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Biggest Rip Off online

The people at Scottdale Hosting used to be pretty good. Now they are just a bunch of thieves that will promise you one thing and then hold your website hostage for more money. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE OR TRUST ME YOU WILL BE SORRY. If you want proof just contact me and I will gladly supply it just to save you the headache. The support is a joke and up-time is bad. My sites and I hosted several sites were offline more than they were online.

Biggest Pro: There is not a pro
Biggest Con: Just plain crooked.


The service was good. They were responding usually within a couple hours.

After the second ticket with a complete explanation of rDNS, they were able to make it so I could reply to a craigslist ad without getting a failure notice from craigslist because of a failed rDNS lookup.

You get what you pay for on E-Mail service. The IP my mail was on was blocked by,,, The list may still be growing.

When I suggested cleaning up the IP's reputation, they suggested that I move. So I did.

Biggest Pro: Very inexpensive
Biggest Con: Mail Server IP bad reputation

Scottdale Hosting is cheap but so is the support

I saw the Scottdale Hosting ads on ebay. I have been seraching for cheaper hsoting for my sites for a year. I purchased the $1.99 a month package.

Initail setup is easy and qucik.

One week after starting my service, they had a power outage and my sites were down for 2 days. That is when I found out the following issues as well:

1. Theire uptime guarantee is worthless. I lost 2 days of activity.
2. Their online live support shows active but there is always 1 person in the queue and you will never chat wiht a live person
3. They do not answer their phone nor return messages.
4. They do not answer support ticket emails nor retrun emails.
5. They cannot help you if you are having an issue with your site or with your installations like joomla

I got what I paid for which was hosting that was there unless I needed something.. I submitted a ticket to close my account due to lack of customer service. They closed it but never sent me an email and I do not know what happened to my data that was there. I have not recieved my money back as was guaranteed in their promotion either.

They sell quite a few of these packages on Ebay and they btetter get their act together.
Right now it seems like a .99 cent host will buy you a host buy no customer service.

Biggest Pro: Extremely cheap hosting
Biggest Con: No customer support option available at any time

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