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Excellent Customer Support

I have a WordPress website. Encryption is used on videos to prevent them from being downloaded.

The videos would only play through one time and then show an error.

Removing caching to the page that the video resides on solved the problem.

The solution was quick and easy and I will be able to resolve this for all the video pages and new videos that we upload.

Getting to the WP-Admin isn't easy or user friendly and I have mentioned this to them. But it is a minor issue and I highly recommend SiteGround hosting.

They are very good.

Biggest Pro: Fast support and knowledgable
Biggest Con: Navigation on their site is not as intuitive as others

They always help me

I have reauested help from Siteground a few times and I always recieve well informed, complete help from their team. I am grateful for their services. I have used many other hosting services and I always come back to Siteground because they prove themselves time after time to be the best overall for hosting. I use wordpress and from now on I will be using siteground exclusively.

Great help

Tech was very helpful and easy to understand. He did solve my problem but I accidently closed his window before thanking him and signing off. I am still a customer. I have contacted support several times before and they are always quick to answer, knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend siteground for your hosting needs.

They are pretty pricey for what I use them for.

Top Quality

Best Hosting and service ever. Compared to other maintainers in Italy to host a Wordpress / Woocommerce website, there are no comparisons in terms of performance and reliability.

We have suffered from speed and page loading problems for many years as well as endless telephone support sessions. Here, everything works really well, and Chat assistance is practically immediate.

Thank you.

always the best!

Siteground is always the best in terms of customer care and tech assitance.
Everytime I got in touch asking for help they were ready to support and solve all my doubts.

SiteGround is best known for their exceptional customer support.
Moreover they offer great service at affordable payment plans, moreover they offer feature as SSL certificate.

Higly recommended

Help with getting site up from back up

The support person was very helpful in describing how to get my site up from a local back-up and gave me several options including a paid service to get it done for 30 USD.
"You can request that from your user area-> ? - >view help center -> contact us -> transfer website."
he also helped me figure out how to get a intro page up to hide the default wordpress front page.

Biggest Pro: Patient and detailed

More great assistance!

Just checked in to SiteGround for some clarification on data related to my website. As usual, the support specialist was very friendly and helpful, understanding what I needed to know.

It was a chat session, and my wait was less than 30 seconds. The whole process took less than 10 minutes, which included time for me to leave the site, go to another site, and return.

Biggest Pro: Friendliness
Biggest Con: None

One of the best hosting services

I've been working with Siteground for quite some time now and I have to say that I'm totally satisfied with their services. Hosting is always up and running with no downtime at all and they have a very friendly dashboard. Their prices are honest too. Their main asset though is their customer care. I don't remember a single time where people weren't friendly, polite and most important, they always provided a proper solution, no matter how complicated the problem might have been.

Highly recommended!

Siteground support great as always

I am very amateur and require a lot of help with my site. Siteground customer support is always incredibly friendly, helpful, and positive. I have always had great experiences, and would highly recommend Siteground as an affordable, reliable service for your site hosting needs. Whenever I need support because I don't know what I am doing, I know that Siteground is going to be helpful, informative, and walk me through even the most basic issues I may have.

Biggest Pro: customer support

Helped me with domain connecting and redirecting

Petar was awesome!

I am not technically minded when it comes to website and domain navigating. I tried to use their help documents to accomplish my task of connecting and redirecting a new domain I purchased, but it was above my pay grade. Petar stayed with me while I set it up, walking me through each step and answering my questions. He stayed positive and supportive the whole time.

I feel so relieved right now!

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