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Excellent service

I am hosting my websites with SiteGround for several years now. I am blown away by the excellent support service they provide. I never had to wait for long periods to get support. The staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. They always have solved my problems, even if it was a bit more complicated. I am so happy I found SiteGround as my host, and I can highly recommend them.

The best Support

I don't have much experience in hosting but Siteground always help me a lot thanks to their fantastic technical support. Victoria in this last case has helped me a lot and I have learned to use a feature that I love, working in Staging.

Also the new Site Tools is great, very intuitive and easy to use. If I can do it, anyone can! I recommend it 100%.

I definitely recommend Siteground to everyone, since I discovered it thanks to Joan Boluda ( I'm very happy.

Biggest Pro: Best Support

Great service as always

When you are not an expert in web-hosting technical issues it can be nerve-wracking to make changes to your website architecture (I mean the back-end, not the front). I had to move a website from Squarespace (no knock on them) and combine content from another website, stage it all and take it live.
Siteground held my hand every step of the way, and I barely had to wait to get through to them. I have been with them 5 years and they have never let me down. Their service and toolset get better and better as time goes by.

Biggest Pro: Their tech support if you are not an expert.
Biggest Con: This stuff is confusing - but I don't think that's sitegound's fault!

Another spectacular assistance

SiteGround continues to have excellent and fast customer service. We have just moved our servers within SiteGround and forgot to update the named servers. SiteGround was happy to walk me through the problem. We host four of our websites with them and they are always quick to help us when we have problems.
We have used them for 4 years now and continue to be happy with their service.

Page Caching Issue Very Quickly Resolved

I was having a page accessibility and issue on PC and mobile. The page was not accessible via the domain name on PC, and although it could be viewed on mobile, the page was not updated with the most recent information.

The technician assigned via the Siteground Live Chat was very cool, professional, and experienced. He was quickly able to trace the issue down to a Cloudflare server caching problem and helped me to resolve the issue by purging the cache on that end. He was also nice enough to teach me how to do the same procedure myself in case the same issue arose again in the future.

Very quick, timely, and satisfactory service. the issue was resolved within minutes with all pages working correctly on mobile and PC.

Happy Customer!

Saved My Bacon

Wow, am I ever glad I am with Siteground. I did some updates last night (after installing a new plugin) and must have messed something up big time, because I suddenly was not allowed to access my own admin dashboard anymore. Contacted support at siteground and Petar was so helpful getting me through the process of fixing. Ended up rolling back to a previous version. Thank God Siteground does automatic backups of all my sites automatically, because it got real scary when suddenly there was only gibberish on my client's site...

Biggest Pro: they got you covered
Biggest Con: a bit pricey

Best hosting service and has gotten much better

We've been with SiteGround for years.

Tried GoDaddy and others, but they did not work. Some time ago they did not have the services needed.

Every time we need help, response is almost instant, very knowledgeable and courteous. Can't remember a problem they did not solve.

Price for the service received is very reasonable.

Tools they offer are just brilliant.

They have added all sorts of services and stuff over the years: It's clear they are continuously endeavouring to be in the front line of service for site hosting.

Biggest Pro: Services and site tools

The go-to partner for our marketing agency for several years now

There are a lot of web hosts you can choose from. I and my team have been using and recommending Siteground for more than three years now, and have never once regretted the recommendation.

We're not affiliates and we don't make a dime off the referral, but we believe in the product, environment, tools and especially the customer service that much.

We've been doing web development for almost 20 years, and worked with a lot of web hosting providers. All have had their issues from our perspective. Only Siteground has delivered, and continues to deliver.

Biggest Pro: customer service

Excellent Service

The SG team always available for support. Very professional and quick in resolving problems. I am glad I have my websites with them.
Last reading for contacting to resolve issue with cloudflare and www prefixes for my website. They were able to resolve swiftly.
They may be a bit more expensive than competition but there is a good value for money especially that their servers are very reliable.

Billing Inquiry

The SiteGround staff are always a pleasure to work with when I have questions or encounter problems.

The team are always quick to respond, are patient and insightful. Every time I’ve had performance issues and building a new site, they are always happy to help me.

Thank you again, SiteGround Support Team; you guys knock it out of the park every time.

Thank you.

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