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Chat service is unbeatable!

There are very few companies that have great service over chat. Normally, you start with a bot, or get a first level person who doesn't have the capacity for complex questions without referring you to knowledge base files.

Siteground is the opposite. I have had top level support, quickly, thoroughly, thoughtfully, and on my level which is advanced. I appreciate the service a lot and have moved my sites and many client sites to SiteGround. The service for price is solid.


After several mixed experiences with Siteground's new customer service systems, Konstantin's demeanor, knowledge, and clarity was really stood out. It took about 20 minutes to address a series of issues that had been arising, and hopefully it's all now resolved.

Siteground recently updated their CS practices to handle the company's growth. These growing pains were stark at first, but if this experience is indicative of the future, I'm on board.

Biggest Pro: Clarity of Communication
Biggest Con: No option for non-chat support tickets

Siteground Always Delivers

I needed to move my site to Cloudflare, and I had some challenges optimising my site.

As usual, Siteground support were friendly, prompt, thorough, and provided great resources to increase my knowledge.

I was provided with specific reasons my site wasn't performing, as well as clear steps I needed to take to optimise my site.

They also fixed a few errors in how I had set it up, so that now I'm getting a great speed score!

Siteground support staff are the best!

Biggest Pro: Immediate Help 24 Hours a Day

Awesome support!

As always, siteground never fails to give the best they can be. From the products/services up to the support, it's all worth it.

Like today(for the nth time), I needed a support to downgrade our account and Konstantin M. from the billing support extended his help to solved my concerns. It was solved right away.

There has never been time that the support team failed my request. They are super accommodating and great. Keep it up team siteground!

Mail glitch after converting from cPanel to Tools

After the changeover from cPanel, my Apple Mail app could not find the Security Certificate. The help articles were full of jargon and abbreviations that I, not being a professional webmaster, don't understand. I got onto the support chat and was immediately connected. I was given very simple instructions to fix the problem by updating my mail "hostname" setting. Took about 10 minutes including me finding the referenced info and setting locations, making the changes and sending/receiving a test email!

Biggest Pro: Great for a small website, one-man operation. Great tech support!
Biggest Con: Support articles tend to have too much jargon for the lay person.

Good and fast

I had a very fast and accurate reply on my issues
thank you. It was about my new site and too many suspicious registrations by robots probably. I got very fast an answer and a solution, i did not need to do anything myself. I am with siteground the last 6-7 years, i had not much idea about working with sites and now through their tools and support i can do everything alone. The most important thing is that i feel safe that whatever problem i have I will get an answer.

siteground support team

This group was courteous and timely with a reply. There was a lengthy discussion as we ascertained the nature of a problem that had our website un-accessible for some time. It was determined that the problem was probably application rather than server related. We then discussed options and I was referred to the advanced tech team but an idea I suggested instead was to do a backup. I picked the one I wanted and had siteground apply the restore.

great tech issue response

started a ticket at 7pm on a Sunday night over a holiday weekend no less about a backend email server issue that was pretty buried and Siteground support had the issue resolved in less than an hour! The issue was escalated quickly as soon as they had the relevant info and the technical engineer assigned had it sorted out quickly. Great job all around and you have a happy loyal customer!

Live chat

I am not technically savy a student set up my website and said it would be okay without doing anything. I few months ago I couldn't access my website. I was overwhelmed not knowing what to do and how fix it. I had some free time over the holidays and looked through the siteground website. I found the live chat. The person walked me through step by step and it was fixed in a couple of minutes. I am so relieved and thankful.

Biggest Pro: Provided simple steps to fix issue
Biggest Con: My website provides me a side gig. I don't have any technical understanding

Best hosting ever

My website was hosted on a different hosting platform and was incredibly slow, also their customer service took ages to answer my questions and solve my problems. I changed it and moved my website on siteground and it's perfect! Not only my website is fast but their customer service is extremely fast, prepared and kind. I would recommend it to everyone I know. Thank you siteground!

Biggest Pro: Excellent customer service

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