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Simplehelix has caused my local business to lose days upon days of revenue. Online orders are a crucial part of my business and for three days straight the website has been down INCLUDING email. In addition to not being able to fulfill my customers orders, I have been completely INABLE to respond to pending emails and explain that this lack of service falls not on mine nor my business' shoulders, but Simplehelix's. CONVENITENTLY, Simplehelix's review website has been down during their stretch of large customer dissatisfaction. HOW can a company's reviews be thorough when customers are blocked from expressing concerns?! They skirt around issues and lack timliness to solve problems. Even if I was offered free service forever I would NEVER recommend them.

Biggest Pro: NOTHING

Previous reviews by Mona Ariza

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Website DOWN for Three Days! Poor Service! is NOT a world class hosting solution!!! 10X faster Magento hosting means nothing when your server is down for three days due to VMS server failure. There is no Enterprise Managed Backup in place as promised from the company! Their poor service has caused a major loss of revenue and a halt to everyday business. No e-mail, no data, no working website… This is no minor error on the part of it is a critical one and I highly recommend not investing in their product and if you have already move to a new host.

By Mona Ariza on February 9th, 2012 at 09:39 EST
URL: Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Reseller | Platform: Magento | Email: [Logged]

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9 people voted yes RIPOFF

You will get charged byu this company even after closing your account. Do not purchase hosting from this company. NO answers from customer support, no replies to your emails. DO NOT WASTE your time.

Biggest Pro: NOTHING

Overall a pretty horrific experience

After a server malfunction we were told we had to move to a different server. After the move the support staff has spent 3 whole days, and counting, trying and failing at setting up new symlinks and pointers because they had failed to include these in the backup process.

They claim their support center responds after 1 hour, they ignored me for 15 hours straight. They have still not corrected the issue, even after claiming it has been fixed.

When **** hits the fan this host shows its true face. If you rely on your webshop, don't host with SimpleHelix. I'm moving ASAP.

Biggest Pro: Not sure
Biggest Con: Respons time, customer service



We signed up about 5 months ago for an SSD $100/mo plan which advertised the fastest Magento hosting possible. We moved our site to their servers and immediately our site was slower than ever. Every click would take 5-10 seconds and our customers would constantly complain. I explained this to their support staff and all they would say was that they could access our site fine. They didnt care, and the speed was constantly getting worse. After months of slow service and bad customer service I found which has been great since day one. STAY AWAY from they offer terribly slow hosting, bad customer service, and FALSE ADVERTISING. When I cancelled my account a day or two after my invoice they told me no refund since I already paid for the month. If you need any further information about how terrible they are please feel free to send me a PM.

Conclusion: SimpleHelix is BAD for magento hosting and should be avoided.

3 Month Review , Contacting Better Business Bureau

If you and others feel that they have been wronged by Simplehelix, please put your tickets together in a well organized manner and explain your situation to the Attorney General Of the state that Simplehelix operates from and also the Better Business Bureau. There are Numerous bad reviews and "AstroTurfed" good Reviews regarding simple helix. but sadly the horror stories are true, all of them. See below.

Review Of Services: F

- Fraud : There is NO 100% SLA, Private SLA Reports 93% very poor
- Fraud : You are not on the server you think you are on
- Fraud : Server hardware is falsely reported to customers
- Fraud : Customer Service/Support will LIE to you for no reason
- Fraud : You are paying for services never provided or setup
- Fraud : NO customer service number
- Fraud : NO 24/7/365 Support. NO Phone support, Partial Email
- Fraud : Your SSL Cert issued is not the correct one. Below Quality
- Fraud : Management (left unnamed) cannot/should not be trusted.
- Fraud : Server Usage Stats are not correct, and manipulated
- Fraud : LITTLE to Zero Tech support
- Fraud : NOT #1 Fastest PHP5 Hosting, NO PROOF, No accurate results
- Fraud : Company has multiple addresses, still dont know which one is correct, Alabama?, Texas?, California?
- Fraud : Real Support is only available from 9-3 CST Time from email only. If your lucky.


- Support NOT experienced with CPANEL or PLESK Systems
- REPS, Not Compitant to perform basic server request
- Servers get restarted 1-3 times daily to prevent crashes during peek hours.
- Systems go down from 11:30am - 1:30am daily due to fatal memory issues on server. Due to overselling and bad hardware configs
- YOU ARE ON A SERVER with 600-800 other suckers, even if your a reseller.
- I was told by the management (left anonymous) that there are only 30 people on my server. Bold faced Lies
- THEY WILL IGNORE YOU for Days, especially when you need them the most
- Support is highly disorganized and unreliable.
- After 3 month of being with Simplehelix they are forcing me to migrate to a newer server or "continue having website outages everyday". After 2 weeks no move/migration has taken place after numerous request confirmation and feedback. Support says they will, but when the day comes to do the work, Simplehelix is missing in action with ZERO support feedback or even a reply back.

