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Driven round in circles when I asked to cancell service.

Like another reviewer, I initially was not going to comment. I figured, how could I make RoutHost look any worse that what had already been described. Well, I now think I must post yet another warning.

I moved my site off RoutHost months ago way before my hosting contract was due to expire. Well in advance of the contract expiration, I sent them e-mail indicating I wished to cancel and they should cancel my auto-pay via PayPal option. In response I'd get messages saying they're canceling, and then I'd get another message notifying me that I needed to cancel. On May 8th, I got message, "Account will be now automatically cancelled when the period of subscription ends. All auto payment option is now disabled." On May 23, 2012, my account was billed for another year of service.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: unacceptably bad service

Stay Away !!

Hate to admit, but never took the time to write a review...not my cup of tee !!
Anyway, for many reasons, there're just to avoid, trust many reviews on them !

Lately, I have change to another host for displeased services over the last couple of years, but still had my domain registry at them.
Well...since I transferred my webhosting ( this last march)....cause they simply not good to me, they have closed, shutdown my domain name registry before I had time to transfer.....not to professional !!

Here's a cpy of my last ticket :

Please note that we have got the cancellation request from you - Pure "rubbish" !!
I never requested to either cancelle not is this particular domain ....due for payment !!

Find me the copy where I request cancelling this domain ( ) before it is due for renewal !!

Routhost unacceptable level of service

Our web site was down for two month because of Routhost unacceptable level of service. We have moved away and we advise other customers to run away from this.

We have paid to Routhost the renewal of our domain name in due time and we have got automatic message from them that our domain nave has been renewed.
But on practice Routhost has not renewed our domain name at all and our domain has been placed into expired domain finally by the end of September 2010. Despite numerous tickets submitted, we only received dumb replies (28/09/2010. “I have contacted registrar regarding your domain status. You will be updated as soon as we know more details. Andrew J”. 29/09/2010. “I have requested renewal for your domain. Andrew Team”)

Finally only 05/10/2010 we have got Routhost message. (Remark. Our web site has been down already one week)
“Although your domain was expiring on 30th of September ( Remark. We have paid the renewal of the domain in August,27,2010) apparently EU registrar has changed way in which it is processing all expiring domains. As such, all expiring domains for September 1-30, are processed as expired on 28th of September. For this reason, your domain has been placed into expired domain list and there is a redemption fee of $250 to be paid to renew it again.”

We have asked Routhost many times why we have to pay $250 if we have paid already their renewal fee of our domain in due time and why they have failed to renew the domain. No answer at all.

We advise other customers to run away of Routhost`s service.

Routhost very very good

I wanted to inform the community that the problem was not due to routhost,
Routhost with his technical staff have solved the problems.
The main problem was not Routhost but a great fire that caused problems.
Staff Routhost can solve any problem quickly, we found that their highly experienced technical staff can solve any problem.
Thanks Routhost'll stay with you forever

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web hosting more evil in the world

assistance is inexperienced,
does not respond to requests from the client,
technically not respond to problems,
do not provide the service properly and using bad server.

Speed bad server,
response speed to the server no problems.
All servers are currently used by ROUTHOST NOT WORKING.
Email not working
The assistance does not meet the problems
They offer domain registration. Take it and paid, this domain they can not be offered recording.
I can not fix problems SiteBuilder is lost when the program files.
Send requests for payment for services that do not offer

If the site goes offline state that there is problem of SPAMMING.

Attention, I would advise you to avoid ROUTHOST because it is the worst WEB HOSTING in the world.

No guarantee of the state.

here is the result of their servers today, 03 June 2009

Server HTTP FTP POP3 PHP Info Server Load Uptime
whm1 PHP Info Not Available Not Available
whm10 PHP Info Not Available Not Available
whm2 PHP Info Not Available Not Available
whm3 PHP Info Not Available Not Available
whm4 PHP Info Not Available Not Available
whm5 PHP Info Not Available Not Available
whm6 PHP Info Not Available Not Available
whm7 PHP Info Not Available Not Available
whm8 PHP Info Not Available Not Available
whm9 PHP Info Not Available Not Available

By Achille on June 3rd, 2009 at 09:56 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Dedicated | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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I used Routhost for almost 5 years. They had great customer service. I was happy with them so I added another site with them. Their website promised Ruby on Rails and Fantisco both services on my other site. When I logged in to the new account neither of these we available. It took three days to answer my emails and they we not willing to make this right. Then I had problems with my existing site and again it took three days to answer my emails and after two weeks still has not fixed the problem. Now I am no longer a customer.

Terrible service

Service has gone very much downhill. Service outages are frequent and not handled promptly. I suffered a complete outage that lasted more than 24 hours with not even an estimate of when service would be restored. Their 99.9% uptime "guarantee" means that my server better stay up for 3-4 straight years. They just say they are "working on it" and will "update you shortly" -- then they don't. It is as if they don't particularly care that your service is out.

Biggest Con: Unreliable and unresponsive.


server and connection speed is poor.

For installing ssl nearly wasted one month and tons of email

untrained IT-Proffesionals

serching for another Hoster

Biggest Pro: c-Paneel
Biggest Con: Custom service

Don't make mail payments!

If you intend to pay for this hosting by check or money order...DON"T! I have been with them for nearly nine months and for about six of them I have repeatedly been billed only for them to realize later that they had misplaced the payment. They even turned my service off twice. They shut down my site ten days ago (June 10 was the last day) and I am still offline even though I found that my check has been cashed. (check was mailed on May 23rd)

Only one...perhaps two persons know what they are doing. You will receive some of the most senseless answers to your questions.

I have moved on..feeling like I have escaped from a nightmare!

Biggest Con: Payment problems

Run Away and Stay Away!!!

I have been a customer since 2005 and in the beginning, they were fine...speed, sever & customer service. In the last few months, I have been having problems login in to their website and have encounter their website being down? Well, I tried e-mailing customer support and have not heard from them yet. (They were suppose to get back to me in an hr and it's now close to 24 hrs and nothing). I am now looking for another hosting company. So, don't even think about going to them.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Slow server & No customer support


Few times at week server is down .

Mail server is busy every few minutes.

Technical support is at level near "0"

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