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If this host does not meet your expectations, please browse our search section to find one that does. is a scam is a scam, i bought a reseller account from servers500 and account has been hacked in 24 hours. I changed the passwords but after 24hours the website has been hacked one more time.
The support is poor, take more than 7 hours to reply and not solve anything. They said in they site that buyer have 3 days money back guarantee but not reffund the money. I contact many times but not received any reply.
stay away from this service, is a scam by pakistan person.

Servers500 is worst company

I ordered thier alpha package, and they said it would be on US servers, and it turns out to be on german, 2 days after ordering , server was down for 28 hours and could not get response from support, as far as thier live support, if they do not like your question , they will not answer , support tickets take days to answer
I have had thier service for less than 3 weeks and it has been down 4 times , with mimium of 24 hours each time . they also do not want to give refunds

Would not recommend Servers 500

Servers 500 is not a company to trust or purchase servers with. Please scroll to the bottom for the Pros and Cons. I went with them because of their price alone and I will talk about my experience here:

Their live sales chat offered me Python support, SSH and 3 dedicated IP addresses and an instant setup. I ordered and told the person in live chat, who was clearly self taught in english, that I had but he left and my service was not set up. When I contacted them again using my real name, they ignored the call but when I used a fake name and email they would pick up. I told them that it was not setup and about 10 hours later, I got my service email.

The service had 2 SHARED IP's, no SSH and no way to run python scripts. I then contacted support and they ignored my real name so I had to use a fake name again. I asked them to set up my SSH and to add 1 IP and make the others dedicated. The person told me that they did not support SSH and that there should only be 2 IP's and they are shared even though it is plainly advertised on their site as 3 IP's. This alone was not acceptable but I descided to let that slide and asked them for a method to run python files (as you need a console or SSH access). They told me that it was my problem and that I sounded like an inexperienced computer user.

I told them that you can not show Python support if you can't run python scripts, at which point, he told me they had Softalicious script installer, which installs sites like wordpress. I was getting fustrated with their blatant ignorance and asked them to sort out the python issue or remove it from their advertising, at which point I got IP banned from live chat! They had descided to ignore me further more as all support tickets I submitted were automatically closed and not answered. This was 2 days in by now.

I weighed up my options:
- Open a paypal dispute
- Use a program like TOR to change my IP
I descided on the latter as I wanted to give them one more change to make this right between us. I downloaded and setup tor to change my IP address and contacted them on live chat. I got hold of a person named "Alex" who seemed to be incharge of this whole operation. I told him that I would like a full refund, in accordance to their own Money Back Guarantee but he kept saying that I needed a better reason than false advertising, false claims and not providing the promised items (The IP's). I told him that it would be hard to find more bad reasons about my first 2 days at which point he said "me will do it" and banned me from chat for the second time. I waited for a couple of hours with no refund and no reply. I then descided to contact him again through another IP address but got banned even before I got to start talking. I have now moved on to a paypal dispute but I do not hold much hope anymore.

I would beg anyone reading this NOT to go with them, no matter how cheap their plans are. It is not worth it. Luckily for me I only lost $25 USD but imagine if you had bought a $90 plan or even a $150 plan?

- Very Cheap
- Very rude Live chat
- Ignorant Service with tickets not being answered
- 3 of my IP's were banned just because they did not want to give me what they offered
- They use nulled WHMCS
- They claim they are US based but their english is terrible
- Their 3 day money back policy does not seem to mean much

I wish you on the best of luck with your host searching but servers500 is not the place to look.

Biggest Pro: Very very cheap
Biggest Con: They ban you from their chat if they do not like you

server 500 down

easements without any responsability, I paid $ 70 dollars annually, and in 4 months of use, the site out of the air almost every day, I tried to recover my money from paypal, but they do not return money for services, as well, to my surprise Mr.. john shawhn blocked my account and ruled out overnight, it was coincidence that the annual plan and had already been paid, I was only three sites on the server "good" and told them that I do not follow the rules .... ridiculous not sign

servers 500 is not good

These guys should be put out of business for some reasons for the past three months they have completely lost the files of 29 of my domains and there's no way I can contact them even by phone I've been taken court by my clients because I made them lost some major customers...

Servers500 is bad, don't host with them

From I sign-up with servers500, I feel stratify their services, but now, I am strongly not to recommended for all of you.

Their support is poor, yes, they will answer your everyday, but, they answer your support ticket with just simple sentence.

They are server provider, they can access our accounts, but why when my account got problems, they request me username and password?
Because I'm Malaysia Servers Provider, I just need to sell US hosting to my customers. So I have my own server at malaysia, I have many servers.
The hostname I use my domain "" to register servers500, because this not a main server, so that I have my own host name for this account, named "".

1 day, my account was suspend by them, you know what they answered me? They said my account is active, and they can visit, but why I can't visit? They copy the word that they saw in my website, Oh My GOD~!!!! They visit my website "", that is my own server hosted malaysia, they suspend my account but they don't know why my account was suspend. And they didn't check directly from their CPanel root. This is NOT Professional.

