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Best Hosting Platform

We found SiteGround years ago looking for a WordPress Assisted hosting, fast reliable, with amazing support and with great price value for its cost and are happy ever since. We will definitely need to advance our technology using sites & web apps on VPS hosting that we hope SG will offer in the imminent future in order to concentrate all of our projects and business in one good place.

Keep up the good work! Thanks SG :)

Team Sunshine Studio

Biggest Pro: Excellent Reliable Support
Biggest Con: No available/affordable VPS Cloud Hosting Plans yet

Response by Lilyana Yakimova, who is an employee of SiteGround:

Hello Andrea,
Thank you for your kind words! We are glad to inform you that we provide Cloud hosting solutions that you may review here: Aside from being fully managed, they are easily scalable and offer high redundancy.

Posted on June 8th, 2020 at 07:53 EST

SiteGround is Great - Perfect

Siteground is a host that I have never had any problems with.

Obviously I have needed technical support from time to time as I learn the ins and outs of DNS files and certain configurations etc other words. I have messed up the engine room of my websites a few times....not bad in 2 years of constant website I feel no shame lol...we learn by doing.

Siteground support is amazing.

They are quick to respond, quick to fix whatever needs fixing
I just got off the chat to a guy Ivan....he happily explained what I did wrong so I learn from it (i asked him to tell me...and he did)...

The staff are always so friendly and real...

I highly recommend Siteground. I have been with other Host providers

Siteground is the best in my experience for my needs. Building lots of websites.

Biggest Pro: Flawless Service (meaning it does what i need flawlessly)
Biggest Con: no cons...flawless service :)


The live chat is the most efficient and valuable customer service assistance on the web! I've hosted multiple sites with SiteGround for over 5 years now and would never dram of going elsewhere! It's easy to keep track o your services and to update them as you grow and your needs change. I currently host 3 sites with SiteGround and have continually added more space and features with no hiccups.

Biggest Pro: Live Chat!
Biggest Con: NONE

Great WordPress Support

I decided to try SiteGround out six weeks ago. During that time, I've begun learning their platform. support and have had some challenges. Their support group has provided great, prompt support and is much better than I expected. They have responded promptly and provided great solutions to my challenges.

This was a great move for me. Thanks for doing a great job,


Biggest Pro: Great and prompt support
Biggest Con: None

Superior Technical Support from Siteground

Over the course of the day I had the pleasure of chatting with several Tech Support personnel as I moved my domain to Siteground. Everyone of them gave me the needed direction and support to reach my goal. Their patience and knowledge and willingness to help was outstanding. My continuing experience with Siteground just confirms that I have the right Host for my domains.

Great Technical Support

Great Technical Support you get ninety percent of your issues resolved the first time or within fifteen to twenty minutes after emailing them. The waiting time on the phone and on the chat is not long and most times they guide you to fix some of the basic issues yourself and the time taken to fix issues is awesome.

Customer service team very polite and I am more than happy to be with them

Best Hosting

I'm impressed with their customer support, I heard from many people that siteground hosting is best & I really felt when I was in trouble to do some settings I contacted their support & the best part was they responded me in few seconds while others are taking several minutes. Site Ground's service is really very fast. I recommend to all please do not go for a cheaper hosting. Survey properly and choose better instead of cheaper and the best part of SiteGround is it is cheaper too :)

Biggest Pro: fast service
Biggest Con: nothing

Excellent customer service

I have been with Siteground for 12 months now and I really cannot fault their customer service.

I happily recommend them to anyone looking for web hosting and I am not even in the affiliate programme.

Their customer service is impeccable and there are many other companies, both hosting & in other markets that can learn from the professionalism & courtesy of all the Siteground staff and ethics.

Well done Siteground.

Biggest Pro: Customer service.
Biggest Con: None.

Excellent and Top-Notch

The reason I picked SG was because I heard they are good with Customer Service, I never got a chance to check this until recently when I had some issues and true to the word, every penny was worth spending on SG Hosting. I contacted them over chat, email support and every time their response was timely and satisfying I don't think I would have got the same level of service from any other hosting company, Timely, professional and to the point. Thank you !!

Biggest Pro: Service
Biggest Con: None as of now

Excellent (and Fast!) customer care

I was just getting back to revaming my website when I encountered an issue uploading a Wordpress theme layout. Kristian on the SiteGround team responded on chat in less than a minute and had my issue completely resolved in less than ten minutes. Fast, friendly, knowledgeable support is why this former Hostgator customer is happy to be at SiteGround. The chat support is always first rate. Thank you.

Biggest Pro: Great customer care. Just the best.

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