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Site5 take all IXP web hosting accounts and then delete services.

Site5 refuses to restore my website with the dedicated IP. Site5 recently purchased IXPwebhosting accounts in early 2018. In the migration they made a subdomain, I cannot access any server logs, my service is greatly reduced, no secure email server. This is a breach of contract. 14 years I had a dedicated IP with IXP and Site5 arrogantly deleted it. You would think that Site5 might want to retain an IXP client of 14 years standing but not so. Here is evidence of my dedicated IP and hosting account paid until 2020. dedicatedIP.png

Their chat sessions are just pissing into the wind wasting your time, they do not respond to help tickets or emails. The same company ******** conglomerate EIG (which also owns HostGator, Bluehost and many others). These turds want money without delivering any service.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: False advertising denial of services deleting dedicated IPs

Worst Host Server / Client Support

Everything has been transferred to another hosting server, and to siteground, and since has been working fine. Least to say, site5 is a horrible hosting site. It took siteground less than 24 hours to fix what site5 tried to fix within 6 days. I had been using IXWebhosting for over 15 years, and everything was working fine, until IX had to close down. I was informed that IX would transfer all our sites to site5, but this is not by choice. Five of our sites took over 5 days to remedy to find out from both helpdesk ticket agents, and live chat individuals, that they were not able to fix the problem, until at day 6, I decided, enough is enough, I will change all my business to siteground. The live chat were not able to fix the nameservers, and their client login, would not allow you to change your own nameservers, until you contacted them to unlock your accounts. We were out of business (literally) for 6 days until someone within their 'senior technicians' were able to fix the problem, which was because after the migration, the .htaccess was incorrectly pointed. It should not take any company over 72 hours to fix this problem, least to mention over 6 days. We are entirely not happy with site5, and have since changed our business to SiteGround, and perhaps you should also consider this when looking for a hosting client. Also, because they do not have a refund policy, I am now stuck with over $300 worth of money with site5, which means that I would need to at least have all my domains renewed with them, even if I were not to use their hosting servers, because they would not give me a refund due to this was being transferred by IX Webhosting.

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Everything

Integration with IX Web Hosting is a disaster

I have been a customer of IX Web Hosting for about 10 years. I stuck with them through a couple mergers despite the occasional problems. The pain of moving my site was always greater than the pain of working through the issues.

No longer. Site 5 recently purchased IX, and based on my conversations with support, they currently are working to integrate their platforms. In doing so, they are breaking many aspects of my Web site. (My site is quite dynamic and uses Perl and php for a lot of user interaction.) That would be less of a BIG DEAL if they actually would do something when alerted that they have broken my site. Instead, I get silence.

They started making changes this week. The first big problem shows up on Tues. I dutifully reported it through their chat support and through a ticket. The support person on chat was clueless and couldn't help me beyond telling me to submit a ticket. I did, and I haven't received any response for 4 days. My business has been effectively blind for 4 days now.

I tried to escalate the problem yesterday and got nowhere. "We're very busy right now." Yes, I bet you are. I bet everyone else is griping, too.

I STRONGLY discourage you from using this company. Any company that will make wholesale changes to their server configurations with absolutely NO regard for the effects - and then ignore the customers when they say, "WAIT!" - does NOT deserve your business.

Best Host I've Ever Used

In the ten years I've been running websites I've never stayed with a host more than about 18 months. At some point they do something to destroy the relationship. Site5 is different. The support is outstanding. In an era when it is easy to provide live chat I think Site5 and Rackspace are the only two companies that do it right. Sometimes I'll get a tech with Site5 that does not know as much about something, but that is usually because I do my homework before contacting support. I don't go to them with every little issue I try to work it out on my own first. Their customized version of CPanel is a beautiful thing. I like the easy way it lets me administer the 10 websites I run, and also administer my Site5 account without having to remember another login. I run uptime monitoring on all my sites and I had my first downtime on 9/10/2014 at 1am and it lasted for 13 minutes. This was the first downtime in a year. I host on their cloud system and I could not be more pleased. I run every site using WordPress and Site5 does very well with WordPress. They do better imo than some of the "managed" WordPress hosts.

