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Terrible hosting provider

Thing used to be good with Servage, then they got taken over or did some kind of "migration" and it's been a total disaster. Website and emails have a terrible record on downtime. They say this is due to hardware issues that they're trying to resolve, but the issues have been going on since November 2018 (5 months ago) with no ETA on a fix.

Currently I haven't had my emails working for 15 days. That is completely unacceptable. I can't even switch services because I need to get the EPP code via email. Absolute pain in the neck. Do not touch these guys - plenty of more reliable services out there.

They are very cheap though. You get what you pay for.

Biggest Con: Reliability

Bad Service

we stay more than 3 years at servage.
But now we are more than 4 days offline.
Service gives no feedback, we waiting for answer.
We transfer our site to a other host.
Service are to bad.

Biggest Pro: no
Biggest Con: Service

Cannot recommend

While Servage are often polite and kind in their support answers, they rarely solve any problem. It feels like customer support has just the purpose of delaying the compliants. This is unfortunate since Servage often has severe technical problems leading all sorts of problems. Sites hosted there are often malfunctioning or are at best slow, especially if content is stored in a databases.

Servage should really focus on getting the technology up to speed and working for customers as it is i currently at a level far from acceptable.

I would recommend people searching a web host to look elsewhere.

Biggest Pro: Lots of disk space
Biggest Con: Very unreliable server environment

Servage No1 in WORST HOST

Servage is the worst host, unsafe, jeopardizing your business and charging your credit card without authorization!

We have been with Servage for the entire hosting period and had nothing but problems.

* Mail-servers are blacklisted (proven) - yet - Servage say NO PROBLEM.

* They keep their data base UN-updated, sending utmost confidential material to the wrong address (proven)

* Yes you can cancel your account but what's the point? Since Servage has your credit card details (that must be one of the few things they keep in their database to remember) they will just keep charging you!

WE? We have taken steps to press fraud charges against this first class customer support hosting company and leave you with making your own decision whether or not you want to waste your time, money and business with Servage!

Best of luck

Biggest Con: disrespecting client' decision and unauthorized use of credit card

Issues galore, no refunds in sight

I have been hosting with Servage for several months, and have found their service to be mediocre in almost every way. Like many people have reported there are numerous issues with their databases hanging up and dropping connections, and at one point the performance and reliability got so dreadful that I was forced to move my site to a new cluster. They are obviously overselling their resources in their server clusters, and I suspect that as they gain more customers, so will the new clusters fill up and lag out, until they are forced to shift more people to a newer one. Their tech support has been mediocre, and responses take up to a day to come through. They will dodge questions that it doesn't suit them to answer, which I found very disappointing. Their control panel feels rough around the edges, and has numerous misspellings and glitches (the captcha system mainly). The database servers are all external to each other and accessible by anyone, provided they can get your password. In the past, there were security issues, whereby malicious customers on the same cluster could steal database credentials. This is said to have been fixed however. My last moan about Servage is the way that they hide some of the restrications, for instance, even if your site does not exceed its monthly bandwidth of 500gb, if you reach 1/30th of it on any single day the site will be unavailable for the rest of the day. They will not issue refunds, so be careful when you buy!

Biggest Pro: Lots of space and cheap
Biggest Con: You are just a statistic in their big game, not treated like a paying customer should be!

One way traffic in service and billing!

I (at this moment) still use Servage as hoster but this will change very quick!

In the past few years I builded serveral domains under my main-account at Servage's and also empowered them to whitdrawl the bills automaticly from my cc.

Due to their inovative paymend system all my domains are ofline because the system couldnt whitdrawl one bill for the renewal of three domains (their whitdrawl limit is set by themselfes to max $200 in 2 weeks).

Due to thisway of handeling of Servage I've got now more than 20 domains offline.

Except all of this...

Their support is so good... They probably have some carpenters working behind their helpdesk who have trouble enough to find their own power button of their desktops.

Result of this is that their 24 hour support lets you wait for an 48 hours easely and then answer your support-questions whit something like how to build a table but no to the point answers for your support-question.

As usual they are more than very friendly when you open an account or add a new domain. This all is done for you in minutes. After this you will be left alone in the dark woods of this host

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: Can't be trusted!

Very satisfied

I've been with Servage for one and a half years and have been very satisfied with their service. My website has been stable and fast. They did have a few issues some months ago, but resolved them fast. Since then everything was just as good as before, so I am almost as satisfied as possible! Combined with the low price I must say: Wow!

Not a reliable hosting company

I got a phpbb forum on shared hosting.

Every month got problems. Slow, cant open my forum, server errors, server shout down errors, mysql errors. I hate, I looking a better one. If you see price from Europe, you see 6.35Euro, from USA, you see 6.35USD.

Not bad

I have been using them for about a month now and I think they offer something good for what you pay for.

I paid $70 for 14 months of hosting and it's not the best, but it's not bad since I cannot afford better plans for now. Multiple downtimes, but they let you know before they happen and their support takes a while to answer your queries.

I would recommend it if you're looking for hosting a blog or a simple website, not for a video website like mine... I wish I could have found a better host but I am just using them until I can afford upgrading.

Nice Host For Cheap Price

I have been with servage for more than 15 months and have not faces major problems with them. I am having more that 10 sites hosted on their account. Customer Care is quick. In 15 months only two times my sites for not working and that too for not more that 5 min.

I was reffered to servage by my friend and they even waived of initial setup fee even for a 3 month stater pack. In recent times they have added many new features. Like auto Installers, secure certificates etc.

There is no Database problem ever faces.

I would highly recommend the services.

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