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Good hosting for blogging.

In May of this year, I launched my travel blog Okean.Life, and chose Reg.Com as the hosting. This was my first choice of hosting, and I am very glad that I posted my site on it. I would like to note the high speed of the servers and the quality of the support service. Once I had a small problem with updating the version of PHP. But after contacting the support service, the issue was resolved within an hour. I was very easily told what steps should be taken to upgrade the version of PHP. On average, hosting staff respond after 20-30 minutes, 24/7.

As for the speed of the servers. My site shows quite good performance in Google PageSpeed ??Insights (for computers), which is largely the merit of my hoster. The service shows 96% for computers.

Another plus of the hoster is that it provides all new customers with an SSL certificate for free for one year from GlobalSign. After one year, it is possible to issue a free SSL certificate for three months from Let’s Encrypt.

I have been using the services of this hoster for 8 months and will continue to use it. It has one of the best price-quality ratios. I recommend this hosting to all novice bloggers. And also, it can be useful for creating corporate mail on your domain.

P. S. The mail interface is not very convenient, so it is better to use the synchronization of corporate mail with Gmail.

Biggest Pro: Support Service, work speed, Free SSL Certificate
Biggest Con: Email Interface

Almost perfect hosting

I have been using hosting services for more than 3 years. The key advantage of the company is operational round-the-clock technical support. Specialists help to resolve issues that other hosting companies need to solve on their own. Website migration, DNS configuration, backup assistance are just a few of the services that support specialists have recently helped me with. This helps me save time.

The hosting functionality is also very impressive! You can use the updated service management system, an advanced webmaster panel, various automated services, protection against attacks, several options for webmail interface and more. You also can choose one of the most common panels (cPanel, ISPmanager, etc.)

I would also like to note a profitable affiliate program, in which you can receive income from the connected services of invited customers. The percentage of income can reach up to 15 percent depending on the connected service.

I would also like to note a wide variety of domains available for registration.

Of the minuses of the company, I would like to note the difficulty in returning funds for a mistakenly connected service, especially when it comes to the company. It is necessary to provide a large number of documents, even to return a small amount of money.

To summarize, I recommend REG.COM hosting to both novice users (friendly support) and professionals.

Biggest Pro: Support, functionality, affiliate program, wide variety of domains
Biggest Con: returning funds

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