Biggest Pro: Backstage is the best admin area ever!
Biggest Con: They charge $12 for domain privacy if you register a domain through them.Don't use your host as your registrar.

False Advertising

I signed up several years ago for an UNLIMITED plan. Recently I was given a server health warning and had to remove my files. A perfectly legitimate app that was just too large in diskspace. Hardly an unlimited plan is it? This is just false advertising and deception of consumers.

Stolen IP address - Have they stolen yours?

I was very happy with for several years until recently. I never had a problem and the server was fast and extremely reliable. A while ago, they moved my account to a new server.

Sometime after being moved to the new server, I started noticing frequent periods of the server being slow or down for a few minutes at a time. Worse, my e-mails started bouncing because the server was on a spam list.

Much worse, I found out that my e-mails were bouncing because of a problem account sharing my IP address. I was surprised because I paid for the Turbo plan which includes one free dedicated IP address. However, I found out that they took away my dedicated IP address when my account was moved to the new server. They never even notified me that I no longer had a dedicated IP address which I paid for.

I have the Turbo account which was paid for five years and included one dedicated IP address. They still advertise the Turbo plan which still includes one dedicated IP address. However, is refusing to give me back a dedicated IP address. Instead, they told me to buy an SSL certificate somewhere and then pay them a fee to install it. Consequently, I will probably move my account to

I suspect that most of their accounts have not realized that they lost their IP address. I am considering a class-action lawsuit against and I am interested to find out if anyone else has experienced the same problem.

Went Downhill Fast

When I first joined Site5 almost 3 years ago they were great. Fast setup, friendly staff, great support.

I haven't had much call to contact them for the past year but this week the server was having issues for 3 days.

Their response was that the system admins were looking into it but that they couldn't tell me what the issue was or when it would be resolved.

Took 2 days and numerous contacts to support and each time got the same response - they couldn't tell me anything and would not email me when the issue was resolved. They told me there was nothing they could do.

Finally issue got resolved but when my site was still slow I called and they said there was a spike but was good now.

I asked what they were doing to resolve it so no issues in the future and they said nothing because it was good now (just like yesterday).

This was a drastically different experience of their support staff from 2 years ago and it maybe because they have got a lot bigger now and I'm just a little guy.

Things got worse when i asked what would happen when I cancelled my annual account 6 months in. No pro-rated refunds.

They offer a 45 day guarantee but after that, nothing.

So, I suggest be wary if you want to try site5 and make sure you really test things out in your first 45 days (including support) to make sure you're getting the support you want.

I'm stuck with them for 6 months but then it'll be time for a change - always a good thing anyway.

Good luck!

Biggest Pro: Originally Price, Dedicated IPs and Ruby were what attracted me
Biggest Con: Crappy Support, No pro-rated refunds after 45 guarantee period



I am using their service from 1 year. their service was good in past but from last 3 month, they have f***k all my website. their server remain down almost every day and still their billing department does not issue any credits which they have committed.

Their support is also do nothing other then just generating tickets.

Their pricing is high but still i was paying because of stable server but now i hate site5 for not taking care of their existing customer and providing supports

Becasue of their too much down time, i lost my good google ranking. big loss for my business


Site 5 is good for simple sites

I am just running my personal website on site5 (using Ruby on Rails) and I would like to say that my first couple of months of development have gone very well. Backstage is a great setup for managing things, the customer support has been excellent so far and their RoR setup with Passenger makes it a breeze to use that framework (I can't really speak to any other technologies, though). Also, the fact that I have shell access is pretty amazing.

The server is a bit slow, though. After investigating with top, it appears that mysql processes are slowing everything down. I don't really know what other users are doing on their accounts, but hey, that's all part of the shared host experience, you know? All in all, I would say I'm very satisfied with Site5 so far.

Biggest Pro: Customer Support
Biggest Con: Slow shared host servers.

Avoid this company

Site5's customer service is horrible. They are obviously amateurs who are still learning. Do yourself a favor and choose a hosting service that knows what they're doing!

Biggest Con: unprofessional

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