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siteground-save yourself the grief and find another host

Initial setup misleading. After a year the fee skyrockets and they do not tell you the first year is a special offer.

Site is slow and errors are frequent. Support is decent, but not of the quality they make themselves out to be.

Most of the time it takes multiple support requests to get a decent answer. They are also great at closing support tickets that are not resolved. Another favorite of siteground is to bill you automatically for the second year and not tell you of the drastic price increase

All they are concerned with is money. Find another web host for your site and email

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: customers are only a revenue soruce for sitegound

Great support

Building websites is a completely new task to me even just choosing a web host and registering the domain. Since I signed up to siteground I've been in contact by email (more than once a day) with the support team and I had all my questions answered in a very short time. I am amazed and the most amazing: I do not have premium support - can you imagine how would the premium support be? I want advance a bit more with my site and then I will consider upgrading to the premium support.

Congratulations! You are doing a great job! Continue! That's the way to do business!

Nadia Pinkerton

Biggest Pro: The promptness of the support team.

Site Ground is one of the best in the World

I'm a real person with a real appetite for quality webhosting and I've been with Siteground for over 1 year with more than 3 websites. This one is the 4-th.
If you ask me how is the Customer Support at Siteground I won't be able to say too many things about them because I didn't need them too much. In some occassions when I needed support they were spot-on. Siteground is very reliable web hosting and you find someone over there when you need them.
Very happy with them. Been before with JustHost and HostPapa and Fasthost.

Biggest Pro: no problems hosting
Biggest Con: speed

A lot of features with a great support

I have had several shared hosting plans with them for years, the las one for only $9,95, I mean, the lowest category of their hosting plans. However, I have been getting a lot of features like up 50 email accounts, unlimited databases, ftp, file manager, cPanel, and the fantastico, with more than 50 applications ready to be installed in a few seconds like joomla, drupal, wordpress, etc... But the best of all, without a doubt, is their great support team. The answer time (from a human, not a machine) for my tickets has been always under 2 hours (remember I'm talking about a shared plan for $9,95) and my web has been always up, so far.

Poor value for poor service - AVOID!

- Archaic bandwidth measurement with 'inode usage.' I was going over my hourly and daily usage regularly with a very quiet phpBB forum (10 active users per day) and small searchable database. Not an issue with my current web host on a similar shared hosting plan.

- Do not let them store your credit card information! There is no way to remove it without contacting customer support and waiting for them to get back to you, and meanwhile they can 'auto-renew' to their content (also no way to turn auto-renew off without contacting customer support).

- User account interface is frustrating and very non-intuitive, difficult to figure out how to contact customer support.

- Customer support is not very on the ball and it can take several attempts before your issue is actually understood. The chat they make you go into with a customer service rep when you want to cancel a service is agonizingly slow and unnecessary.

I was with SiteGround for several years because I wasn't doing much with my sites and it was easy enough to just renew and leave it alone. I've been in the process of transferring my sites away from SiteGround to a new host and have never been happier! So long, SiteGround!

Biggest Pro: Good uptime and speeds, but that's nothing unique or special.
Biggest Con: Everything else!

Siteround saved me

I have had nothing but good luck with Siteground hosting services for nearly three years running. We currently host 15 sites, most of them built in open source solutions such as Joomla, Drupal or Zen cart. We have never had a site go down, lose speed, or otherwise degraded performance. Sites and email have just worked, period.

Recently, I put up a very large, very busy site that used more CPUs than the account allowed. When I screwed up the site so badly it went down, Siteground helped me get the site back up and running within 30 minutes, walking me through the upgrade steps.

They were polite, professional, and merciful. I was fully responsible for the mishap with the site and they saved me. This was my first incident with Siteground, and I was very impressed with the service.

All of my other sites are small business sites and as I stated before, have been happily residing on Siteground servers for a few years now, without so much as a blip in service. I do find that working with Siteground requires a lot of reading to gain full understanding in some areas, but not all areas. If reading to learn is difficult for you, then you should utilize Steground's chat service. I have found the chat service to be simply excellent. Very responsive, very professional.

Can you find cheaper hosting? Yes, you can. But with Siteground I always get full disclosure on the status of my sites and domains. I get ample warning about site renewals, and I've never had to pay in advance of renewing. I've never felt scammed, or pushed around. The Cpanel is excellent and reliable. Siteground enables me to professionally manage my sites and gives me the time I need to make decisions about upgrades renewals and other changes.

