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Reliable & Trustworthy but not the cheapest in the market!

I migrated from PowWeb a couple of years ago due to PowWeb slowing down and offering plans that just weren’t working for us. With over 15 years of experience in the hosting industry and being one of the most recognized names in the industry, I discovered SiteGround and never looked back.

I have been hosting several WordPress sites, and SiteGround’s uptime performance has been nearly perfect over that time. According to their claims, their 99.99% average puts them among the most reliable hosts and I very much agree with that. Their system is easy to use, and the features are perfectly integrated between them with the help of cPanel (which is the industry standard).

As far as customer support is concerned, it is excellent 24/7 support though it takes time to connect depending on how busy it is. There was an instance where I wanted to test a web application and had to get Laravel installed. The support team did it quickly and kept me informed until it was completed (although for a small fee). Additionally, I was having some email delivery issues due to some incorrect settings, but the support was excellent in helping me set up the correct SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.

Personally, I think that SiteGround offers a good price-quality ratio, but it certainly isn’t the cheapest in the market as prices increase after your first year I think. After years of trying them out, I think they offer a very good service but they may not be for the ones who are on a strict budget.

Biggest Pro: Excellent Support & Technical Knowledge
Biggest Con: Not the cheapest in the market and can feel expensive

Technical Support

The support with live-chat was wonderful.
I got the response within 1 minute and the technical support answered all my questions immediately and help me out to solve my problem smoothly. It's a great experience. It's so important the I could reach them quickly and they solved my problem when I got into trouble. The support is very professional with patient and friendly. I love SiteGround so much. Thanks SiteGround Support!

Biggest Pro: Live Chat Technical Supprot

Thanks for getting site changed over

Thanks for getting site changed over . I am new to server settings so was not sure what I was doing other than screwing up my site which I am an expert at and proud of it . I changed over from Godaddy after a decade of frustration in trying to use their dashboard . It would always take me multiple pages to find cpanel or domains etc and this was after using them for 11 years , I was always confused and lost in their system and yours is super easy to navigate which saves me a huge amount of time being that i sometimes have as many as 20 sites that i am working on at a time .
Thanks Again

Biggest Pro: How well the dasboard is organized for efficiency and speed of use
Biggest Con: none yet

Crazy Quick Responses

I have recently migrated from Wix, an easy to use platform that is great for beginners, to the absolute behemoth that is Wordpress.

It's been a tricky, time consuming and educational experience but what an amazing help SiteGround has been for a complete technophobe like myself.

Every time I face an issue, I can expect to receive a detailed response from their team within 10 minutes at most. What's more, they will often make the fix or amendment themselves as opposed to pointing me in the right direction.

There were a couple of occasions I was unable to open my WP Admin page due to a glitch, although this was promptly fixed by SG.

Thoroughly recommend this hosting to everyone. Even complete newbies like myself!

Biggest Pro: Quick responses!

Siteground Tech Support

I'm not in the habit of posting reviews - about anything. However, I'm a total tech novice, and siteground tech support have been so consistently good, that I figured I'd make an exception this time.

So far I've built three sites for myself. On each occasion I've had queries or issues in the first stage - pointing siteground's server to my domain name server. Feedback from tech support has been virtually instant on each occasion, and has enabled me to resolve the problem immediately - even though the issues were not actually with their service.

Replies have been in clear language, with explanations whenever I've needed it. Tech support write messages that are spellchecked and polite. I've used phone support on one occasion, and found that equally good.

I am not knowledgeable about several points in the numbered section of the review - but the quality of the support service so far means I've given them a maximum score throughout, and I'm very likely to renew without doing further research on uptime & price.

On the one occasion when there was an issue with something directly within their control, it was dealt with fast and accurately.

Biggest Pro: Service

Good plan with all I need plus always there, professional suppirt

I host our multitude of sites on SiteGround hosting for many years already. Impressed with unwaivering stability of their servers and always ready to help very proficient technical support. Whatever problems arose, all was resolved in a matter of minutes.

Today I had a problem with accessing a new subdomain giving 404 although all was setup correctly. A couple of minutes with the customer support over chat and a new free ssl certificate was installed so my new WordPress site could respond to https requests.

Really recommend for this who need a trusted partner for their online business.

Biggest Pro: Techincal support

Great Helps

very happy with the quality of the support we received. we are new to your platform, but your support staff took our naive questions and gave very detailed answers which are very helpful. many thanks for the supports.

I am sure we have more to learn from your site but really look forward to using your site for more years to come. all the best and happy new year!


Awesome hosting company

I just have to say that Siteground is an awesome hosting company. Their servers are fast and reliable! Keep going! I have no complains for now and I hope there is not going to be any in the future either. I will recommend Siteground to all my friends and co-workers. I had one small chat with their support operator and it went very well. Stay with Siteground in the future for sure!

Great service from

All the customer service professionals I have encountered at SiteGround are entirely professional. They are never too familiar with me; they are always patient, approachable, helpful, and appropriately instructive. I can either find what I need easily on their site or quickly get the answers and explanations I need via support tickets. I recommend them highly.

Best Customer Support Team

I love my web hosting company and I highly recommend them to starters or newbies like me because of their skilled and helpful customer care team.

I had a minor problem with my newly purchased domain and hosting. I made a typo in the email I used to purchase from them, so the purchase confirmation email didn’t go through. Even worse, this meant that I couldn’t log in to WordPress, which made me freak out.

I reached out to their support team. Although they can also be contacted through email or phone, I opted to contact them through live chat. They replied quickly the first time I messaged them. Their representatives are very polite, cool, and efficient. My ownership problems from my mistaken email address was quickly resolved.

Their customer support is only one reason to recommend SiteGround. It’s the perfect training ground to practice my skills in website development—particularly with WordPress sites. In fact, WordPress themselves recommend SiteGround.

The speed and security are other reasons to love SiteGround. The most important issue, of course, is speed and client security. SiteGround runs regular virus and malware scans and I receive notifications via email regarding the results. I’m always updated on the inner and outer workings of my website.

Overall, I’ve had a very pleasant experience with SiteGround and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Biggest Pro: Customer Care

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