Their response to service inquiries have been very fast.

I updated to their hosting+ (plus) service recently, because it offered many benefits I was paying for separately at a new lower price.

I was really interested in the daily backup, and the unlimited add-on slots (I was already paying for 2).

However, one of the other included benefits is 'Premium Service' I soon came to find out how serious they are about 'Premium'...

Since I updated to the hosting+ account that included unlimited add-on slots, their support team confirmed that I'd no longer need to renew on my two paid add-on slots (a service that's no longer available since it is now included in the new improved package).

So I pro-actively 'canceled' the add-on slots even though they'd not have auto-renewed. I guess the script that canceled the legacy service conflicted with the new service, and one of my sites was bumped offline.

I submitted a ticket. My issue was completely resolved, my site back up, with a response in my inbox in literally 2 minutes.

I sent a complicated followup question, and got a second response, with the needed subsequent action taken in literally 2 minutes.

I can't say how impressed I am.

I can confidently say that Siteground is world-class.

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