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Slow service

The price and speed of these servers are great. However I needed my os reloaded, and they found out that one of the hdd in the dedicated server they sold me is bad. Now my server has been down for 2 days and I have not heard back from them about it.

Biggest Pro: Budget prices
Biggest Con: Poor equiptment and slow technical response time.

Relfex Networks - excellent host

Reflex Networks (previously known as ‘Intek Hosting’) are a mid-sized hosting company, who offer hosting services ranging from basic personal shared hosting, to large corporate solutions. My experience with them has been excellent, as they have always been friendly and provide excellent uptime and features. As they have not quite hit the big-time yet, they are not able to offer extremely low prices on even the most basic hosting plan, which I find a little detracting as I do not use much of the disk space or bandwidth available to me.

The services they offer are very well-featured, including a generous selection of optional extras such as domain registration and SSL certificates, and also an adequately-priced over the limit fee on extra disk space and bandwidth. Controlling your invoices and hosting packages is done within ‘ModernBill’, and is relatively clear and easy to use, but misses out on advanced features for domain names – something I do not recommend registering at Reflex Networks. Ordering a hosting package itself is somewhat confusing unless you are already a customer, as when I first started using them I had to send a personal email to them and they sorted me out – should I need to order anything else I can now use the online ordering form which is completely automated. The ordering process is clean and pleasant however, as they do not try to push any extras onto you, they just let you get on with it.

Their customer service is one of their biggest positive aspects, as Andre (their tech guru) has always replied to my emails very quickly - always less than a day and in some cases hours after I sent the request. They are polite and efficient, sending out emails to remind people if they need to change name servers, and obviously like to cater to users on a personal level – I once received a personalised email from them asking if it was ok to delete a domain I used to own with them. Their on-site help is not so fantastic though, as the knowledge base and FAQ are completely empty – and there are few instructional guides and no videos to help users. Another detraction is that the support ticket system did not work when I tried it, and I had to manually email them from the website about my problem.

Overall I am pleased with my experience of using Reflex Networks hosting services, and have experienced very little downtime with them – in several years of use I do not remember them ever having server problems lasting more than a few hours. I would not, however, recommend them to someone who switches domains and hosting plans often, as they are a very personalised company and the customer interface makes it difficult (or simply does not allow you) to perform many actions. For solid, reliable hosting I can thoroughly suggest them however.

Biggest Pro: Knowledgeable and friendly customer service.
Biggest Con: Not great value for money.

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