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Fantastic Customer Service

I had one of the most helpful customer service assistants during my interaction today. Siteground is always there in a flash with excellent customer service and is putting all other customer services to shame, the speed in which they solve a problem and not begging for a review, it makes my day easier and the job I need to go faster, I couldn't thank Siteground enough. Excellent all round - well done Siteground and the team there.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service

Excellent and super fast service! Highly recommended!

Thank you for your fast and incredible support!
Your amazing representative fixed my crashed website in no time!!
I am so grateful! Thank you so much!
Every time I contact support, they are so fast and chatting with me right away, solving all my problems while I'm building my website.
It is such a great help, especially since it's the first time I'm building a website and I'm learning while I'm going.
I highly recommend SiteGround to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy hosting company. Worth every cent.

Biggest Pro: Solve your problems fast

Had trouble but the support person would not stop until I wa sall

As someone who has ran help desks, I know what good service is. This fellow allowed me to walk through cPanel so I can get knowledge. he was patient and ensured ALL that I need was good to go so the site was ready for use.

Again, I highly recommend this company. I think I have 8 or 9 sites with them and cant see going anywhere else. Awesome job once again.

Very satisfied


Great customer service

I have been using SiteGround for almost a year and I have no complaints. I host several websites (low traffic) with one account and I haven't encountered any issues thus far.

One thing to mention is its exceptional customer service. Every time I have an issue with one of my websites, they are very quick to help me resolve it.

5 stars for customer service! Great company overall!

Biggest Pro: Customer Service
Biggest Con: Price after the first year

Great service

I signed up due to the great presales service, however the support team has continued to be excellent after I signed up, resolving my queries quickly and with minimum wait time. They are also one of a few hosts that actually support .ai domains.

The only downside has been there was some minor downtime of the webmail client.

I would strongly recommend Siteground.

Biggest Pro: Great support

Brilliant hosts - superb support

I have now moved all my websites to SITEGROUND from various other hosts. The simple reason I did this was SUPPORT. Siteground TECH SUPPORT is the best I have ever witnessed. I have been creating websites since 1997 and used dozens of hosting companies. NONE offer the level of support found at Siteground. I have has to use the support on several occassions and I have never had to wait more than 3 or 4 minutes in a chat queue. Even a critical SITE DOWN issue due to a PLUGIN incompatability was fixed in less than 20 minutes !! BRILLIANT

Biggest Pro: SUPPORT

Woocommerce Hosting

I built an e-commerce site for a client and I had been having issues with server and connection speed. The site most of the time was slow even on the backend and yet it only had few demo data. I was also having problems with my backups. I made a decision to switch to Siteground and I have never regretted that decision. The site is now fast and I have never experienced a downtime. I have successfully implemented a backup restore. In addition, the numerous resource materials and tips they provide have been very useful. I am now moving all my sites to Siteground.

Biggest Pro: Uptime & Reliability

Reliable, Attentive, Good Support

I moved to SiteGround because I was my old host of ten years sold to another company. When my host sold I started having alot of issues with server settings, and tech support was terrible... as in horrible, weeks to resolve issues.

Anyway, I find siteground to be reliable. And most important their tech support is extremely helpful. They always help me immediately. I'm so happy that I moved to them.

Biggest Pro: Tech Support


Everything just works. It's well thought out, well documented, and really easy to use. Customer service is fantastic and the other star of the show. I was with GoDaddy for over 10 years. Comparing SiteGround to Godaddy is like comparing a 2020 Tesla to a 1972 Ford Pinto with one working cylinder and a flat bicycle tire as a steering wheel. I never leave reviews for anything, but I had to for this. Great experience.

Biggest Pro: Everything

as good as it can get i guess

Shared hosting is not high on my list of preferred vendors, but SiteGround is the most acceptable solution so far, and I've been a customer of GoDaddy and BlueHost. The SG interface is flexible and somewhat intuitive. It scores high on user-friendliness. I really would like a customer support system that is not ticket based (at least a chat option) on highly technical issues. This seems counter-intuitive to not have instant feedback while working thru techie problems that are specific and in-depth. But the customer service has been great as a whole and the value is above average for what I have received.

Biggest Pro: Customer service and support
Biggest Con: No chat option for technical support on complex issues

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