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Worth it for the support ALONE

I've been on the highest shared "Go Geek" plan for 1+ years and host a dozen sites on one account. I also have sites on other hosts (site5)... which are cheap but if there is a problem, I'm on my own (even if I cannot possibly fix the problem because it's on a lower level) since support takes days to weeks.

With siteground I always get support within MINUTES, and everyone is very competent. "Atanas P." helped me today and troubleshot an unusual PHP version issue within 10 minutes.

So any sites that are actually important (matter if they go down), I host with siteground now.

Biggest Pro: support
Biggest Con: inode limit

The best hosting company out there

I've used Siteground for years now. They have the best performance and features and are always updating their systems and UI. Even on their cheapest hosting plan you get features that you would have to upgrade to get with other companies.

Unlike other hosting companies (I've tried many), Siteground makes it so easy to manage your websites. Not to mention their support is fantastic. You get to talk to people that actually know things and can truly help when needed.

Biggest Pro: Service and features
Biggest Con: Not being able to transfer hosting plans from one account to another.


SG has been known for outstanding support for many years (I have been with them for about 8 years) - but tonight they blew me out of the water: I expected it would be a big ordeal to migrate a site from one server to another - and Radoslav, the tech helping me, got it done within minutes! - The techs at SG are all well trained, very polite and very easy to work with! - I can recommend SG wholeheartedly for *all* your hosting needs!

Biggest Pro: Support excellent!
Biggest Con: non

Excellent technical help from Siteground

A brief note to confirm that the technical assistance people at Siteground have always been extremely helpful to me - they are knowledgeable and very patient and friendly. I requested their help on several occasions in the past related to the technical functionality of my site and always received excellent service. I will always strongly recommend Siteground to friends and colleagues.

Great Service

Stanimir, a customer service rep for Siteground was courteous, prompt, and friendly. The response time is so fast it almost seems like a chatbot. But because of the help, I know It is not a bot, because they answer all my questions and help me with my issue. This particular time it was adding a text link for tracking and verification. Stanimir answered and gave me the support I needed asap. Thanks to the Sitedground friendly customer service.

Biggest Pro: Great Customer Service & Tools
Biggest Con: None

Great service and a great company

I had to submit a ticket for support. As usual site ground always delivers. My issue was resolved in less than 30 minutes. I love this company and will be a customer for life. Prices are reasonable and the service is the best of any hosting company I have used in the past, and I have tried several. Siteground never fails to resolve my problem quickly and explain to me exactly what the issue was.

Biggest Pro: Excellent Support
Biggest Con: None

Verry good help

Moved my domain today, got very good help from the service desk!
There are some settings that have to be made and I could not find them.
Then I asked the service desk to sow me where I could make the changes to the DNS and they could point it out to me so I could make the changes myself I also had some other questions about the site and was given a comment in just a few seconds!

Biggest Pro: fast service

Siteground is a rock to build on

Any time, any issue: Siteground is always there when something's up. Or down. They are always quick to respond to support requests. My websites are fast. Their backend is easy to use - I could go on forever about reasons why I like Siteground. Bottom line: they've proven to be rock solid time and time again, and I can only be one hundred percent loyal to them as they succeed my expectations.

Biggest Pro: Amazing support

5 stars!

I think I accidentally left three stars, but I wanted to make sure it's known that it was five star service from Pavel S! He helped me through the whole process of my issue and it was resolved in no time! Thank you so much for all of your help! Definitely love using the chat feature on Siteground because I am able to work through problems in real time and send screenshots when needed. Will use again for sure!

Biggest Pro: Helped me through the whole process!

domain transfer

Today, I contacted the support service because I needed to know how to transfer my domain from Aruba to Siteground. Rosen, the person who was on the chat helped me a lot in a very polite way. He was very helpful and gave me all the answers I requested.
Anyway, every time I get in touch with the support service I always find people very prepared who can help you out when you are stuck.
Thanks a lot Rosen
Raniero Marcato

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