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sh3lls very bad for your choice

I'm Using sh3lls over 3months, and this is my review .

+ About price : very expensive . VPS ram 2GB with cpanel 100$

+ Support : very fast but can't do anything , only admin can help you . admin working 1 day / week . Support very slow

+ if you wanna use irl or illegan or adult, be careful , they suppend you without any reason.

+ my VPS renew in monthly, I bought the first month, they wait me renew in 30th and my VPS suppend in 30th ( sorry about my english ). I can't do anything, no backup, no support useful , and no refund for me I lost 100$ for it !

+ Uptime : in 1 month, your server or VPS down 2-3times, over 2-3 hours in every downtime !

+ No backup anytime for you , support can't do anything, you can bought backup 20-50$ ( hahaha )

+ Because they not good, they use adwords to advertising .

I hope this is a good information for you

Biggest Pro: do not use
Biggest Con: do not use

Response by Kapil Jain, who is the owner of Sh3lls:

This is a fake review, this same user even posted in different forums like and after discussion it was clear to everbody that this user was actually hosting a phishing site and he got his account terminated, this is the reason he is doing such kiddish post, for more info and proof please have a look at


Posted on November 7th, 2012 at 21:31 EST

Worst "DDoS Protection" ever

I ordered a FreeBSD VPS about a week ago, took forever to get it setup. Once it finally was setup, I logged in, setup an ircd, which is clearly stated on there site as allowed because of their "highly ddos protected servers"

About 6 hours after I set it up, a DDoS started, roughly 5 minutes after it started, I lost all access to the ircd and ssh. I jumped onto there IRCd livechat, and the guy 'ankit' told me that I couldn't ssh into a vps..... (REALLY!?)

So I left and came back an hour later, and he told me to open a ticket. So I opened a ticket. 3 hours later, no response, i got back on there livechat (Which is really just an irc chatroom on efnet) and talk to the same guy I talked to twice before, he asks for my ticket#, about 15min later, he says "I've verified i can't access your vps and have forwarded your ticket to a senior, you should get a response within 30min"


So finally I figure out whats going. Apparently theres only one tech who can really do "anything". And that guys name is funtoosh. And since they just have dedicateds at different DCs, they can't actually do anything, except open a ticket with the respective host that your vps is on.

So I finally get to talk to funtoosh, my server has been inaccessable for roughly 24 hours now, and I still can't get anyone to tell me why. So finally funtoosh tells me its been null routed (duh, I'd already guessed that), because, get this, the DDoS was 12-13 gbps.

Yeah. Gigs. per. second. Complete horseshit. Mainly because the monitoring tool that comes along with the vps, reports my bandwidth usage at 318mb total.

That IP has been null routed for a week now. With no response. Kiss your money goodbye if you go with these guys for anything.

There ddos protection is a scam.
There support is horrible. All based in india/asia. Theres one person who can open tickets, and he's rarely ever around.

Biggest Con: HORRIBLE

my review!

Well I have been using various services for a long time now, I currently have setup a web hosting account on one of there plans and have to say it's been doing pretty good, great uptime and no problems, tickets responded too in 8 hours could be better, but for the price and what you get out of it isn't very much at all, so I do believe you get what you pay for, I would recommend this host to anyone for one of there tons of services they offer at the prices they have, My site hasn't been down once in a month!

Thanks alot

Best hosting I ever found

I am feeling glad to share my experience about best hosting I ever got. Currently I am using for my webhosting service and since I am using it i have found them great. They have great uptime and they are providing best support. I had tried some other hosting companies but due to lake of support I switched to I was new with these things so needed a lot of admin support to set up my things, and admins of gave me full support with my things.

One more thing I like about them most is their all time support and friendly natures. When you are new bie you always need one to stand beside you to help you with stuffs which you don't know and they were always there for me. So I must say they are best in this business. You always need a best uptime from any company, good quality service and quick support, so when ever you chose hosting for your self just take a little survey of this things first then get hosting.

In short if you are looking for best hosting just spare a little time for choosing correct hosting for yourself.

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