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Headaches, headaches, headaches

- awesome customer service
- emails get replied to in matter of minutes
- super cheap with promo code

- first time signing up I was having already having some issues with images not appearing.
- for some reason this past week the servers I've been put on have been crapping out. Not acceptable at all. I mean I understand not every host is perfect but damn this is happening too much within a span of a week.

I've started to search for a better host. Maybe I'll go back to Lunarpages. I'm not even sure why I switched from them other than the fact that I wanted to try something new.

Biggest Pro: super fast customer support
Biggest Con: when the sever goes down, it goes down hard

Do not use sharkspace under any circumstances

Please, if you do not want to lose all of your data, databases, member subscriber lists, etc., do not use sharkspace hosting. If you do use sharkspace, move your data as soon as possible to avoid a catostrophic situation. Just a few days ago, my entire hosting account of 50+ domains, including multiple client business sites and organizations, with all databases, email subscriber list DBs, everything, was completey wiped out by the late night tech guy. Was it an accident? No. It was the purposeful (as admitted by him) work of an angry employee. It has now been 3 days and all of these sites are still down. Several of my clients are filing complaints with the attorney general, and many are ready to file civil charges against the company.

This came literally DAYS after sharkspace lost an entire server and all client data that was on it. I wonder exactly how many customers (I'd guess a few hundred) lost all of their data in this disaster. (This is well documented, you can easily find this online.)

Whatever you do, please save yourself before it's too late. Do not use this company, and if you already do, find a new one as quickly as you can.

Biggest Con: Consistent complete loss of customer data.

Response by jon, who is the owner of SharkSpace:

This former client is posting false information. He demanded a refund and the refund was processed and account canceled. Full details are shown at:

Posted on May 9th, 2010 at 15:23 EST

Best hosting so far!!

I have been with Sharkspace for almost a year now (to be exact, 10 months and 19 days), and I have absolutely no complain about their service.

Uptime & Reliability:
I didn't use any software to monitor my site, but I didn't notice ANY downtime until now.

Server & Connection Speed:
Very fast all the time!! Sharkspace do not oversell their servers and therefore their speed is always fast!!

Technical Support & Knowledge, Customer Service & Billing:
Their ticket respond time is always less than 10 minutes! Usually I got my respond in about 5 minutes. But what really important is, they do not reply you with canned replies!! You always get the answer you want in the first reply!! And their problem solving speed is great! Staffs are patient, and they are willing to answer some very stupid questions from me with good manner.

Price value for money:
Sharkspace have 3 different shared plan, I am on the Hammerhead. Their uptime, speed and customer support surely worth the money!!

I build websites for over 6 years, and I had tried numerous of website hosting services. And the longest one I stayed for ONE YEAR. As soon as the contract ends, I moved. Not the mention those I stayed for a few days.
I am not a professional computer person, building website is just my interest. Therefore I have lots of stupid questions and break something myself. In some of my previous host, I was told that I am responsible and if I want them to fix it, I have to pay extra for "professional support" or what so ever. Sharkspace, however, answer my questions and fix the problem I created fast, and frendly. When I moved to Sharkspace, I already with a website and I asked Sharkspace to move them all to them. First, they used the cpanel backup, and got back to my very fast. However, I noticed some files were missing (the file transfer was incomplete), and I contacted them. They offered to do the transfer again with a different way (move the files straight from the server, not from cpanel), and this time, everything is done perfectly!

Although, honestly, I want to be with a green hosting, but no, I am not moving away from Sharkspace unless they kick me out :-) Thank you, Sharkspace!!

Biggest Pro: Fast, Great Uptime, Customer Services
Biggest Con: Not green hosting

Sharkspace ruined my reseller hosting

I would not recommend sharkspace to anyone after seeing the current fiasco that just happened to my reseller hosting.

All clients sites have dropped off the web, all unavailable. No notification what so ever from sharkspace. Furthermore I have now found the notification from them on their forums stating they have lost all the data and are unable to restore the backups. Apparently they are sending new welcome emails and we must start from scratch.

Dont believe me ? Read it for yourself under network issues on the sharkspace forums.


Live Support ? Offline predictably. This is catastrophic hosting failure. The way its being dealt with is a complete shocker and the fact that it could happen at all is ridiculous.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Loss of all data and offline without notification

Response by jon, who is the owner of SharkSpace:

User is posting false information. No data was lost. The server had file system corruption (unpreventable) and was restored from backup. All clients on this particular server are eligible for 3 months free hosting. We provided constant updates of the issue and it was handled and resolved within a timely manner. Once again no data was lost.

Posted on April 4th, 2010 at 20:40 EST

Sharkspace gives rock-solid performance

What sets Sharkspace apart from most other economy-priced web hosts is that it does not oversell disk space or bandwidth.

That means no downtime and/or slow connections because of full disks or maxed-out connections. (In my experience with several hosts, this is rare. )

Support is good, with quick replies via the web/email. Live Chat is not always available.

Full set of features for a competitive price.

Heartily recommended.

Biggest Pro: rock-solid reliable
Biggest Con: no phone support

Lightning Fast server and Superb Technical Support

I heard about sharkspace some time back on WHT when I was going through the Reseller forum as I wanted a reseller account. I decided to sign up about a month ago and currently have a few websites hosted there including my main website. Even though one month is shorth for a review, I think it is time for me to come up with a review anyway. So here goes...

I signed up from their website and the activation was quick even though it is manual activation. Since I used my friend's PayPal to pay, they just asked me some verification and activation was done quickly after. They have a new server now and I was put in that one with the Arctic plan. Scott (the owner) was nice to me and he helped me with all my questions that I had when I signed up.

Server Performance: 10/10
As per WHM, the server is a dual processor opteron with 4 GB ram. The server load averages around .2 - .3 (always less than .5) and the page loading times are very quick. There has been no downtime till now.

Support: 8/10
The support response times are very quick any time of the day. On average I would say 15 minutes. I opened 4 tickets so far and all were handled very good and resolved quickly with detailed reply rather than canned responses. One ticket was 11 account transfers and it was completed in about 2 hours (the sites were quite large). The only issue I have is with live chat. I get disconnected sometimes. Not likely their fault though, I heard kayako live chat have such problems.

Features: 10/10
They have everything I need installed. Rvskins/fantastico/postgresql/mysql etc

Overall: 9/10
If they can get a better live chat system I would give them a 10/10.

Biggest Pro: Lightning Fast as server load is always below 1, which means the servers are not oversold
Biggest Con: No Overselling, but that is the reason for the Biggest Pro point

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