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Is ResellerClub worth it?

What qualities should a good hosting provider include with a shared hosting plan? In my opinion, they should prioritize customer service and the user interface. So let’s talk about ResellerClub’s hosting plan.

I’m a web developer with 4 years of experience. I recently had a client who purchased ResellerClub shared hosting. ResellerClub provided all the necessary features in their shared hosting plan. They also provide unlimited SSL certificates. The server uptimes are decent and can easily handle 50-100 real-time users. The pricing is also very affordable.

Some things I dislike about their service are their obtuse UI. Although they provide SSL certificates, it takes over a week to configure it. The UX is difficult to navigate if you don’t have a technical background. In order to make a sub-domain, you have to manually create the directory. Customer support also takes a very long time to reply, leaving tons of time on the table that could have been dedicated to working on your website.

Overall, if you already know what you’re doing and want a cheap shared hosting plan, go with ResellerClub.

Biggest Pro: Cheap rates
Biggest Con: Customer service

Easy to use ResellerClub

I’ve been using ResellerClub for a year and a half and everything has, for the most part, gone well. The server has gone down a few times, but otherwise my experience has been great.

Email replies to support questions can take a little long. I’ve found they are more responsive on Facebook, so you might want to message them via Facebook rather than email if you’re looking for a quick response time.

I’m looking forward to them upgrading their MySQL version from 5.5 to 5.6, which really is the minimum version required for my needs. Package prices are reasonable for the customers, and their services are much easier to use than other web hosting services.

I’m very satisfied with their service and will continue to use it into the foreseeable future. They’ve told me that they will soon be upgrading their MySQL and PHP versions. When they do, I’ll definitely consider this the best service ever. In addition, they also provide WHM, cPanel, Softaculous, and unlimited emails.

Server speeds are very good. Customer service is bilingual in English and Hindi, so anyone from the Asian subcontinent with little English fluency can get help in their own native language. Upgrading your package is easy, and they also take responsibility for any hosting transfers, making a hosting switch a quick and painless process.

I’ve enjoyed my experience with ResellerClub and highly recommend their services to anyone.

Good for a new company has multiple websites

It’s been more than a year now I am using ResellerClub. In my opinion Reseller Club is awesome for a new company that has multiple websites and requires multiple cpanels. Their reseller plan covers everything you need without any hassle. For instance, Google gives a positive signal to websites with SSL. Reseller Club has Letsencrypt installed with every cPanel in a way that you don’t need to bother with complex configurations in order to generate SSL certificate. It lets you generate and apply SSL with a single click in cPanel and for free. So you don’t need to buy or get worried about difficult SSL configurations for each website.

They have 24/7 support and they really listen to you. Previously they had the only phone and ticket support, but now they have started a live chat that lets you quickly resolve any issues. I recently had an issue of really slowing down some of my websites and It made me think that the server is the issue. The support guy helped me figure out that the slider on my website was slowing down these websites. Disabling the slider brought websites back to normal speed.

There are however some cons of using ResellerClub like some of my WordPress based websites were occasionally getting ‘Error Establishing a Database Connection’ error that automatically fixes in a minute or two. I witnessed this a few times. One support guy told me that there is no such issue with my websites but another one took it very seriously and dived deep in the logs and found the issue on the server. He fixed it once for all. Another con according to me is that there is no option to reset passwords in individual cpanels. You have to change the password only through WHM.

I advise going with ResellerClub only if you can keep an eye on your websites hosted with them or maybe use CDN like Cloudflare to avoid any sudden slow-down issue or database connection error. Overall they are good and I am still with them but I will keep monitoring my sites and evaluating this host for a long-term relationship.

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