The Support Tickets : (brief) Titles only

12/08/2008 12:39 : NO Account Welcome message sent. Credit card charged, Waited 2 days for my welcome message with login info, Requested Cancellation before email was sent.

12/15/2008 13:12 : Incorrect setup of account, Not assigned reseller privileges until third attempt to complain

01/06/2009 19:43 : SSL Cert request - Two days till completion, (paid for better cert, installed cheapest version)

01/07/2009 12:07 : Cpanel Error, Server misconfigured 500 error

01/08/2009 11:03 : mysql, ftp, cpanel, whm down, Server Crashed (3 HOURS DURING LUNCH, TILL SERVER CAME BACK UP, RESTART ONLY REQUIRED)


01/13/2009 11:27 : SERVER IS DOWN AGAIN!

01/13/2009 11:35 : (cpanel) is down again. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE ANYMORE..

01/14/2009 07:20 : Down this Morning - AGAIN, Complaint Filed

01/21/2009 07:43 : FTP and POP3 is Down (POP3 down for 3 DAYS)

01/21/2009 12:14 : SEVER IS DOWN -(cPanel) is DOWN!

01/22/2009 13:42 : SEVER IS DOWN - (cPanel) - Twice today

01/22/2009 13:45 : SALES DEPARTMENT : Continous Server outages and Website Offline (ignored request to honor SLA Agreements, no responses to refund account)

02/04/2009 21:43 : PHP memory limit error. Reported that the limit set in cofig shows 3 million. This was never fixed. (Ignored, server crashed next day)

03/11/2009 11:58 : sites going down today - MEMORY ISSUES (all day)

03/18/2009 12:11 : anything with DB IS down (UNRESOLVED, IGNORED)

CURRENTLY: STILL WAITING TO BE MOVED TO A RELIABLE SERVER /AND OR EVEN RESPONDED TO, BEING IGNORED BY SUPPORT, MANAGEMENT and/OR STAFF. Currently Contacting Legal Professionals and the State Officials to file a formal Compliant/and more against SimpleHelix.

Dont believe me? contact me and I can show you the ticket info and their responses from my support account. I am a web vendor who builds 20-30 sites a year with 10 years of professional experience. DO BUSINESS WITH SIMPLEHELIX at your own RISK. Dont be fooled like I was with the performance/cost ratio. It will COST you Time, Money and stress in the very near future. I spent countless hours researching and searching for a solution to performance hosting and made a big big mistake with signing up with Simplehelix.

Shame on you Simplehelix. Ripping people off !

Biggest Pro: still thinking of one
Biggest Con: Fraud, Lies, Support Ignores clients for days, Website displays services never provided.

not to be trusted

A few days ago my Magento site hosted through Simple Helix was compromised. At first I thought it was hacked because it had the info of a different site, ***********.com on my site. I checked that site and found it was an operating store and so I concluded that it would have been stupid for them to hack my site since it would put their own business at risk. On top of that, the site I was working on was just made so I started thinking 'how could they even have known about my site in the first place?' I then did a WhoIs search on the domain and found that they were also hosted at Simple Helix.

After first contacting Simple Helix with concerns that I had been hacked I later emailed them with my concerns that there might be an issue with the server itself and it wasn't a hack. We emailed back and forth a few times and they kept ignoring my questions about the server itself. Finally I received a response from a tech support person who stated it was a problem with the server's memory.

Okay. Good enough right? Nope. 12 minutes later I got another email, from someone else, that said the server was not having any issue and that the problem was with the program I was using.

What the heck?! Who are these people? Explain to me why someone who hosted their site on the same server hacked my site. That would make no sense! This was clearly an issue with the server itself and Min Lee does not want to admit the problem.

I am not going to tell you who I switched to because I do not want this to seem like a push for another host. I will only warn those who are considering Simple Helix that your data will not be secured and if there is an issue with your site they will blame you.

They then told me that the program I was using, Magento, is a buggy program. So Magento is a buggy program and at least one site hosted on their servers has already been hacked?

I have a question for you then, Simple Helix. Your whole business is aimed at hosting Magento. So why base your business on such a "buggy" software?

Stop lying and own up. I would have never had a problem if you would have just admitted the mistake and moved on.

Stay away from Simple Helix.

Biggest Pro: fast speeds
Biggest Con: reliability, trustworthiness

My experience with Simplehelix

Well, I have been dealing with Simplhelix for about year and a half and I have to say that I am satisfied with its hosting and support services. I bought its Linux shared hosting plan and frankly speaking I have never had any downtime of my site. The prices are really cheap and their staff is always attentive to me. When I contacted support team, they told me all the steps how to host my website. So, the main advantage of using their hosting service is that I have never had real problems to solve, or if there appeared some problems, well-trained support staff always assisted me to get rid of them. This company fulfills all my desires.

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