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Worst support ever

If you will have any problem with your site they provide you no support at all. They will suspend your account and you should fix all by your own. I moved my sites from them and they refused to refund the money because of their Tos. Never, never even try them.

Scala Hosting ripped me off

Scala Hosting starting charging me twice a month due to a billing error on their part, then refused to refund the money because of their TOS that says they will only credit accounts. The fault was theirs, not mine.

Best of all, I was with Scala Hosting for over 2 years and the Customer Support person I talked with named Vince (not his real name) is one of the owners. So if an owner is willing to treat his customers like that, then don't expect to get very good service. Of course I shouldn't have expected much when it's just a two-man operation by two guys that live in Bulgaria.

I stayed with Scala Hosting because it was cheap, but now that they ripped off my money I would have been better off paying a little more and going with a reputable company instead of this two-man rip-off operation. I still do not have the money credited to my account like they said they would, and I have a feeling I never will. I am already looking for another host.

In fact, I'm starting to get the feeling that this type of behavior is probably done on purpose so they can pocket the money. I had to fight with the owner "Vince" just to get them to admit they were pulling too much money out of my account. I had to actually call their payment processor and get proof to show them. Scala said they couldn't find those charges in their system. Yea right.


Oh and I wouldn't believe the two positive reviews here since it sure looks like sales pitch from Scala more than an honest review. Also remember to check out for even more negative reviews on Scala Hosting.


Biggest Con: Dishonest owners

Worst host you can ever find

Scala hosting is very rude and they are a fraud and they cheat on their customers. They deleted my domain without any notice, and they refused to let me download backup of my website. I am contacting my bank for a refund eventually after hearing a lot of vulgarity from Scala Hosting's bad mouthed support and billing departments.

Please stay away from them if you do not want to risk your thousands of dollars worth of website. I spent so much money on my website and they simply deleted it without warnings. The worst thing is, they are now asking for ransom money to restore it from their backups. I feel like I am stuck with some Pirates or some sick

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: They are cheaters and liars

I recomend Scalahosting to anybody

I have hosted my websites with scala Hosting for more than 1year now (reseller hosting) and not one of my clients has complained of a downtime. The support team which includes Larry and Zach have been of great help wherever i had a question to ask. Scala hosting have also got packages design to suit anyone who is serious in webhosting. I will not hesitate to recommend Scala Hosting to anyone looking for a reliable host.

Biggest Pro: +

Good webhost

I am using scalahosting for my reseller account. They are providing really good reseller hosting at good price. ihave been using their hosting for around 10 months.Made payment for one complete year.The best thing which I liked about them is instant support.I have always got support within 15 min.And many times..I have support via live chat. I will surely recommend scalahostong for reseller hosting.They provide only reseller hosting and no sgared hosting.

Biggest Pro: support

Scala Hosting is Reliable

Scala Hosting provides superb customer service. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and can fix problems within seconds or minutes. They are also resonably priced and offer one of the cheapest reseller plans that I have seen on the internet. Their small plan starts at only $6.95 and is perfect for resellers who are just starting out and don't have thousands of clients or super huge websites. I recently switched to them from Host 9 because of their pricing and live support. I have not yet had my website go down or any technical problems.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: None Yet

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