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Serversea is horrible

Oddly enough I have been with Serversea for 3 accounts and probably 8 years. I have never had the email working properly on any accounts and my sites always seem to get hacked and they tell me it is my issue and programming. Just waiting for my contracts to run out so I can switch over to a better company. They offer the worst technical service and I am not convinced they really know what they are talking about. They just copy and paste the same response. Stay away from this company no matter how cheap they are...there is a reason for the low price and it is because of the lack of service and server security they offer.

Biggest Pro: PRice
Biggest Con: Site security and Technical Support

No. 1 UnReliable Hosting Company

such a horrible experience. UAN Not accessible, Not able to chat, Response after 1-2 day even 3 days and no suitable response. just blah blah blah and thanks...

Such a waste of money and energy. My site has been done for a week and no remedy, they dont bother to entertain you..never bother to answer your queries.

I ave been using it for more a 6 months and its continuously giving issues.. I am just fed up from the service.

Biggest Con: 99.9 % Download Time


They scam you, the server are not safe (I had my website hacked 3 times) and they are not so good when you have a technical problem.
The last domain took 7 days just to register and they obviously will never give your money back.
I asked for my AuthCode to transfer a domain 6 days before the expiration, they managed to have the domain expire so I wasn't able to transfer it. I had to complain with the registrar (because ServerSea is not a registrar) to obtain full rights on my own domain!

Biggest Con: They are scammers

Horrible service

They have extremely poor service, it is very difficult to keep in touch with them on the phone or on their chatting system, I had 2 problems in one month , the first time they said it is a bug in their system and the second time everytime I try to configure my email my IP get banned, overall I would never recommend them , I am currently asking for refund and account termination.

don't use them

I was very happy with them up to a year or so ago. Since then their systems have become unreliable. Web servers sometimes don't work. Email sometimes doesn't work. Dealing with their support staff is frustrating.

Biggest Con: unreliable


I immediately bought for a year hosting, and after three months I suddenly had virussen on my site. My feeling is they themselves took care of this because the next step was that they have in their policy that they can boot customers in this case, and that is what they did. Since then I am very happy with Hostgator which is a brilliant company. After a year I thought I would never hear from Serversea, but then the real disaster began: every week I get like 50 spam emails from Serversea to pay my account, to renew domains that are not even registered by Serversea for over a year. Believe me just 20 emails at a time sometimes! I tried to stop this by calling Serversea several times, through there ticket system, and in the live chat as well. At least 8 times I asked them politely to take me out of their system but they just don't. I have experience with at least 20 hosting companies, they vary in service but the only company that is a scam is Serversea ! If you guys right a review, write the word Serversea as much as you can, and in combo with words as you see here at the bottom this is good for the keyword density to do maximum damage to these crooks.
Serversea scam - Serversea crooks - Serversea spam - Serversea rip off - Serversea liers - Serversea fraud

Biggest Pro: Uhhhhh...........

ServerSEa SUCKS!

ServerSea is the worst host ever. I installed a CMS (Drupal) and they banned my account, their reason was that I was hacking the server. These guys are highly unprofessional, I advise to stay away from them. I there was an award for worst host ever, SeverSea would have topped the list. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, they really suck!

Biggest Con: they suck

Absolutely Terrible

This host is horrible!!. I had a simple site with them for a few years that was mainly used for email. Spammers were using my domain name, not actually sending any mail through the server, just using the name. I informed Serversea of this and they said they had no way to fix it. Then a couple of weeks later they shut my account off for email policy violations, the same violations I had tried to get them to help me with and they had no solution for. They are absolute idiots. They could not provide a solution and they would not refund any money. STAY AWAY!!!!!!

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Everything

Worst Host Ever !

Server Sea Host just sucks ... Worst Host ever seen , i hosted with that idiots for 2 years , no use , its all waste ... no uptime and the webspace is limited to 5 GB , if we need more we have to pay additional $2 per month , but their plan shows unlimited ... Dont trust these idiots ... Just a scam host ....

Total disaster

After a couple of weeks the CDO (outgoing SMTP ASP) and the web mail access have ceased to work, making the web site inoperable.

Soon, three days have passed and there is no solution nor true information. Just stupidities like "we have forwarded your reqest" and "it will be solved soon". I have asked these lowlifes to zip up our mails and mail them to us (we need them badly) but they don't even bother. Don't even reply anymore.

So we have lost money (paid a year in advance), time (to set up the website and adapt it to the conditions of that particular host) and all client mails that have arrived since we moved to this scammer.


Biggest Con: A total disaster

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