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bad billing practices

I agree with the last reviewer. When Todd was there (I think he owned the company), service was fantastic. When I first got the account, I had a question on how to configure something. I called and left a message for tech support and Todd called me back within a few minutes, even though he was on vacation and relaxing at the beach! He quickly solved the problem. I talked to him a couple of other times, too. Great guy - service does not get any better. Unfortunately for us, Todd sold the company and the new team is much less customer-friendly. I was using Front Page at the time, and the new techs could never get the FP extensions to work correctly. Somehow I managed to kludge together a solution. S&D had my credit card information on file, and at the end of the initial 2-year term I received a notice from them that they were going to bill it for the next term. No problem, I thought. The next thing I knew, they disabled my account and all my domains went down late on a Friday afternoon. I called tech support and they didn't know what had happened, but they insisted that I open a trouble ticket before they could troubleshoot the problem. They didn't seem to comprehend that I was completely locked out of my account and couldn’t access the trouble ticket system. My hosting clients were going nuts, asking me when they were going to be back online. Finally, Friday evening, a tech told me there was some kind of billing issue with my account, but by then the billing department was closed for the weekend and he didn't know the details. I tried to escalate, but nobody would return my calls. I was getting pi55ed, started wondering if I should switch hosting companies, and actually found one that seemed like it would offer better service. On Saturday I learned that S&D had an expired expiration date for my credit card but they had neglected to write or call to tell me that they had a problem charging my card. By then I had already decided to switch hosting companies. S&D would not let me login to create a site backup unless I paid for another year of service. I decided to switch to the new company anyway, even though it meant hunting down all the different web site files and the email settings, etc. Servers and Domains never did return my emergency phone calls from that Friday. What a change from Todd's company!

This all happened a few years ago. The price was cheap and as I recall, the S&D connection speed was ok, but I still will not trust this company again with my data.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: indifferent billing department, don't care if you're a customer or not

Very bad after it got sold a few years ago

When I first signed up, there was a certain guy (Todd) that was the primary answerer for support tickets and they were always very fast and knowledgeable. I realized he was gone and sold the company when recently I tried to contact support about downtime. It's literally impossible to contact support now, their emails don't work, no one mans the live chat, and no one mans the phones which are supposed to be 24/7. They oversold their servers and they have become unacceptably slow. It takes like 10 seconds to load anything that connects to a database. Their uptimes are a lie, they advertise that it's 99.9% and show on their website that their servers have been up 100% of the time the past few months, but I know for sure that's not true because I monitor the uptime myself. I think the only good part about this company is that the plans are cheap.

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