I would, and do, recommend Siteground Hosting Services.

Biggest Pro: Reliable, professional, business-oriented, fast, stable, well-priced,
Biggest Con: somewhat limited payment options

Outstanding and getting better every time.

After two years and several domains with SiteGround, I am always going through the feeling that I am not telling them enough how much I appreciate the outstanding service and value I get. As I take all responsibilities with my site, because of operation on a very small budget, and because I want to be familiar with all aspects of the site, I often run into technical trouble, but the technical assistance 24/7 will sometimes solve issues at lightning speed, and at other times patiently stay with my problem until it is solved to my full satisfaction.

I was trying to think up what could be better with Siteground hosting and honestly, can't come up with anything of real importance. In this business you must be willing to learn, and that comes with the territory. Siteground allows you to do that with an extensive KB and set of tutorials. If a specific issue comes up, too narrow in utilization to be covered in the KB, you can ask about it in the Help Desk and the problem either is solved, or they tell you what to do in order to solve it yourself (which I very much prefer because only in this way do I get to understand what is happening in my site).

Biggest Pro: Technical support stands out.

New to siteground and so far so good

I don't know if it's too pre-mature to right a glowing review but I have to say last week I was with hostmonster and whenever I asked for support I kept on getting an around the bush answer. I cancelled my account with them after three days. There was no problems cancelling. So happy there.

I was looking for a host that supported cube cart and kept on being led to siteground but it sounded too good to be true at $2.00/month. Since I am on a tight budget and still quite a newbie this was great. I got on live chat, they talked me through, while I made the purchase and then talked me through the installation of cubecart, which I couldn't get with hostmonster and then today I asked them to install cubecart v4 for me because I didn't have a clue and they did it without a single hitch.
I asked them on live chat, directed my to submit a ticket where you can get a professional installation of script FOR FREE! Everyone else charges for installing of scripts, if they do it at all.
Simple, fast, courteous. I don't know about all these negative reviews, if they are even real but so far I have had nothing but fantastic service.
I guess time will tell once my shop is up how it goes but if they are trying to keep me as a new customer, it's working!

Biggest Pro: Super support for newbies like me.
Biggest Con: Haven't found any yet.

Watch out for Renewal Notices

I have, until recently, been quite satisfied with Siteground. Their hosting is reliable, their prices are not excessive, their Sitebuilder is simple enough to use. I have a website with them for my own business, which I intend to keep. I had another website for a business my wife was running, which we decided not to continue. On 1/13, I received a notification that the site was due to expire on 2/12. I followed the procedure online to cancel the subscription. On 1/28, I was charged for another year's hosting. When I questioned this the following day, I was informed that the charge was nonrefundable! I replied that this was unacceptable, but since it was by now Saturday, I decided to wait a few days for a response - which I never received. This morning (2/5) I checked in again. The site has not been canceled. No further attempt was made to respond to my complaint. I again attempted to cancel the site. This time, I was told I would receive an email, and that the link contained in the email would allow me to confirm the cancellation. I did in fact receive the email and click on the link. It brought me to a live chat. The person at the other end claimed they never received my initial cancellation request. I am still attempting to resolve this issue... but losing faith that it will be resolved (and wondering how I will insure that come 2011, this unwanted site is not renewed for yet another year!)

Support service

Siteground now has a paid premium support service. As it doesn't make much sense for me (I don't use support so much as to justify paying extra) I didn't sign up. I was worried that the unpaid support would deteriorate from its normal excellent service. Soooo. I put in a request for a CNAME creation. In less than a minute my request was filled! Siteground has simply the best support service I have yet found in a host! Nuff said.
(And no, I am not affiliated nor paid anything for this review. Simple facts. People whining all the time about Siteground's service makes me seriously wonder if they aren't shills from other hosts trying to muddy the image of a serious competitor)

Biggest Pro: Service
Biggest Con: Speed (acceptable - could be better)

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Great service

I really don't know why everybody goes on and on about how horrible Siteground's service is. I host 8 sites on their servers and have had few problems. Every time something has come up, they have solved it in an amazingly short time, sometimes as little as 15 minutes for things I hadn't even asked them to hurry up on!

I confess I suspect that some of the negative votes are really competition trying to dirty their name.

By Ian on February 17th, 2009 at 19:44 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Reseller | Platform: Unix | Email: [Logged]

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