Now, my clients complaint can't visit their site that hosted on this server, I submit ticket to servers500, ****~!!!! They replied me "Your Accounts terminated from the server Due to Abusive activities", okay~I realized this, but why you terminated my account without prior notice? Even you terminate my account, but at your Billing System there show my account is active, if you suspend my account I still can accept, but you terminated, without prior notice, and also don't tell me what I abuse, if really my wrong or my customer's wrong, I will accept for that, but servers500 don't give me what reason, so this is unacceptable.

more are, they server uptime is really bad, always down, always suspend without notice, always migrate server with also no prior notice, customers support very bad, not professional, answer ticket with those simple sentence.

It is not recommended to using servers500, their are many people have same experienced.

Servers500 cheaters thay should be close those website!

I buy a reseller plan for 1 month and am waiting now to get my money back its 3.20 or 3.50 thats not to much but just i wanted to test some reseller companies couse i want to sell hosting in my country.

Servers500 support is 0 (zero) thay answer to my quastion after 3-4 days.If i have 50 coustumers to my reseller and i need those help,i have to wait 4 days to get the ,,Unprofesional answer''.
Thay say that there are extras for free but nothing is free you must pay after that to get the thing.I asked tham for billing system thay told me after 4 days where can i find it and that dident work some errors there,and till now am waiting to get the answer :) still nothing!

My opinion: Never buy from there will be desapointed!I read before in this forum but i dident trust the ppl and i buy.thanks God for 1 month just 3,50 and what if it was 70 or 150$...NEVER BUY FROM THOSE!!!!!!!!

Every Site was Hacked, and Support is a Joke!

Well, I was hoping to have a decent experience this time around. We had already experienced an AWFUL situation with, who seemed to have simply unplugged their server one day...and left the country. We were looking for a Master Reseller hosting program, and Servers500 had a great deal (pay annually for only $70.00)

I'm now realizing that you always get exactly what you pay for. If it sounds too good to be true, it often is. And this was no exception. Their servers experience an inordinate amount of downtime, and today every one of the sites we hosted there was hacked. When you tried to visit any of the websites, a graphic appeared on the page saying "This site was hacked by Ali Babhar" or something like that. So, I tried to connect with Live Chat support. Of course, someone named "john" entered the room (be careful with hosting sites where every support person is named john). No response to any questions until after 20 minutes of nothing, I typed in "hello" about 25 times. Finally, a response said "Sir, plze sumit suport ticket" Uh huh, yeah, right, sure. Like someone at their company reads support tickets!!!

Save your money. Do NOT host with this company unless you want every one of your sites either down....or your customers angry at you. I wish there was some way to police the companies that look real...but are nothing more than some teenager in India or Lebanon wanting to take $70.00 and offer nothing in return. It's a crime, and there should be some sort of international policing, or at least the search engines should somehow restrict these sites from appearing when someone searches on webhosting. This is just another scam hosting company. I just signed up with HostGator. We'll see how that goes (at least there are photos of an actual operation in Texas...with employees and everything!!) Woohoo!

Biggest Pro: Price was great if you actually got what you paid for
Biggest Con: Biggest Con? That they're CONS!!!!!!!

Server downed twice within 28 hours i signed up..make it thrice

I really believe these guys are scammers.I asked for a refund but somehow they were trying to explain themselves.Within the first 2 hours i signed up, my site was downed.Took them close to 2 hours to fix that.So the next day i didnt check my website till later in the noon.I was just into creating packages on the whm panel and the site went downed again.I sent a support ticket( in which reply time can be from 10 minutes to 3 hours per reply).I got frustrated so i sent support a request for refund.Did not get any reply.Then i went on live support on and was asked why i wanted a which i got a reply that the 2nd downtime was preplanned because a customer requested something so the server had to be rebooted.I told i wasn't informed about this but somehow support specialist managed to convinced me that it is all my fault and imagination.Now it went down for the 3rd time just after 40 minutes being up.When i tried for live just being ignored now.Im never getting my money back......I just signed up like less than 36 hours and im full of regrets!!!Strongly avoid this company at all cost.Do heed my warning.I too wished that more people would read this before losing their money.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: horrible reliability.u can do reselling if u cant access the site 40% of the time

30 Day Money Back - LIES

I really wish there was some type of other reviews out there, so I hope my review saves people! - EXTREMELY BAD SUPPORT.

After requesting a refund for my webhosing + years worth of a dedicated I.P. Address, I was informed of getting the refund in 24 hours - I've waited over 30 hours for my refund, and it's still not come online.

The live support has NO IDEA what they are doing, they can't even use proper English, there is a possible 2 day wait on support tickets.

There is no automatic setup, the setup process took about half an hour, and my site was offline within the next hour.

Please, please - save yourself from this webhost and avoid doing what I've done.

Biggest Pro: Cheap Plans
Biggest Con: Possible Scam/Fraud

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