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reseller zoom's firewall made of dust

I have had it with these people after being patient for year for their downtime, **** firewall protection (hackers posted their own index pages on my sites and do not how they got there).

Plus, it is soooo hard to get rid of them and cancel. They invent excuses not to cancel membership and keep on billing you after you asked them to cancel and not bill.



Biggest Pro: nothing

More downtime than you can imagine

We have been with ResellerZoom for about 4 years. Most stressful years of my life. In 2009 alone there were 7 different periods of down-time that they themselves reported on their forums but this does not include the countless times that service is down, no emails, no response from server. It has been very damaging to my business and reputation. So please do not risk your sanity and business with this company.
Hope that helps you stay well away from this company.

Biggest Pro: None, oh technicians are polite sometimes
Biggest Con: Everything and all the downtime

Amazing Web Host

I have been using for over two years with an incredible experience. For quite an affordable price, I have hosted all TWENTY of my mini-sites with no problems in terms of uptime and connection speed. offers a 'guarantee policy', meaning that I get refunded if the uptime is less than 99.9% (server monitor provided), though I have never gotten a chance to benefit from it. That's how good they are. During my time with resellerzoom, I have contacted their technical support staff only once, to enquire about a php extension. The extension was not already installed, but they were friendly and kindly installed it even though it was a shared/reseller hosting provider. To conclude, my experience with them was generally positive.

The best service I've had yet!

With my high knowledge of web sites at an early age, I began to start looking for a quality host to host all my new creations on the web, The first host I ever tried, I won't mention their name, due to poor service, and poor quality of uptime, however I wasn't pleased at all with them. This was when I owned my first fan site. Since then I moved onto my "Personal Site" which is what I currently have. Reseller zoom, Is by far the best quality service, I have ever seen, and not to mention the price for such a powerfull reseller, you would think it would cost more for such power. I've been with them for approximately two and a half years now, and haven't been dissatisfied yet. Thanks so much for the great service!

Absolutly amazing.

They provide the best support all the time. My uptime is brilliant and they help me every time I have a query. The last company I was with had dreadful uptime and very bad support. Recently I believe my cPanel was updated and now it is really nice, all the icons have been changed and it looks a lot better than the older versions I had on my last reseller. I have the Budget plan, so I am not sure about the higher up plans, but they should be the same. I would recommend Reseller Zoom to anyone as it really has amazed me. I thought paying $6,95 a month I was going to get rubbish support and bad uptime, but they really have shocked me and I am so happy I decided to go with them.

Biggest Pro: Low priced, Great uptime, and 100% recommended!

Reseller Zoom review

resellerzoom is provides an excellent service for the price you pay them. they have some indian support starffs working in background.

I was sure that i will have problems with their server everyday.. How is possible to receive decent services for this price ? Though, after 5 months with them i had almost 0 downtime and 0 problems (only a small issue related with hyip related software).

Their support is fast enough and the server’s speed good enough for my needs.

If you are looking for a cheap reseller hostig solution i believe that should be in your choice. i have around 6 to 7 sites in their server right now.

ResellerZoom Reseller Account

I started Web Designing & Hosting Account somewhere in 1999 initially with 5 sites and which increased gradually and i did change the Hosting Servers based on the Service factor and pricing as well and around 2002 i signed with with a Reseller Account and it was extremely well till 2005 when they changed their Data Centres and all the problems started and my clients started calling me that they were not satisfied and for the next one year i changed around 3-4 Hosting Servers with a very bad experience with all of them finally decided to give a try at ResellerZoom in 2006 and i should say iam quite happy with them though iam just on their Budget Server Plan.

I did have few issues on the WHM side while creating new Accounts but it was resolved and the response time was within few hours inspite of sending the email at odd. hours so thats sure a plus. Atleast to my best of knowledge i have never seen the sites down and my clients are happy as well.

The Server response is a bit slow but then iam hosted on a Budget Server so considering i dont have any critical client sites, i should say value for money.

Biggest Pro: Budget Price - Good Services
Biggest Con: WHM Errors while creating Accounts

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