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I won't recommend servage

Around a year ago I was looking for a cheap host for my site. My site is a download site for music videos, music and all that media and so I thought going with servage is a good idea....NOT.

Several reasons why I gradually hated servage:

1) Their customized control panel isn't good. It doesn't provide detailed statistics for bandwidth or site visitors.

2) For some reason, the database keeps timing out.

3) They delete folders randomly. After a month or so I noticed some folders started missing. I contacted them and all that they can say is "we did not touch your account". After a year, my whole directory got deleted, EVERYTHING was gone. I contacted their tech support and all that they said was, "we are sorry, we do not know what happened, just uploading everything back".

4) Their tech support sucks. Their response time is about half a day to a whole day. After my whole site got deleted I asked them what happened and all that they said was "we don't know what happened".

5) They don't give refunds! And you need to pay bi-annually too. They charged my credit card ($45) then my website got deleted after 4 days. I am only keeping my account because I already paid for it and they don't give a refund.

I know I am sounding "anti-servage" but I want future website owners to do a bit of research first before considering servage. I have 2 other friends who are servage customers and got their site deleted too so I'm not alone. The price maybe good but their service sucks.

Biggest Con: slow speed, no refund, poor service and poor support

Great host with a low price !

I had an account with Servage for 6 months now, but have been Administering another site using Servage for 2 years.

I have only ever had a few mishaps with my site being unavailable due to some MySQL Database problems (few and far apart). Other than that there has been very little or no problems with the uptime or reliability of their hosting.

The site runs reasonably fast all the time and download speeds from a site hosting with them are also very fun. There occasionally are problems when using FTP to upload files to the site such as write problems when overwriting files stored.

Servage probably isn't the best host for a high-traffic database driven site because of restrictions on database connections and queries. If you don't have a high-traffic site then I'd highly recommend them because of their vast amounts of features, as well as their speed, bandwidth per month and storage space!

Biggest Pro: Low price
Biggest Con: Preset crons (hourly or daily, no minute options)

Quite reliable host with lots of features

Servage has been improving the last year(s). I've been with them for almost 11 months now, and I actually don't have any complaint about them. Since I joined them, I saw many new features, and some of them really useful.

The speed to the server is not always 100% speedy, but still it works great and uptime is higher than most other hosts I had.

I had to contact the support team a few times, and they always replied very friendly and within 2 hours.

I had twice a small issue with a mysql database, however this issue got fixed very quickly.

For what you get, the price is very low. This host is absolutely recommended for anyone with a small to medium size site.

Biggest Pro: Loads of features Review

I would really recommend hosting. This is simply for the price/feature 'ratio'. It provides so many features, bandwidth, and disc space. I haven't have any problems, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Biggest Pro: Price

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